Classroom Communication Between Parents and Teachers Like Never Before

Gone are the days where parents would drop their child off at school and only know about the work the child is doing by what the child tells them or possibly a note sent home by the teacher. Also gone are the days when the parents were only able to really speak to the teacher about the child’s education were the quarterly parent/teacher conferences. The ClassDojo app is changing all of this and allowing teachers and parents to have more open communication lines like never before. This app allows teachers to share photos and videos of the child throughout the day as the child is either doing their work in class or perhaps working on projects and giving reports. This allows the parents to see right into the classroom and stay up to date on the work the child is doing. Even sharing photos and videos of field trips the child is on is something the teacher can do which in turn can help the parent stay more involved.

Teachers and parents are also able to privately message each other about the child through the ClassDojo app which gives them a better communication platform in which to communicate. The child can also post photos and videos to their own personal digital portfolio in order to share their work with their parents.

ClassDojo is now in about two-thirds of classrooms across the United States and this number is rapidly growing as its popularity has increased due to the fact that parents and teachers now have a better way to communicate and interact on behalf of the child. The learning process is improved as a whole when everyone is on board in achieving the same goal for the student.

Creating a positive culture with classrooms and school, the ClassDojo app has bridged the gap in communication between parents and teachers along with administration. Parents can feel confident knowing they will be kept up date on what their child is doing and learning at school and also important upcoming events occurring at the school. There is a section in the app where teachers and administrators can add upcoming events in order to keep the parents informed.

Parents and teachers alike want the best for the child and they want the child’s education to be forefront and in using this app this helps ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to the child’s education.

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