Mark Sparks, A New Man For A New Era

There is a new grant available for the best ideas in non-profit organizations, and Mark Sparks is offering this ‘gem’ of opportunity for a much needed field of endeavor. Placing help where it is most needed isn’t often done today, and he should be congratulated for the inspiration to find ways of solving problems for a world that needs this environment most. Very few think first where funds need to be most allocated to help the world and community, but he does.

Mark Sparks is the person you find that is genuine and real. He’s the kind of person it’s a joy to write about. Unlike other entrepreneurs, he is willing to share the bad with the good. Few people realize that this makes someone more personable, especially if they have an investment in society.

It’s the ‘scars’ that make a business man project to others his experience, and his challenges as well. You learn more from someone who has fallen and picked themselves up than from someone who has never been challenged in life.

But that’s not the most remarkable thing about him. In learning the lows and highs he has maintained a humble nature and is aware of the less fortunate. In response to his awareness that just about anyone can succeed or fail, he has invested his money and time in helping the poor. Read more: Marc Sparks’s Books and Publications Spotlight

According to Crunchbase, Marc Sparks has shown his willingness to understand different cultures, and social paradigms, in order to find the ‘kernel’ of truth and importance that is needed in creating startup companies and to further his company the Shark Tank. Humility and a willingness to try various things is what more people need to consider more when creating the new future for a new decade, and a new century.

Like many people of the new generation, he believes travel gives him new perspectives and ideas. His new project Spark Tank will reflect that and I’m sure it will create new business and entrepreneurial ideas that even if they don’t win the ultimate prize, will do much to change the world in some way.

His efforts to stimulate the non-profit community is what is needed to make it a market more accessible to those most in need, and he has a mind that can think outside the envelope. That is exactly what is needed in the non-profit world today.