Sheldon Lavin, The CEO Of OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the present chief executive officer of OSI Group. OSI Group is an organization that specializes in the production and packaging of top meat and food products. The firm is located in Aurora, Illinois. The organization serves both the food service retail sectors. Lavin first joined the company as just an outsider. In the 1970s however, he became actively involved in the operations of OSI Group. During this time, the company was called Otto & Sons and was under the management of Mr. Otto and his sons.

By the 1970s, the Otto & Son Company was full of potential. They had an opportunity to become the primary supplier of hamburgers to the McDonald’s Company. However, at this time Otto & Sons Company was experiencing a tough financial time and it not able to deliver. It was at this time that Sheldon Lavin came in as a financial advisor to the organization. Lavin helped the company to get back on its feet as well as the acquisition of funds from banks.

In 1975, Sheldon Lavin got actively involved in the company’s operations beyond offering financial advice. He helped the company in outsourcing for business as well as investments abroad. By this time, Mr. Otto was retiring, and Sheldon agreed to become a partner with the sons to steer the company ahead. Because of this, they had to change the name of the company to OSI Group. Sheldon then helped the company to increase its clientele base from just supplying around Illinois to the rest of the world including North America, Europe, Australia, Japan, South Africa and the Philippines.

After putting much effort to expand the organization to international level, Sheldon Lavin decided to buy a controlling interest in the company and took over. Since then, Sheldon has been able to change the image of the meat and food processing sector. Sheldon is an expert when it comes to large-scale operations that have made the company manage complex supply chains. He believes in teamwork and has brought up a collaborative culture to his firm making the company experience very low rates of employee turnover.

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OSI Food Solutions UK Awarded the Prestigious Globe of Honour Award

In 2016, the British Safety Council awarded OSI Food Solutions UK Ltd. with the Globe of Honour Award at a luncheon for all organizations awarded with this honor in London’s Drapers’ Hall. The Globe of Honour Award is given to the best of the best organizations worldwide that have exemplified and excelled in managing the area of health, safety, and environmental standards.

The prestigious Globe of Honour Award was given to 18 organizations worldwide. Prior to being invited to apply, every year an organization must have previously received a five-star result from one of these rigorous audits conducted by the British Safety Council’s environmental management group as a requirement:

 Environmental Audit
 Occupational Health and Safety Audit
 Joint Health, Safety, and Environmental Audit
 Any combined audits

After the application is received, each organization applying must then undergo another audit conducted by an independent panel of experts. The organizations awarded are those who exemplify excellent health, safety and environmental best in practice management standards throughout the organization.

OSI Food Solutions is under the OSI Europe and part of the overall OSI Group, LLC umbrella. OSI Food Solutions are in these six countries in Europe: Germany, Poland, Spain, Austria, Hungary, and the UK. OSI Food Solutions UK manufactures and offers consumer products such as breakfast sausages, bacon, hot dogs, cooked beef patties, sandwich meats, raw chicken, smoked and kettle products for consumers within the United Kingdom.

OSI Food Solutions continues to exhibit substantial growth with their current expansion in Spain. Seeing the demand of chicken from Spain and Portugal increase annually by 6% in the past twelve years and an increase of 8% just within the past three years, OSI’s entrepreneurial culture met the demand and expanded their chicken production plant at OSI Food Solutions Spain. This current expansion has doubled their chicken production capacity from 12,000 tons to 24,000 ton with a total combined of chicken, beef, and pork products of 45,000 tons.

OSI Group, LLC under the visionary leadership of Sheldon Lavin, chairman, and CEO, OSI Europe, and particularly OSI Food Solutions will continue to make their mark in the European Food Industry. From the start of Mr. Lavin’s leadership, he wanted to create an entrepreneurial environment where employees are free to collaborate and take ownership. This way of doing business has worked extremely well and has been measured by the low personnel turn over rate these past 40+ years.

