Andrew Rolfe’s Philanthropic Ways at Ubuntu Fund

The Ubuntu Education Fund is a charity that seeks to help the underprivileged. Jacob Lief founded it on the dream of giving township children opportunities for success. He and Malizole Gwaxula established the charity in 1999 with the simple dream of addressing the educational crisis in South Africa. At first, they distributed academic supplies to children living in Port Elizabeth and the Eastern Cape. This helped the children while they were at school but they still faced certain issues at home which distracted them from their schoolwork. These issues, such as hunger, domestic violence, and HIV/AIDS, needed to be addressed as well.


The charity, therefore, expanded to helping raise the children and not just educating them. This entailed providing nutritious food, healthcare, shelter and even the space to play and enjoy being a kid. Ubuntu aims to bring a positive impact to the community it offers its services. In doing so, the foundation has managed to help 400,000 people. Andrew Rolfe is the current chairman of the board of directors at Ubuntu. Under his leadership, the charity has gone from strength to strength. Rolfe championed a new model for the collection and use of the donations received through the fund. This model now known as the Ubuntu model focuses on high net-worth individuals who are willing to donate money without any restrictions on its usage. Donors tend to direct how their money should be used and this is mostly counterproductive.


Ubuntu has been improving its service delivery over the years. The approach has helped it identify the best model to spend the money to help needy children in the community. Andrew Rolfe believes organizations can run efficiently with external influence. Such efficiency always leads to positive impact. The Ubuntu model is still in its early stages, so the results are yet to be fully realized. However, going by the success of the fund, astronomical success is anticipated.


As chairman, Andrew Rolfe consistently holds forums to raise funds for the program. This is because he knows first hand how important their work is. Under his stewardship, the charity has grown in leaps and bounds attaining numerous feats of success. They have been able to commit a lot of resources towards educational support for disadvantaged children nurturing them all the way to college with the objective of leading them toward economic and social independence.