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Talkspace is a therapy program that provides confidential online assistance to those who suffer from depression, and anxiety, as well as veterans, or anyone who is in need of someone to talk to. The service is provided as an app that brings people together with over 2,000 licensed therapists, 24/7.

Michael Phelps partnered with Talkspace in an effort to raise mental health awareness. After going through a lifelong battle of depression it became important to him that he plays a role in helping others to cope with similar mental health issues. He serves on the board and participates in their national mental health campaign. Michael Phelps also shares his story in hopes that he can break down the barrier that prevents others from seeking help.

There is often a stigma that surrounds mental illness which prevents those who suffer from it from seeking help from others. Not only that but therapy is often too expensive for most people. Those who suffer from depression and anxiety end up facing these feelings alone each and every day. Talkspace provides them with an inexpensive and most confident alternative to traditional therapy with their online application. Through their app, they are able to provide people with a safe and affordable space where they can feel comfortable and confident in sharing their feelings and fears with a professional and licensed therapist.

Another useful aspect of Talkspace is the relationship support it can offer couples. Many couples struggle through their daily lives fighting to keep their relationship together. In many cases, they do not feel comfortable discussing their problems with a therapist in an office, or cannot afford these services. Talkspace provides an avenue for these couples to work through the stresses on their relationship through problem-solving, and personal growth using a variety of techniques.

Talkspace is an alternative form of therapy that provides people with the ease and sense of relief at finally having someone they can confide in. They can receive the treatment they need at an easy to use and affordable application that is always readily at their fingertips no matter what the time of the day.

Phelps and Talkspace Bring Awareness

Hectic work schedules, after school activities, and other extra curricular tasks can cause a person to feel stretched thin. When can anyone squeeze in time for mental health? The drive to the therapist office, the time spent talking to someone in person, what if all of that could be done conveniently and inexpensively from your phone? Talkspace offers patients the ability to receive therapy at their convenience and from a licensed and educated professional.

Talkspace helps patients receive mental health treatment through an innovative communication platform. First, an intake counselor conducts a thorough interview to see what the potential patient needs and helps to match him or her to their counselor. This intake takes the legwork out of the patient having to make multiple phone calls and comb through tons of internet information.

Once matched, the client can talk to the therapist as much or as little as needed. The packages vary, but the time in which a person responds to their therapist is flexible. Typically, Talkspace costs about $25/week. If the therapist is available for chat, then the person can talk instantly with their therapist. Therapy and writing are two useful tools to help work through problems and now they are together in one app. The client and therapist are able to message each other.

Michael Phelps has even partnered with Talkspace for a new campaign to bring mental health awareness. He discusses his own troubles with depression to spark an open, honest conversation about mental health. He also discusses the unique benefits of Talkspace. Phelps hopes that his campaign will help to fight the stigma surrounding mental illness in order for people to get help. Talkspace allows people to find the therapy they need in the flexible and convenient manner that will keep them coming back. Talkspace has brought in a new age of digital therapeutic tools.

Talkspace Destination to Get Rid Of All Your Mental Health Disorders

For people who are looking for some relief from their mental illness, talking to a licensed and professional therapist is a good idea. Talkspace is an online platform that would help you connect with some of the leading mental health professionals in the industry. People are living a life that is much more hectic and stressful today than it was earlier. If you are not able to decipher as to why you are feeling low and depressed all the time, you can consult with the expert professionals. A therapist would go into the details of how you are feeling and why you are feeling the way you are feeling. It would provide you with the clarity as to what is your problem and what would be the solution.

Talkspace was started with the aim to provide people with affordable therapy. Many people these days are going through the bouts of anxiety and depression and other mental illnesses, but are not able to accurately decipher how to get rid of it. The worst thing is that many people don’t even know that they have mental issues. If you or your loved one is suffering from any mental illnesses and want to help them, introduce them to the mobile app named Talkspace. It would help them consult with the reputed and professional therapist without having to pay a lot of money.

As in-office therapy sessions are costly for many people, you can be sure that with Talkspace you would be much more comfortable as well as find that you are saving a lot as well. One of the reasons why Talkspace has been growing in popularity is due to the flexibility it provides to the members. The members can talk to the therapist using chat, voice chat, e-mail, and even video chat. Depending on the package you have selected and bought, you would be equipped with various features and perks that would connect you with the licensed therapists at Talkspace. It would provide you with the peace of mind you are looking for and the answers to all your mental health-related problems.

Amanda Morgan-Taylor Becomes The New CEO Of Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare revealed recently that it hired a new CEO, and that CEO’s name is Amanda Morgan-Taylor who began her work right after she was hired. One of the first things that Morgan-Taylor did as the new CEO of the healthcare company was to acquaint herself with the inner workings of the company and everything that it offers its clients. This helped to give her insight into how she can make a real difference in her role, and she started out on a good foot by cooperating with the senior management of the company to fill in some of the roles that have been lacking strong leaders.

Before becoming the CEO of Sussex Healthcare, Amanda Morgan-Taylor worked for three decades in the social and health care industry. She began her journey as a Mental Health Nurse and also served as a member of the senior management teams of healthcare groups. During those years she learned everything she would need to know to provide both independent care providers and public organizations with the leadership they would need. She also, through hard-earned experience, learned how to get stakeholders to believe in healthcare companies and how to deal with the day-to-day operational challenges that face any major healthcare organization or company.

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Amanda Morgan-Taylor is the right choice for Sussex Healthcare, and picking her to be in one of the highest leadership roles demonstrates that the company is ready to improve its offerings. One of the first tasks she will set out to work on is to visit all of the homes where Sussex Healthcare houses its residents and to familiarize herself, completely, with all of the services that the company offers. She is looking forward to adding a more personal touch to what the company already provides for its clients, and Sussex Healthcare has faith in her abilities to make it a stronger and stable healthcare company going into the future.

Sussex Healthcare has been serving its clientele since 1985 and provides home services in the U.K., Horsham, and West Sussex. Its mission is to make sure that every person has access to the best individualized healthcare possible, and the company runs 20 care centers where the elderly can live and receive the best and most focused attention in the world. The company encourages its residents, who face dementia and other neurological disorders, to stay involved in recreational activities and social gatherings as a part of their treatment and happiness, because these are just as important as the medical services they offer. Each Sussex Healthcare home is filled with nurses who care and who focus all of their attention on the residents living there.


Therapy for Everyone Through Talkspace

If your doctor has recently recommended that you see a therapist, you might be wondering how and when you’re going to get the chance to go to one. We all live busy lives and it isn’t always convenient to make routine trips to see a therapist. Because of this, you need a viable option that enables you to reap the benefits of therapy right from the comfort of your own home. This can be done through an app known Talkspace, which is a company based right out of New York City.

Talkspace has revolutionized the world of therapy and has changed the way people get help. Many people who need therapy are too nervous or fully unable to leave their homes. If you suffer from anxiety, panic attacks or depression, it can be downright impossible for you to leave the house to go see a therapist. This is where Talkspace bridges the gap between being in the safety of your own home but still having access to a qualified and fully licensed therapist. With Talkspace, you simply download an app, create an account and pay just a few dollars a day to have full access to your new therapist.

The reason so many people have chosen Talkspace is because of its convenience and price point. You’re not spending hundreds of dollars per session or having to leave work early just to make an appointment. A lot of people also are not happy with their local therapist because they feel they’re not helping their issues, and Talkspace allows you to switch and change therapists until you find the one who is helping you the most. Thousands of people are currently using Talkspace with great success and are finding this company to be a prime choice for high-quality therapy at a price they can afford.