Amanda Morgan-Taylor Becomes The New CEO Of Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare revealed recently that it hired a new CEO, and that CEO’s name is Amanda Morgan-Taylor who began her work right after she was hired. One of the first things that Morgan-Taylor did as the new CEO of the healthcare company was to acquaint herself with the inner workings of the company and everything that it offers its clients. This helped to give her insight into how she can make a real difference in her role, and she started out on a good foot by cooperating with the senior management of the company to fill in some of the roles that have been lacking strong leaders.

Before becoming the CEO of Sussex Healthcare, Amanda Morgan-Taylor worked for three decades in the social and health care industry. She began her journey as a Mental Health Nurse and also served as a member of the senior management teams of healthcare groups. During those years she learned everything she would need to know to provide both independent care providers and public organizations with the leadership they would need. She also, through hard-earned experience, learned how to get stakeholders to believe in healthcare companies and how to deal with the day-to-day operational challenges that face any major healthcare organization or company.

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Amanda Morgan-Taylor is the right choice for Sussex Healthcare, and picking her to be in one of the highest leadership roles demonstrates that the company is ready to improve its offerings. One of the first tasks she will set out to work on is to visit all of the homes where Sussex Healthcare houses its residents and to familiarize herself, completely, with all of the services that the company offers. She is looking forward to adding a more personal touch to what the company already provides for its clients, and Sussex Healthcare has faith in her abilities to make it a stronger and stable healthcare company going into the future.

Sussex Healthcare has been serving its clientele since 1985 and provides home services in the U.K., Horsham, and West Sussex. Its mission is to make sure that every person has access to the best individualized healthcare possible, and the company runs 20 care centers where the elderly can live and receive the best and most focused attention in the world. The company encourages its residents, who face dementia and other neurological disorders, to stay involved in recreational activities and social gatherings as a part of their treatment and happiness, because these are just as important as the medical services they offer. Each Sussex Healthcare home is filled with nurses who care and who focus all of their attention on the residents living there.


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