USHEALTH Group: In Pursuit of Greatness

Healthcare is one of the most important functions in life. Unfortunately, many people don’t have access to proper healthcare while others simply can’t afford it. USHEALTH Group can be a solution to these detrimental issues because it is revolutionizing the game through innovative services. USHEALTH Group is an actual conglomerate of insurance companies that posses 50 years of experience in this exclusive industry. The design and the scope of this program is to protect your family for now and for later. With its extensive portfolio of plans, USHEALTH Group can offer tailored solutions to meet a wide variety of budgets.

USHEALTH Group is actually based in Fort Worth, Texas, and it has served over 15 million customers. These 15 million customers span throughout a 50-year timeframe. Families, self-employed individuals, small business owners, and their employees can all benefit from service. Having such a wide array of innovative products and services doesn’t hurt. This includes healthcare services for specified diseases and accident coverage. Flexibility is one of the best routes to success with any program. USHEALTH Group certainly lives up to what it’s preaching through affordability, flexibility and reliability. The customers really value the services because there are no underlying conditions. The healthcare options are appropriate as well as protective. Everyone has different healthcare needs because everyone is truly unique. This notion rings true, and it is what this program truly represents.

USHEALTH Group also provides solutions for dental coverage, critical illness, life, short-term accident disability and vision coverages. HOPE is more than an acronym, and it represents helping other people everyday. This notion is the mission of the organization, and its strong commitment. There is top-notch customer service and guidance throughout the customer’s claim process. Customers will never have to go at it on their own. USHEALTH Group is at the pinnacle of the industry because it’s raising the bar higher, and it’s changing the status quo.

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USHEALTH Group Inc. at the Heart of America’s Insurance Market

Even with the increasing costs of health care, quality health care continues to be the top priority of any thriving economy. The USA’s economy is a flood of insurance companies, but most of them do not offer quality and affordable services. One insurance company, however, that is changing the landscape of this industry is USHEALTH Group.

USHEALTH Group is a leading insurance company based in Texas, Fort Worth, with coverage across the entire USA population. The company is reputable when it comes to the provision of quality and affordable insurance services. USHEALTH Group is known to offer its services through its subsidiaries that include the National Foundation Life Insurance Company and the Freedom Life Insurance Company of America (FICA). For over 50 years now the company has been providing life, sickness, disability and accident covers to individuals and their families.

In addition to the insurance company having a wide variety of products, the insurance company’s products are customized to fit the financial needs of their customers. This has been possible since the insurance company understands the needs of its customers. It is through this understanding that they have been able to innovate their market.

The second factor that has made the company very competitive has been its unique distribution strategy. With enough industry experience, understanding of their market and able leadership, USHEALTH Group has been able to appreciate the fact that choosing the right insurance product has not always been a walk in the park for most customers. Thanks to this, the company has come up with a unique distribution strategy that empowers agents with knowledge of the company’s products. The distribution wing popularly known as USHEALTH Advisory has helped the company achieve more in a short span of time. Thanks to this strategy even first-time insurance buyers are able to choose the best product through the guidance of the competent agents.

The USHEALTH Group service and other high-quality services have helped the company earn an A+ ranking by the BBB. With USHEALTH Group in the market, there is no reason to be left out on insurance products.  Know more:


Troy McQuagge, Changing And Developing US Health Group

Troy McQuagge is a significant person at US Health Group and has been instrumental in bringing in the new changes to the company in recent years. McQuagge first took up the position of CEO of the company in 2010 after working for a considerable amount of years in the field of health insurance. He has been one of the most influential leaders that US Health Group has had in awhile, and is highly regarded as an icon to look up to in the field of health insurance. His impact on the company has been tremendous and is being recognized by organizations and people all over America.

Because of his impact on the field of health insurance, Troy McQuagge was given the CEO of the Year Award earlier this year. The honor was presented to him by Planet One Awards, which is an organization that rewards those who have had a notable influence on their industries, or who have made an incredible amount of progress at the companies that they head. Since the organization first started giving out awards, they have honored some of the biggest names in an array of industries. Troy McQuagge, after having received this notable award stands among some of the best in professional corporates.

Troy McQuagge has always tried to be a team player. Since he took over as the CEO of US Health Group, he knew the way that he wanted to lead the company was through motivation and teamwork, and not by commands and enforcement. This policy has worked out brilliantly for McQuagge and US Health Group as a whole. The company has blossomed under his leadership and using his incredible experience in the field; he had changed the course that US Health Group took when it came to their services. Having the experience of a good health insurance advisor coupled with the years put into the field, McQuaggewas able to identify which areas the company needed development in and was able to implement changes to rectify those drawbacks. Overall, he was able to make the business a lot more efficient than it was before, which in turn has boosted the profits of US Health Group incredibly.

For many years, US Health Group has stood as one of the more notable Health Insurance Providers in the entire country. The company has stood the test of time and has consistently adapted to the changes in the industry and economy to stay ahead of their competitors. Since the company first opened its doors for business, they have serviced millions of customers all over the country through their extensive and broad network of health insurance advisors who are well trained to offer services that are on par with the reputation that the company has. Visit: