Gotham City Impostors: Quick Review

Gotham City Impostors gives the player a crazy alternate world of Gotham. The main characters here are young teens who show a disorderly way of thinking. This mentality, obliges them to take on the roles and costumes of their favorite heroes (they are made from easily accessible materials to enhance the effect of a silly situation) and start an all out brawl in the city with one another.

The city of Gotham, in the territory of which this madness has fallen upon, lost the darkness of past games. Black and gray in the Gothic style is now painted in acid colors, such as The Suicide Squad design, which brings the game design to a bad acid trip like madness. In general, you will find one main correspondence between the the characters and that is pure insanity.

The game tells the story of the confrontation between the two gangs “Batmen” and “Clowns”. The first takes the Batman and his team, and the second – the Joker and his minions. In general, they differ only in costumes. There is little to be desired if you look for only humor in the game.

Among the game modes, two are initially present: Capture the flag or Capture the territory. There are only five maps but we hope that the developers did not abandon the project and additions that can further expand the game’s possibilities. The game play is fast paced. If You like games like Overwatch and Warframe then you will like the fighting in Gotham City Impostors.

Gotham City Impostors is sure to make you wet your pants but it has several drawbacks and overall issues in content. Fans of the Batman universe will be disappointed by the lack of reference to the original and the parody advertised by this alternate universe. The game is designed mainly for people who have a good sense of humor who love fun shooter games.