Take a Look at The Queens of Drama

If you are looking for an original show with an amazing cast and intriguing plot, look no further than The Queens of Drama. This show brings reality television at its best with all the soap opera stars you have come to love. With a fresh plot and addicting dialogue you will definitely have something to look forward to at the end of a long day. Let The Queens of Drama show you a new kind of reality, you will quickly see what all the talk is about.

The scripted plot with reality type presentation makes The Queens of Drama unique in both its presentation and concept. The actors are all pulled from out favorite daytime television shows and they clearly bring the drama with them. The plot shows audiences what would happen when all these soap opera experts come together and try to create a prime time series of their own. You are treated to creative process they all go through along with all the disagreements you would expect. This show is able to entertain viewers and leave them wanting more.

Crystal Hunt plays a version of herself that is not unlike her character Stacy Morasco from One Life to Live. She brings her manipulation tactics and sassy attitude to her costars and is able to provide some of the most memorable squabbles that show has to offer. Her clear contempt for Lindsay Hart can be seen through their constant confrontations. With an actress like Crystal Hunt in the cast, there will never be a dull moment, and it’s gained her tons of Facebook likes.

Hunt has shown off her acting talent on both daytime and prime time television. Fans know and love her for the different characters she’s played and the way in which she made each one something special. What many do not know is that she has craved the spotlight since a very young age. She began her career in beauty pageants when she was just two years old. Other than acting Crystal keeps herself busy with a pet boutique in her hometown of Clearwater, Florida. It seems that there is much more to her than what we see on screen.  Crystal is also a photographer, posting work to her website, and her Instagram occasionally.

Now that Crystal is starring in major motion pictures like Magic Mike XXL, there’s no telling where her career will go next. Crystal Hunt and The Queens of Drama promise entertainment unlike any other reality show out there. Getting to see forget hand what goes on behind the scenes is a treat you will not soon forget. Check out the show tonight, you will be blown away.