French Tribune on Equities First Holdings reivew

French Tribune posted an article on the 12th of June, 2017. Following up on a recent review of Equities First Holdings, a financial lending company. French Tribune went on and wrote about the many positive aspects of the companies quick financial track record. And also how the company became one of the largest stock-based loan providers in the world. French Tribune also goes on to discuss how Equities First Holdings, has provided non-stop prophets. Helping shareholders, even through times in falling economic situations. The company seems to keep stable throughout the years. Satisfactory ratings have been climbing the financial charts non-stop. The companies success has helped extend their offices worldwide. Finally, French Tribune continues to speak about the importance of the company’s financial securities. And since established in London in 2013. Equities First Holdings is one of the largest financial institutions providing loans for individuals, business owners, or shareholders.

Equities First Holdings Info:

Equities First Holdings And Their Australia Location

The Australia location of Equities First Holdings reaches out to a lot of customers who want to have more cash flow for their projects. The projects that companies are completing every day are often based on what they need to complete in the present day, and they apply for loans from the Equities First office.

The Australia location of Equities First is so much easier to reach for their clients on the continent, and they can contact this office at any time for help when they need more cash flow.

Cash flow comes out of this office every day because this company has figured out precisely what they can do to be sure that they can offer their clients the best options for their loans. They lend to companies and private clients, and they serve the Australian market so that they can have a much broader base of customers in the region.

Equities First Holdings Relocates Australian Offices

Equities First Holdings relocated its Melbourne offices to a more attainable part of the city for the better accessibility of its current clients and business partners. The Melbourne office is one out of the three locations Equities First Holdings currently maintains in Australia. The corporation supplies its clients with stock-based loans for the provision of capital for tactical and calculated investments, business development, or for any other advantages. Its stock-based loans are unrestrained and opened so the credited assets and resources may be used and employed for any required intention, and most of the loans given are non-recourse. The global lending business experiencing growth physically and financially and is currently seeking for more ways to make up for its development by considering the locale of all of their main offices. Convenience is a key principal and of the up-most importance to Equities First Holdings. Because of this, the company sustains locations in Hong Kong, Switzerland, the United States, Thailand, and Singapore. The company’s current headquarters are located in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States.

Since the year 2002, the global lender Equities First Holdings has been specializing in securities based lending services for both businesses and individual investors. It takes part in the distribution and dealing of loans based on evaluations and appraisals of risk and future performances affiliated with treasuries, bonds, and stocks. The establishments international interest rates are seen as both competitive and fair.The company maintains an influence of a very considerable size in the global lending scene.

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Equities First – The Reason Potential Investors Go For Stock-Based Loans

According to the research conducted in 2016 by the British Business Bank, over the last three years, most of the SMEs sought financial help to fund their businesses. Business proprietors normally go for financial help for different reasons, but the top-most reasons include refinancing existing loans, seeking working capital, hiring of workers and buying of equipment. In today’s world, alternative lending is the most popular way of funding businesses. With the traditional lenders tightening their rules following the financial crisis of 2008, potential investors are finding it easy to finance their businesses using optional lending services where stock loans are the leading in the services. Equities First is a lending giant in alternative lending services since 2002. The company has operated for 15 years and runs offices in different continents around the world. Some of its auxiliary offices are based in Hong Kong, Singapore, London, South Africa among other places.

Sufficient working capital is vital for the financial wellbeing of every business. At growing and developing stages, getting a loan will ensure your business caters for short term needs, paying of clients orders & debts and preparing payrolls. Most of the small businesses get external financial help for working capital. Borrowed money can also help the business to extend its services by opening new doors or purchasing of new products. Equities First is the most preferred company in offering urgent loans to potential investors. The stock-loan borrowers reap benefits from non-purpose and non-resource features where they use the money according to their desires and can also walk away from paying the loan respectively. The Equities First Holdings loans have a great loan to value ratios and low & fixed interest rates, dissimilar with traditional loans that have high-interest charges and tough rules to follow. Today, the record of stock loan borrowers has been on the increase with many businesses and individuals benefiting from the EFH products.


Do You Need Some Money For Your Business?

If you own equities, you may be able to get a loan on those equities for your business. If you take a list of the stock you own to your banker, they will be glad to tell you what they can do for you.

They will lend up to 40% of the value of the equities. That is not much, considering the fact that you can get 100% of the value if you sold them.

They will tell you that there are certain equities that the can not use as collateral. The government forbids it. This is especially true of conventional and institutional lenders. They will lend that 40% at a very, very high interest rate, after seeing a business proposal describing the use of the proceeds of the loan. And the loan will take a while.

You would be better of selling the equities and proceeding from there. But, there is one other avenue to see, first.

Go to Equities First, AU. They will lend up to 80% of the value of your stocks. That is a good start. Also, they can lend against any equity there is, since they are not an institutional lender and are not beholden to the same government regulations. Their interest rate is much, much lower than just about any others. It is sounding better already, right?

They do not want to see a business proposal. You do not have to waste your time writing a proposal to describe your use of the proceeds of the loan.

And! The funding will be right away. It looks like you have found a winner: Yourself! Since Equities First and You are a win-win situation, see them first!

Persons Seeking Capital in a Down Economy are Provided with a Ready Solution in Making Use of Alternative Funding Solutions Provided by Equities First Holdings

Many individuals around the globe are seeking ways to raise Capital: however, many traditional funders have, inconveniently, more fully regulated attaining a start-up type of loan or any loan, in way of an investment or business activity. The consumer is perplexed–as to what to do. There is a viable financing alternative, available, to the consumer, possessing a good history as to credit, which he or she may have not considered.

Equities First Holdings is a ready resource, as it pertains to alternative forms of funding. The consumer that struggles, in attaining a conventional loan, through no fault of his or her own, at a traditional bank, finds a ready financing solution when turning to the trusted and reliable global based entity of Equities First Holdings.

The lender is able to offer the consumer a loan with a significant LTV ratio and a preferred fixed rate of interest. Such a financing alternative means, that an LTV ratio, considered risky, to the conventional lender, is offered at Equities First Holdings to the prosperous consumer, with no reservation–whatsoever.

This type of loan arrangement, as indicated above, provides the interested borrowing party, a nice fixed rate of interest. When the interest rate is fixed, the result is: the borrower may rest assured that his or her loan payment is constant. Too: the loan is structured, as such, that the borrower may walk away from his or her financing arrangement, at any time, without penalty. The reason being is that the loan is secured against shares on the open market exchange. This is certainly a great financing alternative. However, the next question which may come to the mind of the consumer is: Why is it, do persons who pay back their obligations, as to loans, are not more aware of this type of loan strategy?

The preceding loan arrangement is not considered, often, since, at one time, there was a considerable amount of media attention devoted to crooked lenders, who not only took care of the loan arrangement, but also took care of the borrower’s shares. Such persons would dump the shares in the market. In doing so, once the loan transaction met full maturity, the shares or collateral were absent–or unavailable. However, that said, such institutions did not have the trustworthy and reliable reputation, possessed, by organizations, such as Equities First Holdings.

The lending institution has locations in London, Singapore, and other prosperous world markets. It possesses years of experience as a leader in the field of financing alternatives, on behalf of its prosperous clientele. It provides the highest and most refined alternative lending services, within the markets it serves.

Naturally, the wise consumer, seeking funds or much needed Capital is welcomed to investigate the reputation and the services offered by the financial lending leader: Equities First Holdings–especially, in today’s current, shaky economy.  for more information.