Betty White’s Biggest Regret?

Dan Newlin points out that Betty White is now a 93-year-old icon in Hollywood. She started acting in 1945 and is probably best known for her role as the air-headed Rose Nylund on the sitcom The Golden Girls. She has appeared in many other shows, films, and even Saturday Night Live. Betty is also one of the most nominated women in history for the Emmy Awards. What could Betty White possible have to regret about her life?

According to the article on The Huffington Post, Betty recently sat down with chat mogul Oprah Winfrey for an interview called Where Are They Now?. Betty spilled to Oprah what her biggest regret in life is- not marrying her late husband Allen Ludden sooner. Betty said that Allen pursued her for a year before she finally gave in and married him. She was reluctant because she did not want to leave California for New York. She did marry Allen in 1963 and was very happy with him until he passed away from stomach cancer in 1981. He ended up being the big love of her life and the only regret she has is letting that year get away from them. She is grateful for the 18 years that she got to spend with him though.