The Legacy that Soros wants to Leave Behind in Politics and Social Justice

George Soros is 78 years old. He is among the top 6 wealthiest men on the planet. He has been in the news of late because of his philanthropic efforts, and the support that he has continuously offered the groups that fight for social justice and equality of all people. Soros has been supporting the George Soros Foundation for the past two decades, and during this time, he has managed to give close to $6 billion to different causes and charities. He is a firm believer in the fact that while the society may not be perfect at the moment, it is still possible to make changes which will make it a better place to live.

Soros was born in Hungary during a time when the Nazis occupied the country. Being a Jew, George and his family were segregated by the government to a point where he had to run away. He has been through the roughest of all experiences, something that shaped him to the advocate and human rights crusader that he is. Soros has always believed that there is nothing better than making sure that all the people who are weak and downtrodden in the society get a chance to have their stories had and their rights protected.

In 2014, his name hit the headlines again. It was about the Ferguson protests in Missouri. The demonstrations happened after a young black man died in what seemed to be a racially motivated profiling case. The people were outraged by the fact that the young man was killed for no reason and hadn’t been engaging in any violent activity. Soros participation was funding the leasing of the buses that took protesters from all parts of the country to Ferguson. The protests went on for some weeks and by the end of the process, the message that black lives matter had been well put across.

Soros believes that some of the proposals which have been made by Trump are aimed at dividing the country further. He does not support issues such as the building of the wall to separate the US and Mexico, the deportation of Muslim immigrants and arming people in a move to reduce gun violence. The fact that a mentally ill man can access machine guns that fire nine rounds per second and kill 59 people is evidence that gun control, and not arming people, is the way forward for the country. Soros states that he will not tire when it comes to fighting for the things which make a better society. He believes that as long as the community is willing to change for the better, they will always rise and put checks and balances on any regime that undermines human rights and to know more


George Soros: The Ultimate Venture Capitalist and Philanthropist

Source: Forbes

George Soros fled to England from Hungary in the year 1947. In England, he joined an economics school in London for studies and graduated as an economist in 1952. He later went to the United States of America and worked for three firms in New York investment companies in 1973. George then decided to start his venture and founded the great Soros Management Hedge Fund, which was later named as the Quantum fund. He has managed his fruitful and aggressive hedge fund for two decades.

Soros began his philanthropic efforts in 1979 by offering study scholarships to South Africans. He provided Xerox machines to copy banned texts in the year 1980 and also helped in undermining communism in the Eastern bloc as well as supporting cultural exchanges. His philanthropic foundations called Open Society Foundation have supported philanthropy in Africa, Asia, and the United States. Soros also created the University of Central Europe after the fall of the great Berlin wall to promote thinking.

In the 1980s, Soros gave up the day to day management of the hedge fund and by then he was one of the wealthiest people on earth and started his safe journey through his Open Source organization. In the recent years, Soros has indulged in major political activism campaigns all over the United States. He has widely lectured and written on the United Sates role in education, world affairs, and political freedom. Soros was offered an honorary degree from the University of Oxford.

His Open Source organization network partners and is now running projects in more than 100 nations in the entire world. George Soros is its founder and chairperson. His main idea is to realize a society that has a regime that is accountable to the people, where the rights of people are respected, and the truth about factors affecting the people is always available. This makes the philanthropic organization to be one of the biggest in the entire universe.

Soro’s Wake-up Call to Europe
European leaders are not aware of the present challenge they are facing from Russia. Soros attributes this mainly to one fact that the Eurozone and the European Union lost their way after the financial crisis in 2008.

A lot of popular resentment has arisen from the fiscal rules that prevail currently in Europe. The latest elections have seen 30% of anti-Europe parties capture the European parliamentary seats. Russia now presents an alternative that imposes a challenge to the principles and values on which the European Union was founded originally. It is based on the force that manifests itself in aggression abroad and repression at home. The US and Europe are determined to avoid any direct military confrontation with Russia for its reasons. It is easy to foresee what lies ahead.

Soros’ Democratic Fight In Voting Right Cases
The single liberal benefactor; the philanthropist George Soros is mostly paying for the democratic legal arguments against restrictive laws of voting enacted in the recent years by the Republican-controlled state governments.

Soros has agreed to put up $5 million dollars into the lawsuit effort. He is hoping to remove the restrictions on voters access that they say could otherwise result in a close voting.