The Changes in Video Gaming

Video games are always changing, but it appears that there is one constant that some people want to remove from video games. There is a lot of controversy about violence in video games, and this is something that people have to take a serious look into. Developers of games are really conscious about the content that is displayed because so many times video games tend to turn into realistic situations.

There are cases where video gamers are imitating art, and no one wants some of the things that are in video games to transition into real world events. It is a hard thing to deal with, but measures are being taken because people are speaking out. Voices are being heard because this generation of teenagers are vocal about what is happening. They are not standing by and doing nothing. They are moving along and even getting the support of celebrities when it comes to the movements for gun control. It is something that is interesting because it speaks to a new group of video game consumers.

There was a time where it meant a lot to have video games that have rated. In this day and age of torrent and bootleg video games that does not mean as much. It is true that children that are under age still may not be able to buy some of these mature games in stores, but that does not stop them from getting some of these games online. Others may find themselves with games where guns are involved even if they’re not buying the games. So many people play video games through apps like Facebook.

Parent that think that it is only through a gaming console that their children are able to play video games are going to be wrong. A lot of kids play games that may sometimes have adult content just from their time that they spend on the internet. This is why some games are getting more attention from the public. There are games like some of the ones that are presented on Facebook that have received bad reviews lately because of the connection to guns. In this day and time it is not the best policy to make games where guns are spotlighted and romanticize.

New Game + has released for Assassin’s Creed Origins

Assassin’s Creed: Origins is Ubisoft’s newest edition to the Assassin’s Creed Franchise. Origins is the 10th game in the main series and it is the biggest to date.

Earlier this month Ubisoft announced that there would be at least another year before the next edition of the game comes out, but not without reason, the team said it would be working on Origins for the remainder of 2018 in order to keep content coming.

The newest piece of content has been long awaited: New Game +. For those who haven’t played other games that feature a new game +, such as the Batman series, it basically means that all of your gear and stats carry over when you create a new game. Enemies will be tougher as well and sometimes a game will force you to play on a higher difficulty when starting a new game +.

When you begin a new game in Assassins Creed origins you will notice that all of your weapons and items are still in your inventory from where you left off at after completing the main story. The map will be blank again, your targets will have reset and all locations and quests will be uncompleted. Some people may ask what the appeal to such a game mode is and why it is favorable over simply replaying the game. New Game+ generally allows you complete the game much faster than truly starting over. When you begin the game with max skills and crafting already completed, that frees up a lot of time that you can now invest in purely completing missions.

With Origins this is especially relevant because, as anyone who has played the game knows, it is extremely grindy. Quests are locked behind level restrictions and most attempts to complete a mission over your level will end in frustration and death for the player. New Game + does not remove the level requirements on quests, but what it does do is give you the ability to complete higher level quests at a much lower level than previously possible(due to being able to begin the game at max crafting).

Whether it is your second playthrough or your 15th, if you enjoyed the original Assassin’s Creed: Origins, download the free update and dive back in with the New Game +.

‘Detective Pikachu’ Is Coming To America

The most beloved little Pokémon rodent in the whole world is back and now dons a detective’s hat in a brand new action adventure game. Detective Pikachu will be launched in Japan, Europe and the United States this upcoming spring, exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS console. The plot of this single-player game revolves around a detective Pikachu trying to help solve a mysterious disappearance of a boy’s father. Tim Goodman and detective Pikachu head off on a wild adventure to look for breakthrough clues and solve mysteries.

This is no ordinary Pikachu, it is larger in size and is capable of fluently speaking your language as opposed to its original “pika-pika” speaking predecessor. The coffee loving detective has the superior intelligence but lacks the electrical power known to a common Pikachu. Detective Pikachu’s English voice sounds a bit like the old-time sleuth, Sam Spade mixed with actor Danny DeVito. It’s interesting to hear his voice-over and its mannerisms throughout the game’s cinemas are entertaining. In the game, you’ll get to play as Tim Goodman and will be able to talk to witnesses and explore the open world of Ryme City with detective Pikachu on your side. You come in contact with a lot of the other Pokémon, just don’t expect them to speak English like your lil’ yellow sleuth buddy. A fun game nowadays isn’t complete without its hidden features, hints and secrets to unlock. Detective Pickachu will be released with Spanish, French, German, Chinese and Italian subtitles and users can choose between English dubbed or the original Japanese voice acting.

