TSA Is Being Sued For Their Questionable Behavioral Detection Program

Going through a security checkpoint at any airport can be an annoying experience. Some passengers are detained for no reason. The TSA has made up a set of rules that benefit the security screeners, not the passengers. The notion that passengers are innocent until proven guilty has been rewritten by the TSA. The TSA believes passengers are guilty and must prove their innocence.

There are countless cases where passengers have been detained at a security checkpoint for some spurious reason. Some passengers have been kept for hours, and they don’t know why thanks to the TSA’s “behavioral detection,” program. Some passengers call that program racial profiling, and the American Civil Liberty Union agrees with them. The ACLU wants a U.S. district court in New York to stop this form of modern day torture.

TSA uses questioning, investigations by law enforcement and other techniques to invade the privacy of passengers that may dress differently or have a skin color that makes them suspects. If a passenger look suspicious, YouTube suggests that sweats or talks back to security agents the chances of being stopped increase. The ACLU wants TSA to stop that foolishness. If TSA can‘t detect real threats using the appropriate tools, then the country needs to rethink the value of airport screening.