Rebel Wilson Gets Main Billing for Upcoming Isn’t It Romantic

Have you ever noticed how perfect everything is in a traditional romantic comedy? The characters always seem to be well off, work ideal jobs, have spacious apartments, live in an idyllic version of New York, and look terrific no matter what time of day it is. Even when they wake up in the morning they look absolutely amazing with no sign of phlegm in site. This magical alternative to reality is almost a character itself, and in the new comedy starring Rebel Wilson, it is one.

Rebel Wilson is the Australian-born actress most known for her role as Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect. A former lawyer, Wilson reportedly decided to turn to acting after a disastrous stint as a Rotary International Youth Ambassador for South Africa. Apparently, after contracted Malaria she had a hallucination of winning an Oscar that sinched her decision to become an actress.

Wilson first gained acclaim for her supporting role in Bridesmaids. The role that would eventually lead her to Pitch Perfect fame. Although Pitch Perfect would make her mainstream in the U.S., Wilson was already a household name in Australia. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: and

She wrote, created, starred, and produced the successful music series Brogan Pride for Australia’s SBS One, and starred in the Nine Network series Monster House. In the wake of Pitch Perfect Wilson has starred in a bevy of movies, but mostly as a supporting role. Now she gets to enjoy the center spot in Isn’t It Romantic.

In the film, Wilson plays Natalie, an architect, cynic, and hater of rom-coms. She dismisses them as ludicrous fantasy but ends up living in one after an altercation with a thief. After being knocked unconscious Natalie wakes up inside a romantic comedy. Worse than that the comedy is also PG-13 which prevents Natalie from doing anything really raunchy. Including having sex with her hunky love interest played by Liam Hemsworth. Read more: Stunning Transformation of Rebel Wilson | TheList and Isn’t It Romantic Trailer: Rebel Wilson Stars | Hollywoodreporter

The movie smacks of the 1991 John Candy comedy Delirious. In that film Candy plays a soap opera writer who becomes trapped in his own creation after a hard hit to the noggin. As with Delirious, Isn’t It Romantic will poke fun at rom-com tropes while Natalie tries to find a way out of her waking nightmare. The PG-13 aspect is a joke in or itself as many of Wilson’s best performances have been in R-rated fare.

The movie does have a nice point of interest in the character of Josh, who is Natalie’s best friend and possible love interest. The character is played by Adam DeVine, who acted opposite Wilson in Pitch Perfect. Their pairing here looks to set up an interesting love triangle that may just satisfy a typical rom-com plot. As the movie already spoofs romantic comedies, this triangle will be the icing on an entertaining cake.

Alex Pall’s start into music

Alex Pall’s start into full-time music began when he realized that music was consuming him and taking up most of his life.

When he realized that as a DJ on the side, he was really passionate about what he thought was a hobby at first. As he continued to experiment with music, he realized he wanted to make it more than just a hobby.

Pall worked with his manager, who then introduced him to Andrew (Drew) Taggart. Once Drew and Alex started working together, they formed a team that would later become The Chainsmokers. Alex quit his job and the two began working together right away.

Pall found out through other DJ’s success that it was possible he too could succeed and he really wanted to get into the music scene.

Alex and Drew became a great team, both using their talents to their advantages. Alex was great at marketing and booking gigs and Drew was a very talented producer. They both worked long hours when they first started.

When The Chainsmokers started releasing music, they waited for people to hear their songs before releasing their next big song. The songs continued to gain a big following and the duo continued to release more songs. When “Closer” came out, The Chainsmokers really started to get noticed.

“Closer” featured singer Halsey who Pall calls incredible. He says she was someone he really wanted to work with and that she has a very strong voice.

Pall says a great deal of The Chainsmokers success is in part due to social media. He says people hear about their music from all over the world thanks to Instagram. He cannot believe how music can reach that far.

Pall says the following of The Chainsmokers is constantly changing. What started out as strictly young people, now people of all ages are picking up their music.

