Goodbye Diamonds, Hello Sapphire Rings!

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Or at least they were. Seems like women have found new best friend, sapphire. Women are ditching the traditional for a more exotic gem. Duchess Kate Middleton, who wears a Ceylon sapphire once owned by Princess Diana as her engagement ring, is driving this craze. Other A-list stars seem to be following this trend; Beyoncé, Naomi Watts, Rosamund Pike and Mila Kunis.

The rise in sapphire engagement rings reflects the consumer interest in posses something unique. A diamond ring, no matter how it is designed, is always a diamond ring. By using the colored gems, it gives the ring a specific look express the two individuals who constructed it.

Besides increased individuality, the more practical reason is that the colored engagements ring is at a more accessible price point. There is a variety of options, color, cut and quality. Which lets the consumer have more flexibility. From the rise of sapphires, we all need to know that there are more colors than blue. There is Pink, Yellow, Padparadscha, Star and Unique.

Unique sapphires are all about the other colors or the rare ones. Like your children’s rare shopkins, special and shiny. Colors consist of; magenta, lime green, brown, white, orange, violet, cognac, and all colors in between, are classified as rare and unique sapphire colors.

The natural sapphire is taken from the earth, then only washed clean, cut and polished. No other nonsense is done. They go directly to market, with mother earth still a large part of this stone.

Synthetic is a genius of technology. The process to just show that we as humans can make beautiful things out of nothing. We as a race are used to synthetic things, ac in our house, artificial rain in movies, babies created in a test tube, and even though it was taken off the market, male birth control. These stones are at the end of the day exact replicas.

How do you tell the difference? A close look at a natural sapphire will show slow crystallization. External elements are visible on the original sapphires. Impurities are “Negative crystals” or cavities are found in natural sapphire. Try rubbing the stones, if you get a waxy feel it is synthetic.

The Natural Sapphire Company has been around for over a seventy-five years. Founded by Walter Arnstein in New York in 1939. They have grown to become the largest curator of untreated sapphires. They purchase the sapphire crystals directly from gem mines. They will walk you through from start to finish. Leaving you feeling wholly satisfied with any questions you had or will continue to have. Ones of the best and most affordable around, with experience to boot.

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