Patients Receive Compassionate Care Through Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America have taken a compassionate approach when it comes to treating their patients. They understand the stress and anxiety patients go through when they receive their diagnosis. One of the treatments CCTCA has to offer is immunotherapy which uses the body’s own immune system to combat cancer.

Cancer can form when the immune system begins to malfunction or break down, but those same defenses are also tools to combat the patient’s disease. Referred to as biotherapy or biological therapy, the immune system is stimulated to attack cancer cells or is provided with antibodies to combat the disease. The monoclonal antibodies are manmade versions the immune system proteins use to attack a specific part of a cancer cell.

This is different from cancer vaccines since they trigger the immune system and in response to counteracting the cancer cells. The therapy can also be used to simply stimulate the immune system so the patient’s own biological defenses can be increased to perform a certain activity that will help to discourage cell cancer growth.

Alongside treatments geared towards treating a patient’s disease, CTCA provides whole-person care to all of their patients. Their goal is to improve the quality of life for their patients and this includes helping to relieve the symptoms that come along with some of the treatments. Depression is one of the most common when a patient receives their diagnosis. Depression has been known to sap the energy out of a patient when they have a lingering sense of despair and loss. It can be difficult for them to continue treatment when the long road that lays before them is uncertain. Focusing on treating symptoms helps patients to maintain their hope and the CTCA even provides spiritual support through different therapies. This helps their patients to have the strength too keep moving forward and to improve their quality of life.