Final Fantasy XIV Player Housing

Over the years there has been a real call from the player base to institute in game player housing. There have been discussion groups as well as developer question and answer sessions that have bandied about the idea of player housing but there has been limited progress made in that direction.

Player housing, by in large, is a system where each player in the MMORPG genre has a virtual living space. This ‘virtual home’ offers the player a certain degree of flexibility in as much as the player may decorate the home with furnishings, display in game rewards, add fixtures, have pets, and an almost limitless amount of structures that will make the virtual home unique.

In addition, player housing offers a place for gathering with other players. There are methods in many games such as Everquest II that allow players, with the permission of the owner, to enter your home and view your decorating and architectural expertise.

In this same vein, there are contests that have been offered on a month to month basis as to who has the most unique home. The most innovative decorating ideas, and the most distinctive use of space. These contests offer substantial rewards as well as announcements of the winner on the company website.

Everquest II, Vanguard, WildStar, are just a few of the current MMORPG platforms that offer excellent in game housing. These specific games, along with their in-game housing have pioneered the way for other games and their developers.

This now begs the question, “What is it that Final Fantasy XIV and their company of developers are offering in this area?”.

With the release of Storm Blood and over ten million users there was an over abundance of players clamoring for housing plots in the Shirogane housing district. This caused many players to go without housing as the demand far exceeded the allocation of plots in the district. With the release of 4.2 there has been an expansion of plots equally across all four housing areas. In an interview with Naoki Yoshida he stated “We also are planning the implementation of new specifications related to the purchasing system “, in order to help ensure that those who wish to have a housing plot can.

In game housing has always been a player favorite and it is no wonder that the Final Fantasy XIV team are working feverishly to ensure that all of it’s heroes have a place to hang their hat, or is that helmet?