The Advantage of E-Governe

E-governe is a computer system that can be integrated into professional business systems in the health industry to help improve the overall run of the business. It is considered an information system that access profiles, processes, features and usage for a health company. This system list its overall goal has making everything in the health industry simpler, functional and economical. The systems offers multiple features like scheduling appointments, organizing workers schedules and providing service to the public. This system also can control distribution and stocking of medicine from the pharmacies. Other functions deal with the application of vaccines and scheduling of certain consultations and examinations. Some advantages listed for this system, is its ability to integrate and secure information which is very important when dealing with medical and personal files of patients.

This system also opens the doors to making communication and management of files easier. It allows a secure way to share and create reports without them needing to be reworked. It makes reports available in real time. E-Governe helps meet the demands for the health company’s units and reminds them of any openings. Their website list their results as regionalizing attendance, controlling the flow of patients, controlling the agreements between Municipalities and/ or between the state and Municipalities, managing financial transfers and improving the organizations work process. Along with those results, they also say that they will control the flow of patients between health units, allow the correct dimensioning of health units and enable the structuring of the programs of continuous attention to health. This system overall forms a secure structure to improve the day to day responsibilities of a health facility.

E-Governe has three systems that make up the whole thing. Sisterplan, is the system that focuses on the public management side of the business and helps create portfolios for the company’s clients. This system was developed in the 1990s and has grown to have an excellent reputation. The Sisterplan system is described as being a modern innovative and current system. The next system is Minauro, a system that uses innovative ways to improve and develop a company’s system. This system improves the quality of the company’s actual system such as management and offers a company a better way to serve their customers. Its main goal is to make a company more efficient and complete.

Their website describes, Minauro, as “The best medicine for the management of Public Health”. This system has been around for more than 20 years. The final and oldest system is the Consult. This system keeps health companies updated with the newest legislations and most current technologies. Consult has been around for about 30 years, keeping systems updated and ahead of other companies. This system works on a day to day basis to keep the company in the loop with all the most recent changes in their field. Due to the amazing qualities E-Governe provides, this system has been fully added to Instituto Curitiba de Informatica (ICI) by City Hall after the great work it has already done in managing the human resources.


How E-Governe is Fostering Efficiency

E-Governe is a suite of products that are used to improve institutions and facilities. Users of e-Governe systems have access to support staff that is ready to assist them with any issues that they might have. Public administration has always had a hard time managing the different state and municipal health offices. Many processes and tasks are running at any given time. E-Governe Health has proved to be economical, efficient, and functional. It has reduced friction between different institutions and departments because everything can be managed from a central place. It has brought transparency to health facilities and offices and has made accountability easier.


Professionals and practitioners are able to plan their schedules and their days through the system. This has resulted in better services at the hospital because everyone is aware of the time that they have to be at work. Appointments can be scheduled through the platform, and the doctors can view them at their convenience. This allows hospital officials to regulate the attendance of people. They reduce the long queues. The result is an efficient hospital and staff because every minute is managed and accounted. The hospital is able to offer quality services to the public since they are informed of the specific time that they will be served.


E-Governe Health has made tracking of financial transfers efficient because all the records are in one place. This has eliminated corruption at the facilities and in public offices since all the information is available on the platform. The system allows officials to review tasks and processes that waste hospital resources and remove them. This results in the general improvement of the health sector because inefficient methods are removed and avoided. Ambulatory control is possible through the system. This makes it a wholesome package that can be used at any hospital.


The distribution and managing of medicine can be done through the system. Doctors can then schedule the administering of vaccines depending on the amount that is in stock. The system can be integrated with other e-governe platforms to ensure consistency across the board. The municipal and state governments can work together because there is harmony. The municipality of Osasco was the first to be equipped with e-Governe in Brazil. They signed a contract with ICI for the setting up of the e-Governe school system a few years ago. ICI installed an electrical and logical network and supplied computer equipment to various institutions. The system had already been tried out in Teresina, Piaui. It was a success.


ICI was also tasked with implementing a call center at the education department of the municipal. The system was installed in all the 140 school units present in the municipal. It was set up at the Continuing Education Center and the main offices of the Municipal Education Department. E-Governe Education has helped to manage the integrity of the records of the institutions and public offices. It has also made sharing and generating reports easy and reduced the time to only a few seconds.