OSI Group McDonalds Launches Additional Food Processing Facilities

In 1909, Otto Kolschowsky, a famous German immigrant established a small butcher shop that supplied meat when he arrived in Chicago. He expanded the business in the meat industry by venturing into various projects including opening a butcher shop in Maywood. The firm would later become Otto & Sons since he included the two children in his business. Over the decades, he also invested in technology to help in food preservation. At the same time, Otto hired Sheldon Lavin to help to acquire financing for the business. He would later appoint him to serve as the CEO where he oversaw general operations and exponential growth.

The excellent reputation of OSI Group’s Otto Kolschowsky contributed to his success. The company would later grow into one of the most admired suppliers of meat-based products. When Kroc opened the first chain of McDonald’s restaurant, OSI Group McDonalds was tasked to supply food. Otto also took up more supply roles in the food industry. It was a perfect partnership that enabled him to cater to many clients. The people of Chicago envied his ability to provide them with sufficient food.

OSI Group McDonalds has since hired experienced leaders to provide solutions to various issues in the meat production industry. For instance, the president, David McDonald oversees the supply of products. In his tenure, the company has won numerous awards such as the Globe of Honor Award that was conferred by the British Safety Council in a ceremony that was held in the United Kingdom. The award was based on the company’s commitment to manufacturing food while taking environmental safety preservation.

The driving force behind the success of OSI Group McDonalds is the focus on providing employees with a good work environment through various initiatives as well as human resource policies. Besides providing comprehensive insurance policies, OSI Group McDonalds also treats workers with dignity. Moreover, the company offers equal employment opportunities based on merit.

With its headquarters in Illinois, the management relies on using innovative technology to produce high quality meat products. OSI Group has since ventured into multiple acquisitions including Baho Food and Moy Park among others.

Always Ready to Make an Impact

IAP World Wide Services has been answering the call for many years. The company specializes in responding to national disasters. They have been called upon by the United States government on many occasions for emergency relief. They specialize in a wide range of services. This includes laying out airfields and building hospitals. IAP Worldwide Services’ work with the military is well-documented. There is a large demand for experienced former service members within the ranks this growing organization. Top notch training is available for a wide range of skill sets within the company. Electricians, engineers, health caregivers and public service experts are all needed within a diverse workforce that services many needs throughout the world.

IAP Worldwide Services is committed to working with the U.S. military as a contractor and an employer. The company has streamlined its program in order to simplify the hiring process of former active duty service members. The transition from deployments to civilian life is very difficult. Many servicemen and women who have the experience to do civilian jobs do not know how to translate their skills from the military community. IAP has a hands-on approach with assisting former servicemen and women with their evolution into the corporate world.

Many members of the Armed Forces are familiar with IAP Worldwide Services. The company holds contracts with the Navy and the Army. These commitments include emergency support and in-depth training. The Army Corps of Engineers uses IAP technicians as disaster relief specialists.

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IAP was founded in Irmo, SC. Business started with a contract to provide generator support to the U.S. Army. The relationship with the Armed Forces blossomed from that point and IAP proudly served during Operation Desert Storm.

The 900 million dollar contract with the United States Navy is another example of the trust that exists between the company in the United States Armed Forces. IAP will provide emergency relief and constructional support. The United States Navy has confidence that the organization will be able to live up to the responsibilities that a contract of this nature carries. The deal extends out to the year 2024 and will leave a record of the company’s excellence in terms of supporting the nation’s mission.

There are many companies who would love to enjoy the business relationships that IAP Worldwide Services has with so many internationally respected organizations. It has taken decades of excellence to secure the confidence of its customers. The work culture at IAP attracts the most talented technicians and specialist.

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The OSI Group: Global Food Producers With A Local Touch

OSI is among the world’s premier global food providers for many of the leading international brands. OSI started in Chicago where the founding family opened its first meat market in 1909. Since then the company has prided itself on it unwavering dedication to the success of its customers. Today OSI continues to be the company many businesses trust to deliver cutting-edge food solutions that meet the most exacting standards for product development and processing. OSI consistently delivers value and quality while streamlining their processes to optimize costs.

The company has a worldwide presence yet is able to provide a local touch that translates into competitive advantages for companies marketing products in one or more countries. Their global partners with their community roots and experience in local markets provide firsthand knowledge of the needs of their consumers. This enables OSI to provide businesses with effective customized solutions. Drawing on their vast international network OSI allows their customers to leverage their global supply chain. This results in cost savings and greater financial flexibility.

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Although OSI has massive manufacturing facilities all around the world, they run their operations like they’re a small company and remain privately held. This allows customers to know with whom they’re working. This engenders trust and helps businesses to rest assured OSI will do what’s necessary to ensure their customers are completely satisfied. They always welcome their customers to explore the food solutions they offer and discover what the OSI Group can do to help them succeed.

Whether a company needs breakfasts, lunches, snacks, desserts, side dishes or entrées, OSI can provide it. The products they offer include:

  • Bacon
  • Breakfast Sausage
  • Cooked Beef And Pork
  • Fish Products
  • Fresh, Frozen And Cooked Beef Patties
  • Fully Processed Chicken
  • Hot Dogs And Specialty Sausages
  • Kettle And Smoked Products
  • Pizza And Dough Based Products
  • Raw Chicken
  • Sandwich Assembly
  • Vegetable Products

OSI has the capabilities to meet all your business needs. They can work directly with any company to manufacture the custom products to meet exacting specifications. OSI can create manufacturing as well as supply chain solutions to address even the most complex challenges your company faces. Using their network of global manufacturing facilities combined with local expertise they can provide the wide array of products and capabilities any business needs. They offer a wide variety of services including:

  • Research And Development
  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Custom Product Capabilities
  • Processing Specialties
  • Food Safety And Quality Assurance
  • Process Engineering

OSI, which currently has its international headquarters located in Aurora, Illinois, began as a small company offering quality meats to local people and businesses. In 1955 it began supplying meat to Ray Kroc and his fledgling McDonald’s franchise. Today the OSI global network has over 60 facilities and 3 zone offices. They have a zone office that’s ready and able to assist any company whether it’s located in Europe, the Americas or the Asia/Pacific region. Their experts can help with research, production, engineering, marketing, sales, finance as well as local and international law.

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