Lawrence Bender Produces Television, Music Videos, and Documentary Films

Lawrence Bender holds a degree in civil engineering from the University of Maine. He also pursued a life as a dancer for a short period of time, before facing a career ending injury. Now, alongside Quentin Tarantino, Bender creates some of the best movies America have to offer.

Quentin Tarantino and Lawrence Bender formally operated a production company, A Band Apart. This production company handled a majority of Tarantino’s films, but it also made possible several other classic films like Good WIll Hunting.

A Band A Part shut down in 2006, but Bender didn’t leave the film industry. He created a new production company called Lawrence Bender Productions.

In addition to film and television, Mr. Bender has produced a handful of of live concert DVDs. His involvement in the music industry also includes over a dozen music video production credits.

Seven Seconds

A recent production from Lawrence Bender is Seven Seconds, a Netflix original series. This series shows the point of view of two groups of people involved in a tragic accident: A New Jersey police department & the family of a child who was ran over by a police officer.

The narrative revolves around the internal conflict of a man who, while talking on the phone, runs over a 15 year old boy on bicycle. His friends in the police help him cover up the tragedy, but things turn for the worst for the police when it is discovered that the boy isn’t dead.

Meanwhile, racial tensions grow in the New Jersey community.

Countdown to Zero

Lawrence Bender is also a producer of several documentaries. One of these documentaries is Countdown to Zero. The film is all about nuclear war, and it argues that the threat of nuclear war has increased, not decreased, since the Cold War.

The film was directed by Lucy Walker, a British documentary film marker, and it released in the United States on July 23rd, 2010.

Lawrence Bender’s Four Rooms Still a Hit Over 20 Years Later

The 1995 comedy, mystery, suspense and adventure film Four Rooms, has as much variety as its multiple directors.

Set at the fictional “Hotel Mon Signor” in Hollywood, the film opens with a newly hired bellboy, played by Tim Roth receiving instruction on his job duties from the exiting Marc Lawrence, cast as Sam.

Four Rooms is as its title describes is a compilation of the vignettes of stories in four different hotel rooms.

The first story is an amusing tale of a coven of witches who have gathered to invoke their goddess Diana and remove a curse through a magical ceremony. While all of the older coven members have brought their necessary ingredients, the newest member, played by Ione Skye, still needs to collect hers, male “essence,” and time is running out.

Skye acts quickly, seduces Roth and the story ends with Diana emerging from the cauldron at the center of the room.

Lawrence Bender, the film’s producer makes a brief cameo as the desk manager who calls Roth, directing him to his next assignment.

In Room 404, a couple engaged in some extremely dangerous role play draw the bellboy into their fantasy accusing him of having committed adultery with the wife, played by Jennifer Beals.

Right before he is punished, in a pretty humorous scene, Roth escapes through the small bathroom window.

Antonio Banderas and Tamlyn Tomita hire Roth to watch after their misbehaving children. The kids refuse to go to bed and get into all types of mischief in the hotel room, opening a bottle of champagne and even setting the room on fire.

Several hours later Banderas and his wife return, finding the room filled with flames and smoke with Roth unable to control the children who are drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes culminating in a mysterious woman’s body popping out of a suitcase.

By this point, Roth is ready to quit. However, the manager convinces him to stay for one last room service.

The Penthouse suite is occupied by the segment’s director Quentin Tarantino, who is promoting the benefits of Cristal while he gathers the props delivered by Roth as part of a wager the group is going to see through.

Tarantino has bet one of his guests the he will not be able to successfully light a Zippo lighter ten consecutive times. What Roth is needed for is to execute the part of the bet that results if the would be performer is unable to complete the lighter tasks.

Roth initially refuses but when the deal is sweetened by offering him $1000 for his part, he has a change of heart.

After one attempt, Paul Calderon fails and Roth chops off his finger and counts his money with a satisfied grin as he walks off the hotel property.
This is one of Lawrence Bender’s better productions. He was able to bring together separate directors with different stories to tell and weave them together into a very entertaining plot with a story that doesn’t lag and keeps the audience entertained and involved throughout.

