The Crew 2 Closed Beta – Ubisoft Sends Out Codes to Lucky Players!

Online players can begin pre-loading one of the most highly anticipated racing game betas of 2018, as Ubisoft has begun sending out closed beta codes for their upcoming release, The Crew 2.


The closed beta does not officially go live until 4:00 A.M. Eastern Time on May 31st, 2018, but players are already scrambling to find extra beta codes for themselves and their friends before the closed beta launches. Ubisoft expects a large sample size once the closed beta launches, and will be looking to test some of the various server features during the beta.


The Crew 2’s closed beta is available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC with U Play. As of now, the beta is expected to last until June 4th, however often times developers choose to extend the beta to test additional features before the game launches. This is a likely possibility even for this closed beta, especially with the launch of the game still over a month away. It is also possible that they could extend the beta to allow players a better opportunity to decide if they would like to pre-order the game before it releases.


The Crew 2 has been developed by Ivory Tower, and features an open world racing environment that can be experienced in unison with online friends as they drive across the new and reformed environment, known as MotorNation.


The closed beta will allow players access to the entire map, so it is possible that easter eggs or secrets could be found, even prior to the game’s official release on June 29th. The developers have also announced the opportunity to retrieve the game three days earlier by pre-ordering one of the special editions, either the gold or motor edition of the game. The closed beta should give players a fair chance to make a decision in regards to whether they would want to do this.

Rocket League unveils new ‘Salty Shores’ update for game

Rocket League has officially unveiled their newest summer-themed update called “Salty Shores.” The popular vehicular soccer game has added a brand new arena with a beach theme as well as new music, new season reward colors, a new import Battle car, and a number of fixes along with Competitive Season 8, according to Forbes.


As the Forbes report mentioned, the new arena has a sandy floor to it along with sunny blue skies and spectators wearing sunglasses. It also features a roller coaster in action, as well as a scenic boardwalk and beach that players will get to see from up above. In addition to all of that, the game has unveiled some new season reward colors.


The “Champion” rewards have reportedly switched from a purple to a gold color. There are also new “Striker” goal explosions available for the Bronze through Grand Champion ranks. Each rank or level results in a player getting a banner. The goal explosions are shown in Bronze and Silver, Gold and Platinum, and Diamond through Grand Champion as complements to player banners.


In addition to the new beach theme and color schemes for the rewards or banners, there’s also a new car and some new music to enjoy. The brand new import Battle-Car added to the game called “Twinzer” is available as a limited-drop in the new Impact Crate. The new soundtrack, “Rocket League x Monstercat Vol. 3,” will feature a new variety of selections for players to absorb as they compete within the updated arena.


By the way, it’s also been mentioned that players will need to participate in 10 placement matches for the new season as part of a “soft reset.” However, based on the official Psyonix news release for the latest update, players can land close to their Season 7 rankings by “winning half” of their placement matches.


The ComicBook website released a full report of all of the newly updated aspects of the game. This includes a good number of bug fixes such as restoration of the FX on Draco Wheels as well as tread glow on ‘Season 3 – Star’ Wheels, a fixed crash/performance issues on the Xbox One, and a fix allowing for the correct display of a player’s Rank on the post-match screen.


Of course, all of this also means Competitive Season 8 is now officially underway, so players will be looking to play those 10 placement matches as quick as possible to get their ranks intact for competition.

‘Fortnite: Battle Royale’ schedules downtime in anticipation of Week 5 challenges & new updates

The popular online game, Fortnite: Battle Royale reportedly scheduled some downtime for Wednesday, May 30th. It was announced by Forbes and other sites that the game would be offline around 4 a.m. Eastern Time with a speculated downtime lasting for an hour or two. The latest news comes as the game is preparing to add some new updates as well as the Week 5 challenges.


The report via Forbes said that the newest challenges were scheduled to arrive this Thursday after the server was down. In the past, new challenges came right after the server was restored for players to get back into the Fortnite world and compete. However, it also looks like the new update is going to bring one of the first-ever vehicles for the game as well.


