Matt Badiali The Demand For Cobalt And Lithium Is Investors Dream

Matt Badiali, editor of Real Wealth Strategist has given investors a lot to consider in the past few months, namely, ramping up investments in precious metals and betting on the cobalt boom. Investors who bet on cobalt in the first six months of 2017 achieved a double-digit, or almost three-digit, return. But is it still time to invest on cobalt? Matt Badiali says investing in cobalt is an absolute must-have stock. Follow Matt on Medium.

What’s Driving Demands For Cobalt?

The first thing that’s driving demand for cobalt is the quest for alternative fuel vehicles, which use lithium batteries. In order to produce lithium batteries, cobalt is requierd. It’s the raw material, combined with lithium, that gives blood to today’s new electric car market. To get ahead of competitors, companies like BMW and Volkswagen are buying up these precious metals. And not only car companies, but Apple is in talks to sign long-term agreements with some mining companies for several thousand tons of cobalt to power up their lithium-ion batteries.

Matt Badiali says if you haven’t began investing, now is the time, and the proof is in the race to the rare minerals needed for the construction of this new technology. Consistently, analysts realize just how vital these precious raw materials are to the future of manufacturing. Badiali points out, lithium and cobalt stock prices has nearly tripled in the last decade.

Manufacturers Merging Needs

By 2025, Volkswagen will also use Apple products in its future electric car models. The German automotive car maker confirmed their new strategy, and now this has other automotive industry leaders thinking of their strategies.


SQM, a leading supplier of lithium carbonate to the battery industry, best represents what is happening. In 2016, the company’s stock rose by 80% in 12 months. Badiali also has pointed to the world’s biggest cobalt miner, Glencore, who had a profit of $1.4 billion in 2017, offers the best potential for investors. One thing is for sure, Badiali says the market for batteries will increase in demand, and that means lithium and cobalt are sure winners.

One of the most respected investor-advisors, Matt Badiali guides his fans to the best opportunities in long-term investing. As the editor of The Real Wealth Strategist, Badiali has received a number of accolades. He’s a professional geologist/analyst and writer with in-the- field exploration experience in mining, precious metals, energy and agriculture. Badiali earned his Bachelor’s from Penn State, and his Master’s degree from Florida Atlantic University. Read this article at Seeking Alpha.