A live-action movie of Detective Pikachu will be scheduled for release during sometime in 2019. The movie is directed by Rob Letterman, best known for his work directing the animations Monsters vs. Aliens and Sharktale. It will star actor Ryan Reynolds as the voice of detective Pikachu, Justice Smith as Tim Goodman and Kathryn Newton as Lucy.

The Future of Cryptocurrency in Gaming

Imagine you are playing Destiny 2. You are having a great game, smashing a bunch of bad guys, and earning a decent volume of glimmer. For anyone who does not know, glimmer is one of the virtual currencies available in Destiny 2. Legendary Shards are another form of currency, and together you can use them to buy items in the game. But what if you could do more? What if after destroying some exotic equipment for some shards, you turned around and used those shards to order a pizza? This is a future many see for the world of online gaming, and it all starts with cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is the newest sensation. When Bitcoin decentralized, many were surprised by its success. The idea that digital assets could actually be exchanged for literal assets was a pipedream, but then it actually happened and that pipedream became possibility. But where exactly can this possibility go? For gaming companies this opens a few doors. Hundreds of games use digital currency for purchases. Although many can be gained through play, most of the good stuff can only be gained through actual purchase. The introduction of cryptocurrency could give gamers the ability to cash out their winnings. In this way, gamers could actually see a return in their investment of time in a game. There are already of few games that award tiny bitcoins to players. Cryptocurrency could also allow for transfer of funds across games. Money earned in Destiny for instance can be money spent in Battlefront II. Unfortunately, many pitfalls are involved, such as gaming companies being uncomfortable with their products becoming akin to slot machines. At present, there are no plans for any major games using cryptocurrency. However, the interest is still there. Even if gaming companies’ fear a lack of return should they invest in cryptocurrency, the idea of using it within a game debates.Your text to link…

Both financial and gaming aficionados vouch that all cryptocurrency needs to become viable in the gaming world is one hit game. One successful example of cryptocurrency in gaming that shows companies there is profit to be made. After that, it is a domino effect and soon everyone will take part in the market. Until then, we just have to wait.

“Kingdom Hearts 3” Files Leaked On Reddit

New files that detail the various worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3 have been leaked online. While these files aren’t officially verified, many Kingdom Hearts fans are excited about the potential Disney-inspired worlds that might be in the latest title.

Reddit user Rum3636 is responsible for discovering these leaked files and posting them online. In his opening statement, Rum3636 claims Square Enix probably deleted this list from the Internet after they discovered it leaked. Rum3636 didn’t download the original files, but s/he did post everything s/he saw.

The first world on this list is Disney-Pixar’s Toy Story, which was listed as “TS.” This should be no surprise to anyone who has seen the latest Kingdom Hearts 3 ad. According to this new list, the levels in this world will most likely be inspired by Toy Story TV shorts rather than the original films.

Next on Rum3636’s list is “RA,” which most likely stands of Rapunzel. Kingdom Hearts 3 developers said in the past that there would be one world inspired by Disney’s Tangled.

Rum3636 noted that one strange thing about the RA file was the high number of levels that seemed to be related to Disney’s Tarzan. Kingdom Hearts fans should already know that Tarzan was a major level in the first game.

The next code on this list was FZ02. Even though it hasn’t been confirmed by Square Enix, Rum3636 believes this stands for the blockbuster film Frozen. One clue that led Rum3636 to this conclusion was the high number of icicle-related files under this title.

Fourth on Rum3636’s list was “RG.” This most likely refers to Radiant Garden, a non-Disney-related level that played a major role in Kingdom Hearts 2. This level was also in the first Kingdom Hearts, but there it was called Hollow Bastion.

Fifth on this new list is Hercules’s Mount Olympus under the symbol “HE.” Fans have already known for some time that Mt. Olympus would return to the third game.

Second to last on this list was Winnie the Pooh’s 100 Acre Woods listed as “PO.” The 100 Acre Woods often serves as a side-quest in major Kingdom Hearts titles.

Finally, the last symbol was “DC,” which Rum3636 believes stands for Disney Castle. Although Disney Castle appeared in the very first Kingdom Hearts, players didn’t get to explore this world until Kingdom Hearts 2.