It’s been reported that shopping carts will be that first vehicle, after a general lack of any vehicles in the Fortnite game. So far, very little is known about how the shopping carts are going to operate on the island in terms of movement. However, it seems like it could bring an interesting new aspect of gameplay.


Another update that is on the way at some point will involve a “playroom” mode which allows teams of players to practice building, shooting, and mastering the game controls. The mode will involve “friendly fire” to practice taking aim with weapons at friends, as well as give teams the ability to work on strategies and generally getting comfortable with how to play the game. So far, it’s only been hinted at as a “test run” and there will be a “more extensive creative mode” at some point down the line.


The free-to-play game Fortnite: Battle Royale was a response to PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds, also knowns as PUBG. Fortnite has been available on multiple platforms including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, macOS, and Windows since September 2017, with a mobile version released for iOS. There are also plans for a game release on Android devices. While the game is free to download and play, many players benefit from using the “microns transactions” system in which they purchase new skins, weapons, or special items to give them a competitive advantage.


The newest Fortnite: Battle Royale update released for May 30th will be version 4.3 for the game. In addition to the shopping carts, upcoming Week 5 challenges, and other potential updates, this newest version should include bug fixes and other improvements to the gameplay.

Is Activision Struggling with Black Ops 4?

Activision is taking the success of one of its most popular releases in recent years and applying its success to one of its most famous project, or at least that’s the rumor.

Overwatch and the Call of Duty franchise are both published by Activision. Overwatch is the most popular FPS ever produced by Blizzard, who also develops games such as Diablo and World of Warcraft.

The rumor floating around Twitter is that Activision is planning on pulling the gameplay out of Overwatch and placing it into the Call of Duty franchise. The rumor is Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will feature a multiplayer mode meant to emulate Overwatch’s gameplay.

The user making this claims goes by MatthewHarrisUK on Twitter, and he has been leaking a variety of details about the upcoming Call of Duty game. This specific piece of information corresponds with previous leaks concerning what the multiplayer of Black Ops 4 will be like. charlieINTEL has also stated that Black Ops 4 is very similar to the gameplay of Overwatch.

The source material of the leak claims that play testers are not happy about several features in the revamped multiplayer mode. They claim systems that have been in place for years were completely removed. In one multiplayer build, kill streaks, airstrikes and chopper gunners was completely removed, replaced by a perk system. The leak states that traditional Call of Duty kill streaks have since been added back into the game.

Although Activision has been toying with these ideas, it is not clear if Overwatch gameplay will in fact be included in Call of Duty. The publisher of the leak admits that his information does not pertain to the actual release; the information released by the leaker merely pertains to ideas that were floated around in the early stages of development.

Even if Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 releases and it is nothing like Overwatch, this mishap in the developmental process, if true, means the state of development over at Activision is chaotic.

PUBG Hosts Xbox One Free Weekend

As one of the biggest game releases of 2017, it’s safe to say that most people have already played a round or two in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the hit battle royale game for PC and consoles. If you happen to be one of the few who haven’t and own an Xbox One, though, this weekend might just be your chance.

GameSpot reports on the free weekend happening on for Xbox owners looking to take a crack at PUBG. All Xbox Live Gold subscribers will be able to play the game 100% for free for the entire weekend until the end of April 22 on Sunday. The trial is currently available for download on the storefront in the Gold section for all qualifying console owners.

This free weekend comes almost immediately following the announcement that the Xbox version of the game will be receiving the new desert map called Miramar (along with the new minibus, pickup truck, and jet ski vehicles) early in May, making it a good time to buy if you find you enjoy the game. Not only that, but the limited time DLC pack for the Xbox One is already available for $7, going from April 19 to May 19.

In addition to the confirmed updates and add-ons, rumors of yet another map have already begun to circulate within the community. The game’s developers are already hard at work on a new, smaller map (Codename: Savage) for the PC release of the game. If current trends hold, that means it would likely release on console within a few months of its release on PC, promising even more content in the near future for those who own the game.

