Gravity Rush 2 is The First Hit of 2017

“Gravity Rush 2” is a PS4-exclusive title that occurs within a world of flexible perspectives and floating cities, where a person’s income dictates his elevation within society. You play as Kat, a gifted individual with the ability to reorient her personal gravity as she continues with the work she finished in the first Gravity Rush, released six years ago. One potential drawback with Gravity Rush 2 is that its introduction will leave newcomers completely in the dark; this game that promotes itself with the ability to fall in any direction begins with Kat aboard an enclosed mining ship, toiling away with other members of the working class at mining rocks. Players who stick through the opening will uncover a world laden with missions, a wish list of potential ability uses and side missions aplenty.


“Gravity Rush 2” is an open-world title that eschews vehicles or firearms for physics. While the controls can be erratic, the free fall is part of the fun. The game is fully aware of its lead’s abilities; Kat’s ability to reorient the concept of “down” means that players can lose hours of time touring along the walls and roofs of skyscrapers. In addition to soaking in the atmosphere of the setting, this activity is also encouraged as it the most common way for players to find special gems used to unlock Kat’s abilities. As this game mentions one of the laws of physics in its title, it is aware of the need to give players a sense of great mobility; Kat not only possesses the ability to reorient herself and telekinetically fling objects but can also slide across any surface. About the only hazard with all of this kinetic gameplay is that the game’s camera is sometimes stuck playing catch up with the player’s controller inputs.