Universal Studios Japan’s Final Fantasy Ride

Why does Japan seem to get the coolest stuff? This year, the Final Fantasy XR ride is coming to Universal Studios Japan. The ride will open January 19th, when the annual “Cool Japan” event kicks off. It will only be available to the public for a limited time, ending its run on .

Final Fantasy XR is roller coaster enabled with VR or virtual reality technology. Simply put, the ride is akin to the “3-D” roller coasters of yesteryear. During the experience, users will be immersed in the whimsical and action-packed world of FInaly Fantasy. Familiar characters, such as Cloud and Sephiroth will interact with visitors. Swords and Materia will clash before their very eyes in stunning virtual reality.

While Universal Studio Japan’s Final Fantasy ride seems undeniably cool, one can’t help but wonder what it’s all about. Much like the Rick and Morty virtual reality game, could this be an attempt to market and hype a new Final Fantasy installment? Moreover, are the advertised depictions of popular (if not overplayed) characters a hint? Could this “ride” be subliminally foreshadowing that Finaly Fantasy VII remae we’ve all been anticipating?

Considering the making of myths like Half-Life 3, the Final Fantasy will need to promote at least something, regardless. If nothing were released the series would only hasten its way towards video game “memedom,” so to speak. More specifically, apply this theory to the actual Final Fantasy VII remake, itself. That video game has been massively mystified for the better part of th 2010’s. Despite a semi-beautiful trailer and all, the game has yet to be released in any country thus far.

Whether Universal Studios Japan’s new Final Fantasy VR ride is a marketing ploy or the next Pokemon Go, it will inevitably draw some sort of hype from long-time fanboys and newcomers alike. Let’s all just hope that it turns out better than the slew of Final Fantasy CGI spin-off movies. On the otherhand, if you can’t ride a Chocobo, who cares?