Adam Goldenberg Is Leading The Online Fashion And Beauty Movement

Adam Goldenberg is an extraordinary success story. He is an entrepreneur and savvy businessman that has led several businesses to great success. Adam Goldenberg paired up with his current business partner Don Ressler after selling his first company to Intermix at the young age of fifteen in the year 1999. Goldenberg became the youngest executive in the country’s history as the age of twenty. He met Don Ressler who also sold his first company to Intermix at a very early age. Both decided to go into business together after the company was sold.

Intelligent Beauty was their first online based retail endeavor. They sold the company after launching several successful products on They decided to take a different direction on an online platform and developed the JustFab company. They saw incredible success with it in a short period of time. From that company, others such as Fabletics emerged. Fabletics is one of the fastest growing companies in the country right now.

Fabletics has taken the all-inclusive approach to its marketing strategy. That means that they embrace customers of all sizes rather than a select range of sizes like some other companies do. They pride themselves on providing high-quality active wear for individuals that are all body types and shapes. American actress Kate Hudson is the face of Fabletics and helps promote the brand and helps create fun and fashionable clothing that people everywhere have come to love. Fabletics not only creates athletic wear, but they also provide high fashion evening wear as well as swimwear. The swimwear and the evening wear have features that high-end pricey clothing has, but at a much more affordable price. There are built in bras as well as tummy control. The swimwear is designed to stay in place and not slide around so that the wearer can be active without having to worry.

Fabletics has a platform just like JustFab. It is a subscription based service that allows the customer to choose one piece every month. That article of clothing is covered by the monthly subscription fee. According to Goldenberg, the in-house style team will select a boutique of clothing for each customer which is based on their preference. Upon signing up for the service, the customer is asked a series of questions about personal style so that the style team can create their boutiques and match them with clothing that they will love. Fabletics has gained incredible popularity and is now a household name.

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Nine9 is an Ideal Platform for the Growth of Talents Since 2013

As an upcoming model or actor, breaking into the American entertainment industry is an uphill task. Statistics show that 99 percent of models and actors end up not realizing their dream due to lack of opportunity and the necessary support. Luckily, Nine9 Talent Agency offers a platform for talent development. All people do is to register with the Nine9 agency, and they are connected to their career destiny. Many people have written their success stories after trying Nine9. This excerpt discusses individuals who have succeeded through Nine9.

Success stories

Steven H is an African-American modeling artist. He has a height of 68’’, a waist of 32, brown eyes and hair, a shoe size of 10 and a jacket size of 40. After enrolling with Nine9, Steven realized instant success. Within a few months, he was called for several auditions that resulted in gig invites. Half a year down the line, he had been invited to co-host a TV talk show and was also given an acting role in a short film.

Semetra R is a biracial American hair modeling artist from Kennesaw, Georgia. She is 60” tall, a waist of 24, hips of 34, cup size B, and bust size 32. She has a long, black hair, and brown eyes. Semetra registered with Nine9 early this year, and in a month’s time, she had appeared in a hair promo for Bronner Brothers Hair Show and also premiered in the same show.

Tara Campbell is a Caucasian from Akron, Ohio. She’s 65” tall and has a waist of 32, a hip of 40, and a bust of 24. She has a short, blonde hair, and blue eyes. After signing with Nine9, it only took her a photo shoot at Nine9 offices in Miami to start getting continuous castings. She thanks the agency for making her dreams come true.

About Nine9

Nine9 was established in 2013 with the aim of helping talented American people to excel in the entertainment industry. The agency is headquartered in Miami, Florida.


Positive Fabletics Reviews

Going onto I automatically run into several positive reviews on Fabletics. The first review is about an amazing coat that they “love, love, love”. It is a Moscow coat that looks great with anything from jeans to leggings, to even dresses. They love the versatility of the coat. They can wrap it around them like a blanket or add a belt to make it more form fitting. They explain that the workmanship is high quality, which they expected from Fabletics products. Along with this woman’s review of the Moscow coat, Fabletics replied quickly to thank them for such an amazing review and tell her how happy they are that she loves it.

