For Honor: The Expansive Battle Hitting Consoles this Febuary

Samurai! Knights! Vikings! Oh my! Every action gaming fan grew up dreaming of face off battles between the mightiest warriors of all time and now it’s coming to your video game console! For Honor is the innovative new action hack and slash game in development by Ubisoft that defies history and lets you pit the world’s most amazing swordsmen against each other for the first time in your own test to find out which warrior is the most legendary. Featuring an impressive combat system, multi leveled multiplayer, and a thoughtful and creative approach to the characters and stories that make up the game, For Honor promises to be an interesting take on everyone’s favorite fighters.



Announced at E3 2015 and in development for over two years, For Honor will be Ubisoft’s first attempt at creating a melee based combat game but from what fans and gamers have seen thus far looks to be a solid and expansive take on the genre. Players will be able to choose from three classes of warriors; The Legion, representative of knights, The Chosen, samurai, and The Warborn, Vikings. From there players will take on enemies wielding class specific weapons such as katanas, swords, and axes using a combat system designed specifically for the game known as ‘the Art of Battle’.



The structure of For Honor is set up similar to Ubisoft’s many shooting games and has been described in one interview as a ‘shooter with swords’. The game also allows for in game perks and AI minions to accompany the player into battle. One aspect of ‘For Honor’ separating gamers’ opinions is the fact that the game requires a consistent internet connection for play, even in single player mode. Ubisoft spoke on the need for persistent internet saying that ‘some elements of progression are shared across multiple modes.’ This aspect of the game may mean that For Honor could exist as its own interconnecting world within the gaming universe.



Though the constant need for internet connection has failed to yield positive results for many Ubisoft titles, the company has high hopes for For Honor. For trailers, game information, and more, you can visit the official For Honor Ubisoft website at For Honor looks like the perfect game to make your Valentine’s Day a bloody, battle ravaged one when it hits consoles everywhere this February 14th.