Agent 47 is Back in IO Interactive’s Hitman: Season One Collection

Agent 47, the anti-hero of IO Interactive’s Hitman series, is one of everyone’s favorite video game assassins, and now the professional himself is back in Hitman: Season One. Releasing in six different chapters from March to October last year, the Hitman episodic game mainly takes place six years after the events of Hitman: Absolution, with the game’s prologue chapter serving as a prequel to the overall series. The sixth release in the collection overall, the Hitman: Season One collection retail version will be released online and in stores on the 31st of January and will include all six episodes of Season 1.



As with the rest of the main entries in the series Hitman: Season One is a third person stealth and action game. Throughout the game, you play as Agent 47, a genetically enhanced assassin, fulfilling contracts for the International Contracts Agency. With a huge and inventive list of weapon and location based ways to finish your mission, taking place in a variety of exotic locales including Bangkok, Marrakesh, and Hokkaido, Hitman: Season One flawlessly incorporates all the elements fans have grown to love from the series over the years. As usual, players can use incapacitation, disguises, explosives, and poisons to achieve mission objectives.



Taking place over six different episodes, Hitman: Season One builds a complex and intense story at once familiar and unique in the Hitman cannon. Beginning in 1999 with 47’s induction into the ICA, Hitman: Season One explores the subsequent 20 years of the agent assassin’s life and his dealing with the ‘Shadow Client,’ who is attempting to frame the ICA for attacks on a secret organization know as Providence. Agent 47 is continually caught in the middle of the ongoing agency war and must defeat the Shadow Client and bring redemption to the ICA.



In this recent article, major media critics, Digital Spy, proclaimed the first season of Hitman to be the new king of the episodic, beating out critically acclaimed games such as Wolf Among Us, Batman, and The Walking Dead. Providing fans with classic favorites and new content, IO interactive has ensured a classic season one and garnered massive interest for the follow-up. With bigger levels, new types of assassinations, and new gadgets, weapons, poisons, and explosives, Hitman: Season One hits all the familiar targets while providing its own unique trick shots.