Amanda Morgan-Taylor Becomes The New CEO Of Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare revealed recently that it hired a new CEO, and that CEO’s name is Amanda Morgan-Taylor who began her work right after she was hired. One of the first things that Morgan-Taylor did as the new CEO of the healthcare company was to acquaint herself with the inner workings of the company and everything that it offers its clients. This helped to give her insight into how she can make a real difference in her role, and she started out on a good foot by cooperating with the senior management of the company to fill in some of the roles that have been lacking strong leaders.

Before becoming the CEO of Sussex Healthcare, Amanda Morgan-Taylor worked for three decades in the social and health care industry. She began her journey as a Mental Health Nurse and also served as a member of the senior management teams of healthcare groups. During those years she learned everything she would need to know to provide both independent care providers and public organizations with the leadership they would need. She also, through hard-earned experience, learned how to get stakeholders to believe in healthcare companies and how to deal with the day-to-day operational challenges that face any major healthcare organization or company.

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Amanda Morgan-Taylor is the right choice for Sussex Healthcare, and picking her to be in one of the highest leadership roles demonstrates that the company is ready to improve its offerings. One of the first tasks she will set out to work on is to visit all of the homes where Sussex Healthcare houses its residents and to familiarize herself, completely, with all of the services that the company offers. She is looking forward to adding a more personal touch to what the company already provides for its clients, and Sussex Healthcare has faith in her abilities to make it a stronger and stable healthcare company going into the future.

Sussex Healthcare has been serving its clientele since 1985 and provides home services in the U.K., Horsham, and West Sussex. Its mission is to make sure that every person has access to the best individualized healthcare possible, and the company runs 20 care centers where the elderly can live and receive the best and most focused attention in the world. The company encourages its residents, who face dementia and other neurological disorders, to stay involved in recreational activities and social gatherings as a part of their treatment and happiness, because these are just as important as the medical services they offer. Each Sussex Healthcare home is filled with nurses who care and who focus all of their attention on the residents living there.


Drew Madden Contribution in the Health Care Sector

The state of healthcare in the U.S today has undergone tremendous improvement from the last century, with the government spending heavily on health, far much more than most first world countries around the world. The expenditure is however not qualitative, as the industry still leaves a lot to be desired. The expenses are growing unsustainable, and there is no clear solution to this problem.


Many investors are going into this industry without experience in healthcare, which is a limiting factor to the kind of services they provide to the market, as they are unable to identify the real problems that need attention in the industry. Most of the entrepreneurs entered the industry out of frustration and were in need of health solutions for their loved ones. Take John Crowley for instance, who started a therapeutic company to save the lives of his two children, something he succeeded. Waiting for people to go into health care out of personal need is not sustainable, and it is causing stagnation in the growth of the industry. When the problem has not been identified, no one looks for the solution.


Healthcare is not a very attractive to investors, because of negligence, and fear of the many restrictions, regulations, and politics deeply rooted in it. While policies aimed at making the model market based, consumers have not been able to choose for a long time. There is hope, however, with recent improvements, initiated by Aneesh Chopra, appointed by former president Barrack Obama. He has launched various initiatives, including Argonaut Project, Open Innovators Toolkit, and, Start -up America, Open Data Conference, the blue button program and many more.


Drew Madden is one of the key figures who have made a difference in Healthcare IT industry. Over the years, his passion for Electronic Medical Records (EMR) has driven him to make a series of accomplishments in the health sector. Drew Madden is a healthcare IT businessman who has previously led the largest Epic consulting company globally: Nordic Consulting Partners.


There are many opportunities to better the world in healthcare, and there is need to encourage people to invest and work on finding healthcare solutions for the world today. The industry has a big market of over 3 trillion, whose culture is open to innovation, and new ideas. This coupled with loosened regulations that allow new players to enter the market; healthcare is a promising industry today and investors should take advantage. See This Article for additional information

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Drew Madden Fills the Gap

Healthcare technology plays a crucial role in the lives of people around the world. It is one of the fastest growing industries and continues to exceed expectations. The need for IT support and strategy systems is more important than ever before.


Health IT

Health information technology encompasses several areas within the industry including:

  • Development
  • Creating
  • Maintaining
  • Designing


The system is set up to lower costs while improving the overall health care experience for everyone involved.


IT Entrepreneur

Drew Madden is an IT entrepreneur and executive who is passionate about management infrastructures. One of his specialties is Electronic Medical Records. He understands the need to share patient information quickly and efficiently.


Patient Care

Improved patient care is directly connected with healthcare IT technology. It allows those involved to share and analyze patient’s health information quicker than ever before. This includes the physicians and the patient. People can become actively involved in the process because of IT technology and Drew Madden.


Early Years

Drew attended the University of Iowa College of Engineering. He graduated from there with a degree in Industrial Engineering with a focus on Medical Systems. This has laid the foundation for what he has been able to achieve. Go To This Page for more information.



After graduation, Drew Madden worked for several different companies including Cerner Corporation, Ingenix, and Nordic Consulting Partners. It was at Nordic Consulting that Drew really began to find his stride helping the company to grow and succeed. He was the acting president from 2011-2016. Drew Madden knew he could make a difference, which lead him to Evergreen Healthcare Partners in a managing partner position.



