How Psi Pay seamlessly merges international banking and payment processing

It’s no surprise that the business is a global battleground. Even when a business is successful on a national level they can often stand to benefit from accepting customers and suppliers from across the globe.

Unfortunately, navigating international banking regulations and options can be a nightmare. With dozens of currencies and hundreds of competitors it can seem almost impossible to make sure that your business isn’t missing out on a vital service or paying more than they need to.

While there are many solutions to this problem, it is often the simplest solution that works the best. This is why it’s vital for businesses and individuals to consider just how vital the “banking” component is to their business. By reducing the role that traditional banking has in your business, the more agile your operations can be. Not only does this benefit the speed and turnaround time of accounts payable and receivable, but this method can also reduce expenses as well.

This is the philosophy that Psi Pay has built itself upon. Instead of hindering itself with large scale international banking regulations and restrictions, Psi Pay has positioned itself as a payment solutions provider first and foremost. This allows them to reduce costs and remain efficient, even more than the bulk processors they compete against.

What’s amazing about this service is that clients rarely need to sacrifice useful benefits and features available from large scale international banks. Customers can make and take payments anywhere in the world, all at instant speed. In addition, the platform currently supports 44 different world currencies, all without a requirement to be holding this currency in an active account.

This process is kept efficient by allowing customers to establish Virtual Accounts for their employees and customers. Since these accounts are all on the same system, owners can instantly deposit and make inter-account exchanges in an instant. Beyond this, clients can also use the same system to pay and transfer funds to online merchants and partners that also support this Virtual Account. This is true even for merchants outside the direct organization; anything within the PSI Pay network happens instantly and cheaply.

An additional feature is the ability for corporate accounts to be kept departmentalized from the top down. This allows complete control and efficiency on a per department basis all while maintaining complete oversight at the highest levels of management. Since this Psi Pay isn’t a “bank” or creditor, budgets can never be overspent without first being topped up by the appropriate authority.

While there is far more ahead for this company than just these benefits, it’s clear to see that a simple approach can save businesses time and money, and only a modern, agile company like PSI Pay can bring these benefits without the usual banking bloat.

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The Rise and Success of Martin Lustgarten as an Investment Banker

Investment banking is a very critical finance platform. Investment banks are middlemen between individuals and banks that want to invest in new securities. The category involves people interested in commercial and retail banks that deal in large scale trades and consumers. The investment banking is different from traditional banking. Investment banking requires active communication between everyone involved in the business. Everyone has to agree on the prices and returns on the investment.

One of the best international investment bankers in the world today is Martin Lustgarten. He is based in Florida where he runs his firm. He is a highly influential investment banker who has helped thousands of Americans with their investment banking needs. He has associated with several companies to make his success possible. Many people have praised him for his commitment to the demands of clients and the business. Lustgarten is an active personality in different social media platforms. He uses these platforms to update his clients on his accomplishments and progress with investments. In our world of economy styles that operate differently, Lustgarten operates through veteran investments that look for the good of everyone.

With the changing financial and economic times, many people are turning to investment banks for financial solutions. The investment banking is on the rise as many people consider the companies the best place for their investment. Martin Lustgarten knows that the industry is highly competitive. However, he has won the trust of many customers and secured a place for himself. His activity on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter has also won the hearts of many business partners. Martin’s full profile information is available on his website. He is also reachable through social media platforms like Twitter.

Martin Lustgarten is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Lustgarten investment banking services. He has grown to become a seasoned investment banker and has made a name for himself in places such as Florida and the entire United States. He offers one of the best investment banking solutions you will find today. He knows what is best for every transaction and trade.


Persons Seeking Capital in a Down Economy are Provided with a Ready Solution in Making Use of Alternative Funding Solutions Provided by Equities First Holdings

Many individuals around the globe are seeking ways to raise Capital: however, many traditional funders have, inconveniently, more fully regulated attaining a start-up type of loan or any loan, in way of an investment or business activity. The consumer is perplexed–as to what to do. There is a viable financing alternative, available, to the consumer, possessing a good history as to credit, which he or she may have not considered.

Equities First Holdings is a ready resource, as it pertains to alternative forms of funding. The consumer that struggles, in attaining a conventional loan, through no fault of his or her own, at a traditional bank, finds a ready financing solution when turning to the trusted and reliable global based entity of Equities First Holdings.

The lender is able to offer the consumer a loan with a significant LTV ratio and a preferred fixed rate of interest. Such a financing alternative means, that an LTV ratio, considered risky, to the conventional lender, is offered at Equities First Holdings to the prosperous consumer, with no reservation–whatsoever.

This type of loan arrangement, as indicated above, provides the interested borrowing party, a nice fixed rate of interest. When the interest rate is fixed, the result is: the borrower may rest assured that his or her loan payment is constant. Too: the loan is structured, as such, that the borrower may walk away from his or her financing arrangement, at any time, without penalty. The reason being is that the loan is secured against shares on the open market exchange. This is certainly a great financing alternative. However, the next question which may come to the mind of the consumer is: Why is it, do persons who pay back their obligations, as to loans, are not more aware of this type of loan strategy?

The preceding loan arrangement is not considered, often, since, at one time, there was a considerable amount of media attention devoted to crooked lenders, who not only took care of the loan arrangement, but also took care of the borrower’s shares. Such persons would dump the shares in the market. In doing so, once the loan transaction met full maturity, the shares or collateral were absent–or unavailable. However, that said, such institutions did not have the trustworthy and reliable reputation, possessed, by organizations, such as Equities First Holdings.

The lending institution has locations in London, Singapore, and other prosperous world markets. It possesses years of experience as a leader in the field of financing alternatives, on behalf of its prosperous clientele. It provides the highest and most refined alternative lending services, within the markets it serves.

Naturally, the wise consumer, seeking funds or much needed Capital is welcomed to investigate the reputation and the services offered by the financial lending leader: Equities First Holdings–especially, in today’s current, shaky economy.  for more information.