People are Freaking out Over Friday the 13th: The Game

Halloween is fat approaching, and horror fans are getting extra excited. The new Friday the 13th game is about to come out, and those who have gotten to play it are raving about it.

Most fans seem to be in agreement that the game has an absolutely fantastic gimmick. In multiplayer mode, one player plays Jason, the killer. Seven other people play as campers trying to survive the night. How great is that?

The game takes place in Camp Crystal Lake (of course) and is a third person, open world type of game similar to Evolve.

The game was originally funded on Kickstarter as “Summer Camp.” The Kickstarter was a runaway success, bringing in more than $1 million. Shockingly, Sean Cunningham, owner of the Friday the 13th trademark and director of the first film, actually sought the game creators out and ended up allowing them to use the license for free.

One of the more interesting aspects of the game is that Jason can’t run, just like in the movies. He can, however, teleport. That has been a very contentious issue horror fans have debated ever since a certain scene in Jason Takes Manhattan that made no sense unless Jason had the power to teleport. It works very well in the game.

Jason is able to execute a number of different kills. In the alpha demo, we see that Jason can smash heads into environmental objects. Jason can pick people up by the neck, stab people when they’re on the ground

Playing a camper looks to be terrifying. Players do have the ability to slip out of Jason’s grasp. They can climb out of windows, hide under beds, and yes you actually hear that Jason noise when he gets close.

One playtest showed a special secret room that is sort of a Jason Museum. It has all sorts of artifacts from the movie and every version of Jason is on display. That includes “Sackhead” Jason, Drowned Jason with the chain around his neck and more versions can be unlocked as achievements are reached in the game.

Single player mode has a few options. You can play as a camp councilor that needs to survive an entire night or you can play as Jason.

People have high hopes. Halloween can’t come soon enough.