If you’ve been on the fence about PUBG up until now but find yourself enticed by the promise of expansive new content and the chance to try things out for free, then take this opportunity to head over to the Xbox Live storefront before it’s too late.

Are Parents Responsible When Kids Tamper With Inside Of Gaming Devices?

It seems that every day there is a news worthy article about hackers and the havoc that they are wreaking on an international span. Even the video gaming industry has had a share of the misdeeds. There have been many advances in technology over the past decades, and the more they improve, the more accessible they become to those who have fraudulent intentions. The teenager from Canada is a prime example of greed that went too far. What started as a simple case of exploring an Xbox to see what was inside turned into a federal hacking racket by an inquisitive teen, and his buddies.

It is a known fact that the youth of today are smart, ambitious, and success oriented. Many of them want to achieve all of the assets that luxury living can afford them without putting in the honest work. Some kids are naturally gifted with the intelligence to understand the vast technological aspects of any industry. They are probably the kids who always went into the inside of their toys to see how they worked. The kids who were often referred to as being too smart for their own good. When this particular teen hacked into his Xbox, he also hacked the manufacturers, and the gaming industry, comprising the inner works of major corporations. Your text to link…

This teen, and his friends, did this for ten years. Little did he know that once his deviant behavior reached the American market, it was soon realized and caused the federal government to launch an investigation. The teen had done this for so long, that he had forgotten that he had formed a company, which could be traceable. It all came to a head when he innocently thought that he could enter the United States to pick up a part for his vehicle.

Once at the border patrol check point, and his company name popped up after they scanned his passport, he knew that he was in deep trouble. Here was a teen who was so intrigued by what was inside his Xbox, will spend his adult life behind prison bars. When kids do something like this, it is normal for the parents to be blamed, but parents are not aware of how to check for this type of behavior.

Valve is being Fined $3 Million by the Government of Australia

Steam is known among gamers for its refund policy, but prior to 2015, Steam has no official refund policy. This fact has landed them in some civil trouble in Australian Courts. Valve may have created an official refund policy for Steam in 2015, but in 2014 Australia began investigating whether Valve was breaking Australian consumer law. Now, at the conclusion of this multi-year investigation, Valve is being fined 3 million dollars for the consumer law violation.

Valve’s official policy read “Unless required by local law, we do not offer refunds or changes on game.” Valve was not offering refunds in Australia because it did not believe its products were defined under the Australian Consumer Law. The Federal Court of Australia didn’t buy the argument.

Steam now official provides refunds for a variety of reasons including hardware requirements, accidental purchases, or disinterest in the game. A consumer can simply fill out a form on the Steam Powered website and request a refund for nearly any reason imaginable.

Consumers have been returning games they have played and didn’t like for Steam, praising the process. Steam will allow any game to be returned as long as it has been played for less than two hours and the purchase is less than 2 weeks ago. In just a handful of clicks, after testing out a game you can return the game for a full refund. Steam doesn’t allow this system to be abused though. If you consistently request refunds, Steam will have a problem with that. The refund system is meant to be a way to return bad purchases, not as a method of trying out dozens of games.

Despite Valve’s excellent history with refunds and their arguments against consumer law, the 3 million dollar fine still stands. The courts counter-argued that Valve has established servers in Australia, it has logistics set up in Australia, and 2.2 million Steam users reside in Australia. This was all fact; there was no hiding that Valve has strong business ties in Australia.

Valve filed an appeal to the decision, but it was promptly denied by the ACCC. Valve must now pay the 3 million dollar fine or face harsher consequences.

Another Challenge Against Loot Boxes in Gaming

In the past few years, governments have been cracking down on loot boxes in video games. These countries are arguing that loot boxes are a form of gambling that is aimed at children, and many gamers agree. Normally when a government tries to regulate video games, the government doesn’t really understand what they are doing. This time, gamers are agreeing with the politicians: loot boxes need to go.

In case you don’t know what loot boxes are, they are items that gamers pay real cash for in order to have a chance at getting specific items. These loot boxes go by a variety of names in different games, but they are all the same. Sometimes they are called chests, crates, packs, or some other unique name the game developers came up with. No matter what they are called, loot boxes serve one purpose: entice gamers into purchasing them in order to make more profit.