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OSI Industries Conquer Europe

There are many good reasons why OSI Industries is one of America’s top 100 companies. The food processing company satisfies a unique niche on the market. It is one of the few food processing firms that provide customized value addition to the food supplies they deliver to their clients. OSI Group has also dared markets that other companies hesitate to try. It has outlets in Asia and Europe. The company adapts to the preferences of its clients in the various regions of the globe. It has recently added a host of other companies of repute to expand its portfolio of products it offers. According to the CEO of the company Mr. David McDonald, the firm seeks partnerships with other regional leaders in the foodservice industry so that it can understand the demands of its customers in depth.

OSI Industries Overtures in Europe

OSI has made inroads in Europe. In fact, the UK safety Council awarded OSI the Globe of honor for its exemplary role in environmental matters. The 2016 recognition cast OSI in the limelight and has made it an even more respected business in UK and Europe. OSI management has also gone on an investment offensive. Recently, the company completed the acquisition of Baho Foods, a Dutch food company that servers five countries in Europe including Germany and France. Baho has a significant command of the European market. Mr. David McDonald pointed out that the intention of the deal was to place OSI in a strategic business position in Europe. Baho is a respected food entity in Europe. Therefore it’s being part of OSI expands the OSI product portfolio. Details of the deal reveal that Baho will continue to operate semi-independently. The management and staff of Baho will remain as they are. Baho products complement OSI products to a great extent. Baho is, indeed a perfect match because they seem to operate using the same business model as OSI Industries. Their values also converge especially with regard to quality of the products that they offer.

If you thought that OSI was through with its investment onslaught, you had better think again. OSI has also added Flagship Europe to its list of acquired companies. Flagship Europe emphasizes OSI’s presence on the European market. OSI has now a conspicuous presence in Europe because it has a large client base it serves through the new acquisitions.

Counting on experience

OSI has been around for over 100 years. The company, therefore, has lots of experience as far as the food markets go. OSI has its conspicuous presence in over 17 countries already. The company has over 20 000 workers spread out across the various outlets. It has made positive attempts to penetrate markets that other companies would not dare try. OSI Industries have invested lots of money in acquisitions and setting up serious plants to fulfill customer satisfaction. The organization recently put up a 60 million Euros plant for the processing of its chicken products in Spain. The production will be double what the company has been producing. The construction of the plant arose from customer demand. It has recently announced several job opportunities for the public to apply. The company has its headquarters in Illinois but has spread its wings across several continents now.

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Brian Bonar Takes A Look At San Diego Foods

Brian Bonar has been quite active in the financial world for some time, and he is now creating beautiful foods in the San Diego area at his new restaurant Bellamy’s. This article shares how Brian has built a new type of restaurant to serve the area, how the restaurant came to be and what his plans for the future are. Foodies may make their way to San Diego knowing that Brian has their taste buds in mind.

#1: What Is Bellamy’s?

Bellamy’s is a bistro sitting in the middle of downtown Escondido, California, and it was built in an open space where the community needed another family joint. It took the name Bellamy’s because that is what fit in with the places around them. There are quite a few places in Escondido, and they all have names similar to this. Brian chose the name because he wanted to blend in, and he brought his own version of diner food to the area.

#2: San Diego Is For Foodies

There are quite a few different people who come to San Diego every year for the food. They wish to have the best food in America, and they are finding a lovely place to eat in Brian Bonar’s Bellamy’s. He created a place to eat that has its own bar, and there are several other places that he takes inspiration from.

#3: What Is The European Fare He Offers?

He wants to offer bistro food to the people of the area, and he wants it to feel like a sleepy French cafe. He works on his business every day as he coordinates with the chef he hired, and he keeps people in the bar every night as they have found a new place to relax.

#4: What Is The Passion Behind Brian’s Food?

Brian has a passion for food that is difficult to quantify, and he wants to move on in his life to a place where he may bask in food every day. He understands that a beautiful plate of food makes people happy, and he understands the people of the area are interested in the best food they may find, and he builds his menu around what he believes is most wanted in the area.

The sunny weather of San Diego along with the lack of rain has made the city a great place for people to come when they want to get away from the world. According PR Newswire, They may come to see Brian Bonar, his chef and his lovely establishment. It is only one of many places to eat, but he is an innovator who wishes to make food for everyone who truly enjoys it. Foodies may come to San Diego in search of a new flavor.