As I scrolled down a few more reviews I ran into a five-star review. It is apparent that this person is a repeat customer because they go on to explain that they are never disappointed. They also go on to explain that their order arrived in a reasonable amount of time. She also explains that the quality of the product is amazing. Fabletics also replied to this person to explain how happy they are that they enjoy their orders from Fabletics and they love hearing from members like her.

One woman explained that there was a disappointing return of one of her orders that she wrote a review about. Within minutes she was contacted by their customer service to help resolve the issue. So, in the end, this woman had an amazing interaction with their customer service and plans on continuing to order from them. It is very rare that a company can have customer service that replies to that degree to resolve an issue that a customer is experiencing. They saved themselves from losing a customer because they have amazing customer service skills.

Fabletics is a sportswear company that focuses on being all inclusive and fashionable. They are co-owned by Kate Hudson and getting bigger by the year. They started in 2013 and only catered towards women’s activewear. Since then they have expanded into men’s wear and more leisure wear for women as well. They started as a subscription online business and have expanded to opening physical stores as of 2016. They plan on opening another 75-100 stores within the next few years to help reach a broader range of customers.

Don Ressler; the Outstanding Entrepreneur

Don Ressler is a creative entrepreneur behind several successful start-ups. He is one of the founders behind the overly successful online fashion subscription service Intelligent Beauty and its subsidiaries. Don’s first endeavor was a fitness service by the name He later sold the company to Matrix Media in 2001. Don and Adam Goldenberg, the then 19-year-old COO at Intermix Media teamed up to start Alena Media. This was an e-commerce and performance advertising platform that generated hundreds of millions for Intermix in revenue. After Intermix was purchased by News Corp, Don, and his partner left to explore better opportunities.

Don and his partner were focused on the field of online performance advertisement. They brainstormed with former talented and like-minded Alena Team members and came up with Intelligent Beauty. This was a company that dealt with several cosmetic and skin care products online. Don Ressler and his partner also launched a fitness program two years later. They brought on board Founder of Intermix Brett Brewer as the Chief Executive Officer and Dr. Allan Hirsch for product development. In 2008 Intelligent Beauty received 43 million dollars in funding from Technology Crossover Ventures.

Don and his partner then made some significant developments on Intelligent Beauty. In the year 2010, they launched JustFab. This was an online subscription service for fashion retailing on They sourced Funds worth 33 million dollars from Matrix Partners and got Fashion Icon Kimora Lee Simmons on Board as the President and Creative Director in 2011. This was an intelligent move for Ressler and his partner, by the end of that year, the membership at JustFab had hit a whopping 4 million.

Don and Adam were now running a firm with quite a high performance. This led them to seek to expand their fashion enterprise. They first acquired a kid’s fashion e-commerce service called FabKids in 2013. Later the same year they bought a European based e-commerce fashion service for shoes called FabShoes. This was a move that brought their firm to the European Market with its 500,000 members across France and Spain. This was a further addition to the 1.5 million members JustFab had in Germany and the United Kingdom. In 2014 the company got 85 million dollars in funding from Passport Special Opportunity Fund. Inclusive of the existing investors in the company including Shinning Capital, Technology Crossover Ventures, and Matrix Partners the company got around 250 million dollars in funding.

Don is an excellent and dedicated co-CEO at Intelligent Beauty and JustFab. He says he learned that finding the right partner to grow alongside with is essential in business development.

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New Sizes for JustFab

Discovering Fabletics

Meet Fabletics; the awesome athleisure wear company, unique from all others. This company offers exclusive athleisure clothing to it’s many millions of customers and loyal fans. Founded by the popular celebrity, Kate Hudson, this company has been on the rise since it’s very beginning in 2013. The history of Fabletics is short, but extremely successful and once you’ve learned about the company and what it has to offer, you will be a big fan too.

