Don Ressler; the Outstanding Entrepreneur

Don Ressler is a creative entrepreneur behind several successful start-ups. He is one of the founders behind the overly successful online fashion subscription service Intelligent Beauty and its subsidiaries. Don’s first endeavor was a fitness service by the name He later sold the company to Matrix Media in 2001. Don and Adam Goldenberg, the then 19-year-old COO at Intermix Media teamed up to start Alena Media. This was an e-commerce and performance advertising platform that generated hundreds of millions for Intermix in revenue. After Intermix was purchased by News Corp, Don, and his partner left to explore better opportunities.

Don and his partner were focused on the field of online performance advertisement. They brainstormed with former talented and like-minded Alena Team members and came up with Intelligent Beauty. This was a company that dealt with several cosmetic and skin care products online. Don Ressler and his partner also launched a fitness program two years later. They brought on board Founder of Intermix Brett Brewer as the Chief Executive Officer and Dr. Allan Hirsch for product development. In 2008 Intelligent Beauty received 43 million dollars in funding from Technology Crossover Ventures.

Don and his partner then made some significant developments on Intelligent Beauty. In the year 2010, they launched JustFab. This was an online subscription service for fashion retailing on They sourced Funds worth 33 million dollars from Matrix Partners and got Fashion Icon Kimora Lee Simmons on Board as the President and Creative Director in 2011. This was an intelligent move for Ressler and his partner, by the end of that year, the membership at JustFab had hit a whopping 4 million.

Don and Adam were now running a firm with quite a high performance. This led them to seek to expand their fashion enterprise. They first acquired a kid’s fashion e-commerce service called FabKids in 2013. Later the same year they bought a European based e-commerce fashion service for shoes called FabShoes. This was a move that brought their firm to the European Market with its 500,000 members across France and Spain. This was a further addition to the 1.5 million members JustFab had in Germany and the United Kingdom. In 2014 the company got 85 million dollars in funding from Passport Special Opportunity Fund. Inclusive of the existing investors in the company including Shinning Capital, Technology Crossover Ventures, and Matrix Partners the company got around 250 million dollars in funding.

Don is an excellent and dedicated co-CEO at Intelligent Beauty and JustFab. He says he learned that finding the right partner to grow alongside with is essential in business development.

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The life of Real Estate Veteran, Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is one of the most successful entrepreneurs today. His venture in real estate dates many years ago to 1995. He has amassed many years of experience and knowledge and expertise in the field. After working and succeeding in real estate, he decided that it was time for him to help others achieve the same amount of success. He had a desire to improve the lives of others and help people reach a significant level of success.

While Mr. Todd Lubar has taken many steps in his financial endeavors, his first step to take a loan with a mortgage was the most important step for him. The idea was great as he learned the complex idea of Mortgage banking. He applied this knowledge later in his life and to build his career. Todd Lubar has grown his skills through career advancements and working with different financial planners, insurance agents, and real estate agents. He has form a strong business foundation through collaboration with other experts in the field.

In 2003, Todd Lubar decided to advance his Real Estate investments to a greater level. He did this by opening of Legendary Properties. A company which grew rapidly and today serves its consumers at their residential locations. The company’s growth has proved a significant milestone towards his business. He has reaped multiple benefits such as profiting and selling, rapid rehabilitation and a progression of sales. The company deals in close to three hundred transactions in a year.

Legendary Properties opened up the world of Todd Lubar, and it gave him an opportunity to work with different professionals. He has engaged with experts at various fields of expertise. His high-quality products is attributed to interactions with various experts. The business further helped Todd develop a stable relationship with trusted banking companies. He was given a chance to take credit lines and loans which were as high as ten million dollars. The prominent person continues to advance himself and his career in different ways. Lubar has left a good mark in the financial sector and real estate industry. All his business and undertakings continue to remain successful.