Good News for GTA Gamers as Rockstar Games Plan to Unveil GTA Updates

Rockstar Games, the designer of one of the most loved video game, ‘GTA Grand Theft‘ has provided details regarding the release of the long awaited GTA Grand Theft Auto V’s online mode. According to Rockstar, the update that is one of GTA most resourceful will be codenamed ‘Further Adventures in Finance and Felony’

And as the name suggests, the update will build on the ‘Executives and Other Criminal Update’, a release that was unveiled last year. The update will build on a player becoming the eventual criminal superstar of Los Santos and Blaine County. Players will be able develop their criminal networks, emerging as the CEO of what will be described as ‘Criminal Enterprise’. As part of the game, players will have the ability to purchase a multistory office and warehouses that they will use to store and sell ‘a range of contraband.’

CNET reports that the update will feature more vehicles in the game one of which will be the ‘Pegassi Reaper.’ Rockstar also promised that the program will include other exceptional features that the players would fall in love with.

The update is expected to be released to the market by the end of June seemingly only for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 $ and PC. And as Rockstar says, GTA Update 5 is just one of the company’s feature-rich and massive update. However, there are more updates expected with potentially new ‘stunt ready’ gear and vehicles to introduce a new realm of fun and creative games.