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How It Works
On October 1, 2013, Fabletics launched their line of fabulous active wear. Due to the success in the first two years, they were able to launch a mens line as well. Fabletics started as an exclusively online retail shop but in 2016, they opened up a select few stores to see how they could improve business by taking a different approach. Fabletics is unique in the way that you can subscribe to receive new clothing each and every month at a fixed price. With athleisure wear being so popular and trendy, it’s no surprise that finding affordable activewear is hard. But, Fabletics makes it easy to have beautiful, bold and colorful active clothing on Each month, you will have a new outfit delivered to your door based on your style preferences. It will be easy to add to your wardrobe if you use Fabletics’ great clothing at great prices.

For 49.95 per month, you can subscribe to receive this exclusive clothing. Can’t find anything? Feel free to skip a month and shop at your own leisure. You won’t find styles or prices like these anywhere else. You also won’t find any other subscription companies like Fabletics who offer trendy athletic wear. This truly unique company is a diamond in the rough and you will love what you can find on site or in the new stores. Since Athleisure is so incredibly popular, expect to pay large amounts at other earliest like Nike or LuLuLemon. It’s time to discover Fabletics- unique clothing at a great price!


Brown Modelling Agency Takes Austin By Storm

National renowned modeling agency Wilhelmina Brown has come to the Austin area and is stirring up the fashion world with the fresh new faces and talent that they are discovering in the area. They realized that Austin has plenty to offer in the way of talent and they saw huge potential. There is a blossoming music scene and diverse fashion to be found all over the city. This insightful modeling agency saw the opportunity to capitalize on a great prospect and is now firmly anchored in the growing fashion scene. Local designer Linda Asaf created a fashion collection for a recent Wilhelmina Brown runway show in only two short weeks. She calls the collection Summer Frost. She has incorporated various neutral colors with white and silver accents. It is a modern yet soft look that was well received by those in attendance. There is much more in the works for Wilhelmina Brown in the area according to insiders.

The Brown Agency is an international modeling talent agency that has been a force in the fashion industry for quite some time and first appeared in Austin in 2010. The Brown Agency has provided talent for thousands of top name brands in just about every commercial industry on the consumer market. Brown models can be found on runways all over the country at events such as New York Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, Austin Fashion Week and a variety of other important fashion events. Brown models are considered some of the best talent in the world and are prized for their professionalism and variety.

The Brown Agency is pleased to be located in the Austin area and are happy to have access to all of the talent available in the unique city. Their talent scouts love the fact that there is such a diverse culture and abundance of new styles and trends emerging from this creative scene. The music industry is also on the rise in this area which is a huge influence for much of the fashion in the area. Fresh new looks and faces can be found all over the Austin area.

Do You Have What it Takes to Work For Brown Modeling Agency?

Few careers offer the potential glamour and excitement of modeling. The best models travel the world and spend their time socializing with the most elite names in the entertainment industry. Modeling is a lucrative career for even the lesser-known individuals and their talents and connections often lead them into other careers in the fashion or entertainment industries after their modeling days are complete.

Becoming a model is not a simple task because of the amount of competition that exists. Many of the most famous models were discovered by talent scouts or photographers. Others spends countless hours devoted to finding ways to get their portfolio into the right hands. Modeling requires that people be in amazing physical condition, stay updated on all style trends and learn how to carry themselves effectively.

Modeling is possible only during a short period of time. Only the very best can stretch their career beyond the age of 30 or 40. This means that every aspiring model must start early and be relentless about contacting agencies and being seen in the right places, by the right people. Companies like the Brown Modeling Agency search out only the best models to represent them. It is this demand for perfection that has made them one of the most respected agencies in Texas. It is also what makes them so desirable to the most driven and competitive in the modeling industry.

Models that are talented and lucky enough to sign with Brown Modeling Agency appear in advertisements for businesses like Dell, Louis Vuitton and L’Oreal as well as perform as runway models. These desirable opportunities are not given to just anyone with a pretty face. With over 40 years in the industry the professionals at Brown knows that the quality of their models reflects directly on the reputation of the company. It is why they only supply their clients with the best in the industry. They demand their models be the ultimate in style, appearance and reliability. Models that believe they have the talent to work for the Brown Agency can contact the company directly through their website and submit their details and images for consideration.

