Seeking results from cleansing conditioner

Emily McClure of Bustle recently put the product Wen by Chaz Dean to the test (results posted on This self-declared flat haired beauty desired to see if it holds up to its claims of one use drastic changes in texture an cleanliness. Wen is an all in one product eliminating the need for a showerful of cleansers, conditioners and shampoos. It boasts a non lather formula without stickiness and avoids stripping your hair of oils. It was created to help all hair types and easy to use. It is also available online on the Ebay website.
When she began her week long regiment McClure was startled by the amount of the Wen hair product recommended for each use, worrying about weight and fall damage. However because of the non lather and avoidance of vigorous scrubbing activity, to her surprise, she was able to prevent breakage damage that many of us with longer or thicker hair tend to experience when showering. Her day one results were promising as her hair did change in volume and shine like the claims had brought her to believe.

Over the course of the week and after changing up her nighttime showers for morning ones she found better formula for results making the shine and style last longer throughout the day. She did add other tweaks to her regime since not being able to shower everyday necessitated the use of dry shampoo to remove overabundant oils at her roots. All in all her major takeaway is Wen does indeed hold up to its claim of shiny fuller hair even without using other products and the compliments she received from her friends on facebook made it all worthwhile.