Jewish-born, Bronx native Lawrence Bender has won three Academy Award nominations for Best Motion Picture and several awards for his films.

Lawrence Bender’s other productions include Nancy Drew, From Dusk til Dawn, An Inconvenient Truth, Good Will Hunting and Pulp Fiction.

Getting Accepted By Nine9

Getting accepted by then Nine9 Unagency is not always a walk in the park. They love giving newbies the chance to make it in this business, but the key is to be prepared and know what is going on. To be approved by their team, you must submit your online application with every detail about you. They want to learn more about you, what you do, and who you are as a person. It’s quite interesting to witness, and they definitely are a wonderful company who wants to make sure that you are the right candidate to join the brand. The best thing you should do is submit your application as soon as possible and answer any questions that they may have for you.

They will then try to setup an appointment with you to see you in person. This is usually done to help them weed out who is serious and ready to get into this business, alongside who is ready to invest their time and money into a career like the entertainment world. With the money needed to make it in this industry, you really need to be prepared to spend money on acting classes, marketing resources, headshots, and the time to put in to auditions and other opportunities.

They recommend that you come in ready to be your best when you enter their offices. They want to interview you to see who you are as a person and get to know you better. It’s usually very formal but still casual in the sense that they just want to see where you’re headed and what kind of projects that may fit your current lifestyle. The key is to be prepared for their advice and to walk in just bringing your best foot forward so you come across as an experienced professional.


X-Men Apocalypse: The Ad That Broke The Internet

Recently, as part of the final advertising push for the film “X-Men: Apocalypse,” a poster was erected which depicted Jennifer Lawrence’s character, Mystique, being graphically choked by the primary villain Apocalypse, played by Oscar Isaac.
The response to the image from the public, as well as fans of the film, has provided some confusing insight into the evolving world of comic book films and their response.
Essentially, many concerned citizens have pointed out that advertising a PG-13 film with an image of a woman being choked seems sexist. For those who’ve experienced domestic violence in the real-world, a large, colorful reminder on their way to work is the last thing they’re looking for.
Yet, on the other “side,” those who have seen the film argue that the scene in context is appropriate to the film, with emphasis on the equal role the female characters play in defeating the male villain.
Unfortunately, this seems to be an artifact of an internet-connected, spoiler-alerted audience of moviegoers. Those who have seen the scene in full can argue that it does *not* represent a problem, yet by definition, the advertisement is directed at those who have no such context.
For its part, Fox has responded to the controversy:
In our enthusiasm to show the villainy of the character Apocalypse we didn’t immediately recognize the upsetting connotation of this image in print form. Once we realized how insensitive it was, we quickly took steps to remove those materials. We apologize for our actions and would never condone violence against women.
So there you have it! All resolved!
Right? Right internet?
Nahhhhhh 😛

No Man’s Sky Release Pushed Back To August 9

No Man’s Sky is now coming to Play Station 4 August 9 in North America, August 10 in Europe, and August 12 in the UK. The previous release date was set, seemingly in stone, for June 21. The upcoming adventure survival game is the much anticipated brain child of the Indie studio Hello Games, who is developing and producing the interstellar voyage. In a dazzling demonstration last year at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Lead Developer Sean Murray guided a captivated audience through live game play. This game play deepened the hunger of fans for the sci-fi adventure and infinite possibility which this sandbox game offered.
Murray recently wrote to eager fans on the Play Station Blog, apologizing for pushing back the release date while assuring that it was the truest course of action to present the best game possible. With a universe as vast as this game is allowing, there are key moments which need to be polished in order that the final product may shine as brightly as the developers desire. The behemoth effort required by such a small team of developers, coupled with the high expectations of the gaming community require that this game be allowed to develop a bit longer in order to reach its maximum potential. There is much speculation, but in the end there will likely be little room for much aside from praise for what could be game of the year.