Madeline Stuart’s Recent Bridal Shoot and About JustFab

Madeline Stuart, the 18-year-old model with Down’s Syndrome, recently broke the mold again by releasing her own bridal photo shoot. Her mission was to prove that bridal modeling doesn’t have to be exclusive for the stereotypical tall, thin models. The photo shoot was carried out at the Rixey Manor manor in Virgina, which is owned by Isadora Martin-Dye.

Sarah Houston, who was the photographer of the shoot reported that Stuart’s mother, Rosanne, had some reservations at first due to concerns that it would be an excuse for newspapers to sell Madeline as a celebrity. However, she quickly came to her senses and realized that it could also be a vehicle for helping to improve the general public’s perceptions about Down Syndrome. Houston also commented that she was blown away by how easy Madeline was to work with because of her warm personality.
Martin-Dye also later commented on a Facebook post that Stuart seems to be the happiest in front of the camera.

The dress that Stuart wore was a ruffle with a short train and a sparkly tank at the top. On her face was a little bit of dark blue eyeshadow, mascara and very red lipstick. Her red hair was pinned up. Everything she was wearing matched her face and skin tone perfectly. Her best feature, though, was probably her smile.

JustFab is its own unique fashion retail company. First, they make it a point to get to know your style personally so that they can glean an idea of what to offer their clients on their personal boutique. From there, their clients can shop and join their VIP membership. Clients also always have a “Skip the Month” option, which means that he or she can opt out of purchases for the month by clicking the
“Skip” button by the 5th of every month. There is also the option of cancellation at any time by contacting the membership team.

JustFab works by selling only the latest of styles for every personality type. As a result, the products offered to their clients try to match up with their tastes as much as possible. Their clients also get to save on prices.

Read reviews on their Glassdoor.

Cosmetics For An Improved You

In a land full of sparkly eyeshadow, light pink lipsticks, or soft fluffy eyeshadow brushes, beauty is created. This world is that of makeup, a wonderful place where women and men can be creative using colors of the rainbow to make our world a lovelier place.

When applying make-up, even if a bit of lipstick, it can make one feel as though they are offering the world an improved form of themselves. Of course makeup won’t fix a foul mood but it can make one feel better knowing that they look better. When it comes to purchasing makeup, some are loyal to only one brand while others buy a cosmetic because of its guaranteed quality and how it works with one’s looks and skin. Some enjoy cosmetics that provide a timeless look while there are those who compare a face to a blank canvas on which to experiment with creative looks.

If you are one to try an innovative make-up look, be sure to start with your eyes and have them stand out. Consider about using a prominent shade like blue, purple or silver like those offered from Lime Crime. This yummy cosmetic line offers shades like Libra, Aquarius and Ophiuchus with glitter from their Zodiac color collection. Try eyeliner in a bright sky blue (such as Lime Crime’s liquid eyeliner in Lazuli). Go for a blue again but on lashes by opting for blue mascara or consider even using false eyelashes.

Now that the eyes are finished, apply some blush to the apples of cheeks but just enough to compliment so do not overdue the color. Apply translucent face power over this to get a finished look. For lips consider using a lighter shade like the gorgeous Coquette, Babette or Cosmopop (again from Lime Crime’s Unicorn lipstick collection). These shades provide a great hint of color while not being too extreme, particularly if accompanying a face that is wearing bold eye color. Lime Crime lipsticks (established by Doe Deere) are very creamy and they do not dry out lips, while colors are very opaque.

With a sincere love of music, Lime Crime founder Doe Deere started out as a youngster as a member of Sky Salt, a band that played “fairytale rock” and releasing the single I Believe In Fairy Tales (available on iTunes). For her stage attire, she dissected clothing items and stitched them back together to suit her own style. This led Deere to design clothing which she sold on the Internet. Her clothing focused on two colors which were lime and green merged with hot pink (her favorite colors) and brimmed of polka dots and forceful checker prints in rainbow bright colors.

Not being pleased with cosmetics that were available encouraged Doe Deere to produce her own line. Receiving a great response for a red eye shadow tutorial lead her to create several more focusing on unusual makeup which ultimately led to her Lime Crime cosmetic line which she launched in 2008.