Helping others to succeed through an advisory platform is Drew Madden’s goal. He believes that building a strong Electronic Health Records program is beneficial for everyone. The medical field is wide open, and Drew Madden is filling the gap with his professional consulting, management, and IT skills. His goal is to make the medical world as friendly to navigate as possible. This is a winning combination for both patients and their health care providers. Insurance companies also benefit from the IT support of Drew Madden and Evergreen Healthcare Partners.

Talkspace: This Is How You Save Lives

Mental health can oftentimes be a matter of life or death for a number of people out there. They have reached their breaking point and they are not sure how much more they can take. They feel like they have been beaten down by life and they have not caught a break in a really, really long time. They need to catch a break and they need something positive to come their way. Something positive has come their way in the form of Talkspace, which is affordable and right up their alley. It is an application with therapy through texting, videos, and phone calls.

In order to understand how it works, you have to understand the state of mind of someone that is in a bad way. When someone is in a bad way, they feel like they have no choice but to give up. They should never give up, as help is out there. However, they have had so many doors shut on their face, they don’t know what to do anymore and they don’t know how to react to what life has presented them. They can’t take disappointment anymore and they can’t take pain anymore. Talkspace is going to offer them comfort and they are going to help them feel better.

It is not an overnight process, but Talkspace is willing to put the time and effort into this person to remind them they truly matter and a lot of people love them. If they need to text the therapist daily, that is OK and only costs 32 dollars a week. However, the key thing is they know they are never alone and they have a professional that is there for them when times seem bleak and dark. They will lift them up and give them the right support system.



Sussex Healthcare is one of the leading senior living and care centers that is located in the UK, Sussex area. The group of care homes has been providing these services for more than 25 years. They offer a wide range of services which include health care, elder care, residential care and nursing.

The current Sussex Healthcare was started in 1998 and it has 20 homes that offer their services. The original one was set up in 1985 with just one home. Currently, it has more than 580 beds. Some of the specific care services that they offer include; care for elderly people who may be mentally frail or with Alzheimer’s or dementia. They also provide special care for the adults with learning difficulties, neurological disabilities and physical disabilities. Some of the board members include Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani.

Why You Should Choose Sussex Health Care:

All of the 20 homes run by Sussex Health Care have well trained and professional staff who is dedicated to the needs of the occupants. The staff is on call throughout the day and night to provide the relevant services.

The Sussex Health Care facilities are built to cater to the needs of their occupants. The facilities use the latest technology to offer some of the latest therapy in a homely setting. The centers are designed to cater to all the occupant’s needs. In that, there are recreational facilities, learning facilities, leisure facilities and healthcare facilities. Therefore, the occupants get to access an active filled environment that creates a homely feel with the necessary stimuli. The meals at the centers are prepared with utmost care using fresh local ingredients. Check for more on Sussex Healthcare Helps Patients Feel at Home:

Some of the therapies that the centers provide include; reflexology, occupational therapy, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, and physiotherapy. However, these services are readily available upon request. The special adult care is not limited to the elderly people only as the young people can also access these services at any time. There are also a variety of special therapies and purpose rich facilities that are always available. These include spa pools, multi-sensory rooms, specialist gym, track hoisting, special baths, and aids. In addition to this, the centers also offer opportunities for work experience and further education.

All the 20 homes are also equipped to cater for terminally ill patients or people with chronic illness. These homes support the End of Life Care approach to control pain that adheres to the Gold Standard Framework. In addition to this, the homes provide short breaks and respite care services upon request. The healthcare latest center is located in Broadbridge Heath. This center has functional units which are stocked with the latest technologies. Lean more:


An Overview of USHEALTH Group Products

USHEALTH Group is a Texas Based company founded in 1982 with the aim of underwriting and selling personal health insurance policies and supplementary products for individuals who are self-employed and those who own small businesses in the U.S. The company does this through its subsidiaries of Freedom Life Insurance Company of America and National Foundation Life Insurance. It has a workforce of 213 employees with Mr. Benjamin M. Cutler serving the company as the chairperson and the Chief Executive Officer. The changed its name in March 2005 from Ascent Assurance to what it is known today.

The company is committed to giving innovative life, insurance solutions for people suffering from particular disease, people with a disability or affected by accident, people who rely on self-employment to earn a living, small business owners and their workers. Their service has been enjoyed by over 15 million clients with customized insurance plans for over 50 years collectively.

Some of the insurance policies one can get from this company are fixed indemnity medical insurance, critical sickness period insurance cover, personal health insurance, dental insurance cover, accident and protection insurance cover, renewable & Convertible life insurance and insurance for specific diseases. The wide range of insurance policies ensures their customers are not short of choices and that every customer finds his or her best plan to cater for their needs in the best way possible. Ensuring the customer becomes fully satisfied is their priority.

For the individuals with a tight budget or are worried about satisfying the high annual deductible before receiving any benefits from their insurance policy, USHEALTH Group has got them covered. The company has an innovative portfolio of products that give first dollar benefits for covered services and substantial network discounts across a wide range of suppliers. The policies are cost-effective compared to comprehensive ones while at the same time giving the first dollar coverage offered by a limited plan.

All the company’s products can be bought through their agents. The agents are licensed and have undergone the necessary training and certified to handle their products to ensure total customer satisfaction. Their innovative design of products gives them an upper hand in the competitive market. They can cater for every customer’s necessity when it comes to selecting a reliable, flexible and affordable insurance policy. The company’s dedication to individual attention has seen them being recognized as global leaders in business development, innovation, and customer support. Visit Heroes of the Pacific at Facebook.