Loot Boxes are the New DLC

Tis the year of the loot box, and what a controversial year it will be. In case you have been living under a rock, online multiplayer is extremely popular in gamer circles. Between Destiny, Call of Duty, Titanfall, and Star Wars Battleground the web servers for big game giants like Xbox and PlayStation overload with players duking it out. Multiplayer has become a vital market making millions upon millions of dollars per year, but there is always room to make more. In the early days, there was exclusive downloadable content. Special editions of games, incentives for pre-ordering certain titles, season passes for all the DLC that would come out across the breadth of the year. A game that costs $50 to $60 dollars on its own could easily extend itself past the $100 dollar mark just on the extra whizbangs alone. It was like tricking out an automobile you were never going to drive. It became a point of contention for many, because there were never enough gamer dollars to go around. Frequent updates to games made gamers as frustrated as smartphone owners because deluxe, special, and ultimate editions of games would be re-released. Many believed those days to be long gone, but now they are coming back again.

Overwatch, a popular multiplayer game spawned in 2017, came out with what many coined as cosmetic DLC. The idea was that the extra purchases would not affect gameplay. This has already caused much contention, but we will sail over that. Overwatch decided to conceal this cosmetic DLC into loot boxes. Loot boxes function as prize crates and contain valuable virtual items. Although many can be earned through gameplay, the ones that contain the really sweet stuff cost money. One never really knows what will be in a loot crate so purchasing one can be exciting, and ultimately disappointing depending on what is inside. Loot crates are already everywhere, but now major games like Battlefront 2 and Destiny 2 will have them. Converting to loot crates will dig deeper into gamer’s pockets, while the roulette prize system already makes many politicians claim it is gambling. Either way a storm coming., and the people caught in will be the gamers. More information can be found on

Gaming Toys Debut at CES 2018

The annual tech extravaganza launched on Tuesday with innovative gaming offerings. Companies like Google and Razer showed off their newest products at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The event’s exhibits included the latest gaming accessories, consoles, and gaming laptops to enhance gaming experience.

Nvidia turned heads at this year’s CES when they debuted their new gaming service for Windows, GeForce Now. The cloud-based gaming service allows users to play games on cheap laptops and computers whose processors couldn’t normally handle the demands of gameplay. The app can be used with Steam, and UPlay. GeForce Now is currently in beta and is only available in North America and Europe.

On Monday, Nvidia also rolled out their 65-inch Big Format Gaming Display. Nvidia has partnered with HP, Acer,and Asus to produce 4K resolution backlit displays that come with Nvidia’s Shield streaming service. Each display features voice control courtesy of Google Assistant. The company touts its new technology as stutter-free and says that it will allow gamers to enjoy their favorite titles with less lag and screen tearing.

Virtual reality toys were also on display this year from both Google and Lenovo. Lenovo’s new Mirage Solo VR headset features Google’s WorldSense tracking technology. The headset’s first game will be a new entry in the Blade Runner franchise, Blade Runner: Revelations. The game will debut along with the VR headset in the spring.

Lovers of gaming comfort snapped to attention on Tuesday when Vertagear unveiled their new gaming chair, the PL4500. Festooned with RGB LED lights, the battery-powered racing chair can be controlled from the convenience of a smartphone app. The chair has a charge that lasts up to 30 hours. According to Vertagear, it will be publicly available in the spring.

Razer debuted their Project Linda hardware on Tuesday, showcasing the product’s ability to turn the Razer Phone into a trackpad for a special laptop dock. The phone easily plugs into the dock, transferring mobile apps and the phone’s processing power into the laptop. Razer did not reveal if Project Linda would be rolled out commercially; many of their past CES offerings have never gone beyond exhibition.

Call of Duty: WWII; A Return to Form for the Franchise

As a Game that has defined modern online gaming, Call of Duty has a long legacy on the market. Since its release in 2003, with the aptly named first installment in the series, Call of Duty, the franchise has defined itself on realistic infantry combat, in historic, fictional, and futuristic battlefields, in fourteen separate installments, with updates, and added content for almost every game. Beginning its rein on the modern gaming industry almost fifteen years ago, the series possessed a humble starting position of being a simple mod on the Quake III Arena engine, designed to replicate World War II infantry combat. With the latest installment of the game, 2017’s Call of Duty: WWII, the franchise returns to those humble beginnings with a little over a decade’s worth of knowledge and experience in building the series for the audience who wants it most.