The similarities between real life gambling and video game loot boxes is pretty apparent. For example, if you buy a loot box, you will always receive something in return, but it may not be what you want. The odds of getting the rarest items are sometimes so high, it will take thousands of loot boxes before you will get your desired item.

Many countries have already began legislation to make loot boxes illegal, and the Netherlands is next on that list. Kansspelautoriteit, the game authority in the Netherlands recently released their thoughts and ideas about loot boxes. The Dutch organization determined that four out of 10 video games were operating illegal gambling operations according to the Netherlands’s Betting and Gambling Act.

Only specific games were considered illegal. Games that provided a method to sell in-game items and also had loot box mechanics were deemed illegal. Only 2 out of the 10 games had adult only ratings, showing how far the gaming industry will go to make money, even targeting children.

Many other European countries are making an effort to ban or regulate video game loot boxes. Netherlands is the latest to announce such plans but Germany, Belgium and more have already began efforts to do away with loot boxes.

The Changes in Video Gaming

Video games are always changing, but it appears that there is one constant that some people want to remove from video games. There is a lot of controversy about violence in video games, and this is something that people have to take a serious look into. Developers of games are really conscious about the content that is displayed because so many times video games tend to turn into realistic situations.

There are cases where video gamers are imitating art, and no one wants some of the things that are in video games to transition into real world events. It is a hard thing to deal with, but measures are being taken because people are speaking out. Voices are being heard because this generation of teenagers are vocal about what is happening. They are not standing by and doing nothing. They are moving along and even getting the support of celebrities when it comes to the movements for gun control. It is something that is interesting because it speaks to a new group of video game consumers.

There was a time where it meant a lot to have video games that have rated. In this day and age of torrent and bootleg video games that does not mean as much. It is true that children that are under age still may not be able to buy some of these mature games in stores, but that does not stop them from getting some of these games online. Others may find themselves with games where guns are involved even if they’re not buying the games. So many people play video games through apps like Facebook.

Parent that think that it is only through a gaming console that their children are able to play video games are going to be wrong. A lot of kids play games that may sometimes have adult content just from their time that they spend on the internet. This is why some games are getting more attention from the public. There are games like some of the ones that are presented on Facebook that have received bad reviews lately because of the connection to guns. In this day and time it is not the best policy to make games where guns are spotlighted and romanticize.

New Game + has released for Assassin’s Creed Origins

Assassin’s Creed: Origins is Ubisoft’s newest edition to the Assassin’s Creed Franchise. Origins is the 10th game in the main series and it is the biggest to date.

Earlier this month Ubisoft announced that there would be at least another year before the next edition of the game comes out, but not without reason, the team said it would be working on Origins for the remainder of 2018 in order to keep content coming.

The newest piece of content has been long awaited: New Game +. For those who haven’t played other games that feature a new game +, such as the Batman series, it basically means that all of your gear and stats carry over when you create a new game. Enemies will be tougher as well and sometimes a game will force you to play on a higher difficulty when starting a new game +.

When you begin a new game in Assassins Creed origins you will notice that all of your weapons and items are still in your inventory from where you left off at after completing the main story. The map will be blank again, your targets will have reset and all locations and quests will be uncompleted. Some people may ask what the appeal to such a game mode is and why it is favorable over simply replaying the game. New Game+ generally allows you complete the game much faster than truly starting over. When you begin the game with max skills and crafting already completed, that frees up a lot of time that you can now invest in purely completing missions.

With Origins this is especially relevant because, as anyone who has played the game knows, it is extremely grindy. Quests are locked behind level restrictions and most attempts to complete a mission over your level will end in frustration and death for the player. New Game + does not remove the level requirements on quests, but what it does do is give you the ability to complete higher level quests at a much lower level than previously possible(due to being able to begin the game at max crafting).

Whether it is your second playthrough or your 15th, if you enjoyed the original Assassin’s Creed: Origins, download the free update and dive back in with the New Game +.