With WWII, Call of Duty takes players back to the elegant stylistic choices of 2003, with some major updates in terms of graphics, weapons, gameplay, and multiplayer. The first game to be set in World War II, since Call of Duty: World at War, WWII takes a main focus on the European Theater of the war’s combat through the eyes of the first Infantry Division. The game also returns to the original line of Call of Duty game’s historic storytelling, with many of Operation Overlord’s missions making up the core of the single player experience. In the multiplayer, players are given more options, and are able to build their own forces from five separate soldier formats.

WWII multiplayer allows players to customize their forces through the selection of up to five combat specialists. Infantry, Airborne, Armored, Mountain, and Expeditionary, all have their own special abilities that allow players to build forces to match their own personalized play styles. Upon beginning a new multiplayer match, players are separated, at random, into either Allies or Axis. On the Axis side, players take the role of the German military at the time, the Werhmacht, while on the Allies side, players may choose from British, Soviet, French Resistance, or American Forces. Reviews on the game have been mostly positive, and have highly praised the game for a return to form to the original Call of Duty games. For more information on the game, and on the the franchise at large, visit the official Call of Duty website at

Everything: Game Review

As a rule, games are typically meant to be played then won then played again (in some cases). This is not the case for Everything. The game, from Mountain developer David O’Reilly, espouses the connection of organisms from the smallest subatomic particles to the largest cosmic objects the mind can imagine. These objects are all playable characters in the video game that eventually becomes a meditation on consciousness and Eastern philosophical thoughts and ideas.

Starting from scratch as a floating particle through space, you initially inhabit the body of a deer and have the ability to communicate with objects that are roughly within your size and environment. You can call upon other members of your same species and travel in packs towards a destination within the ever-expanding game universe. A horse interacting with a tree allows the player to inhabit the tree and thus ascend to a new height. Trees can elevate to land masses while land masses can elevate to the planetary level. From a planetary level, the player can float through space and eventually come into contact and ascend to the star-level of the sun.

Ascension can continue until you have become a cosmic entity with the next level being a subatomic particle of another dimension. All of this occurs as Alan Watts’ famous lectures that espouse the “oneness” play in the background. With the soothing color palette and musical score in Everything, O’Reilly provides a background to illuminate a vision for Watts’ Buddhist-inspired outlook on life. Though some portions of gameplay are mechanical and require you to unlock new skills, a large aspect of the game is autonomous and runs well enough without human interference.

If you are a player that needs a constant challenge then Everything might not hold up to your standards, however, if you are looking for a new experience that might radically change your worldview then Everything will not disappoint.

The Evolution of Street Fighter II and Consoles

One of the most loved games in the fighting game genre is Street Fighter II. Many people may have references to other fighting games that have come after this game, but Street Fighter II remains one of the innovative pioneers of the fighting game genre. One of the most cherished experiences is playing the home console versions and seeing how they compare to the original arcade release. One of the interesting things about Street Fighter 2 is that there have been multiple versions of the game released. The most recent version of Street Fighter II has been released in 2017.

There are probably a little over 10 different versions of Street Fighter II. There have also been plenty of home console versions of Street Fighter II. Of course the best version of the game is going to be the arcade versions which can now be played on home consoles with the technology that is available. While the earlier home console versions are great representatives of the arcade counterparts, there have been plenty of differences between the arcade versions and the home console versions. Among the most obvious differences are the character sizes, resolutions and the frames of animation. Interestingly enough, the audio soundtrack has often been outdone in the home versions. The Super NES version has a soundtrack that actually sounds higher in quality than the arcade version.

One of the most recent appearances of Street Fighter II was on an airline. One particular version that was being played was the Turbo Hyper Fighting Edition. When Street Fighter II first appeared, players only had access to eight characters with four extra characters given to the CPU. Subsequent versions made the other four “bosses” playable to the user. Later versions would have adjustments to speed, subtle changes in graphics and add more new characters. The Super versions would come with an upgraded sound chip which would bring about upgrades to the classic themes which have been somewhat inspired by the Super NES soundchip. The most recent version called Ultra Street Fighter II has brought four more characters to the roster.