Fake Casino Games Exposed

NetEnt is among the industry leaders when it comes to games for online and mobile casinos. The company provides online slots as well as various card and table games including poker, baccarat, blackjack, and craps.

Online casinos can team up directly with NetEnt to power their gaming betting sites. Not long ago, as GamblingInsider.com reports, several companies- including Affpower, Conan Gaming Limited and Game Tech Group- were accused of using fake games stolen from NetEnt.

Several disparities in these games were found. For example, some slots were connected to jackpots, but the payouts weren’t as high as with the real NetEnt games. Such piracy not only destroys industry reputation but also deprives the players of their due winnings.

NetEnt is a Swedish company which was founded back in 1996. Currently, the company employs 700 people. In 2015, over 8 billion transactions were handled through its systems.

Online and mobile gambling has become quite popular in recent years. It has also been restricted in some places including the United States and many Asian countries.

Canadian Priests Gambles Away Refugee Funds

Here’s a weird one a bit different than most of the articles you’ll find here: The police in Canada is currently investigating a Catholic priest over embezzlement of 500,000 Canadian dollars ($380,000). Father Amer Saka, a priest from London, Ontario has allegedly gambled these funds away as The Guardian reports.

These funds were meant for the Iraqi refugees’ settlement in Canada. The incident was reported to the police by the church officials. The priest is currently suspended, pending further investigation.

This particular sum of money was given directly to this priest by the members of the parish. The funds were intended to help bring their families to Canada. It is possible to bring immigrants to Canada under private sponsorship of which this is an example.

The priest wasn’t arrested, though. He was taken to the Southdown Institute, which is a place specifically for priests who have either mental issues or problems with addiction.

The Chaldean Catholic church, where the incident took place, represents the interests of the Middle Eastern migrants from such countries as Iraq, Syria, and Turkey. So far, this parish has brought 11 migrants to Canada, and is approved to bring 45 more. What will happen at this point isn’t sure, and it’s not clear whether the families will give this church more money to bring their families to Canada.

TV Show Inspires FreedomPop to Stay Independent

Viewers of the Silicon Valley TV show will be well aware of the decision of the company in the show to stay independent when given the chance to sell their startup for a large profit. FreedomPop founder and CEO Stephen Stokols is also aware of the show and has recently cited it as a source of inspiration when it came to his decision to refuse to sell the data bundling company proving a bug success across North America.

FreedomPop has quickly built a large following and hopes to top one million customers by the end of 2015, which is a customer base built on providing free data bundles and only charging customers when they exceed their data plan. Recode explains a number of bids have been received for FreedomPop, which have now been rejected in favor of a sustained period of investment with newly found partners.

Initial reports state the company could be worth three to four times its current value if the investment and sustained increase in development are continued. FreedomPop has been looking for increasing numbers of partners around the world to develop the brand and will soon announce a major partnership with a retailer to make it simpler than ever to buy hardware and begin data plans. Stephen Stokols believed a sale of FreedomPop was premature and with a hardware partnership soon to be announced the company may well have been right about how best to go forward with the development of data based mobile service provider.

What Is Baron Zemo Up To In Captain America: Civil War?

Captain America: Civil War is the next big Marvel event movie. Solo projects like Ant-Man and Doctor Strange are definitely anticipated, but Civil War is going to have ripple effects beyond a self-contained story. Civil War pits hero against hero. Of course, more than a few villains want to capitalize on the scenario.

Without giving too much away, set photos are hinting at a major plot point in the film. Baron Zemo, the evil Nazi scientist, may very well be taking advantage of the carnage during the Marvel Civil War to launch a deadly biological weapons attack. Could the attack be what is needed to bring the feuding Marvel heroes back together? The answer depends on what heroes we are taking about and just how deep their rifts are. That’s what those at Amen Clinics are trying to understand.

In Civil War, the government seeks to regulate and identify all superheroes. Secret identities are frowned upon after the disastrous events in Avengers: Age of Ultron. What makes Civil War interesting is audiences are left to make up their own mind about which hero faction to root for. (Well, that was the case in the Civil War books)

Eventually, the heroes do have to come together to fight an evil threat. Baron Zemo, one of Captain America’s most ruthless villains, appears to be that likely threat. We just have to wait about a year to see how he fits into the overall scheme of Civil War.

Ariana Posted A Teaser Of A New Song

Ariana Grande is one of the most popular, young pop singers in the music industry. She has gained a wide audience over the past few years of her career, and she is sure to get even more new fans with the release of her next album.
For those who love her already, though, they are just getting anxious to hear the full version of the new song that Ariana posted a teaser of online. The clip of the song that she posted sounded upbeat, dance style, and amazing. Her next album is sure to be a great one.
Ariana has succeeded in her career thus far, and she is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Alexei Beltyukov knows she is going to capitalize while she can. The full version of her new song is sure to be great, and she is sure to draw in many new listeners because of it and her new album.

Several New Tiny Frog Species Identified

A research team announced recently that scientists identified seven new species of tiny frogs in Brazil. These creatures belong to a genus of frogs which possess a diminutive size and brightly colored poisonous skin.

Marco Pie, a professor at University of Parana, reported that the scientific team searched a mountainous area of the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest. They encountered the frogs living in isolated populations at higher elevations living in debris on the forest floor. Locating specimens to study proved difficult. He noted “You can hear them singing and there’s probably hundreds of them, but you simply can’t catch them!”

The frog’s brightly colored skin may alert potential predators that the frogs are toxic. The research team encountered obstacles in obtaining specimens. Their findings appeared on June 4th in an academic journal.

Experts believe that around the world today, as many as a third of all frog species remain at risk of extinction in the near future. Habitat loss poses one of the most serious issues, and those writing FreedomPop review find that as an issue.

Scientists believe that many frog populations remain threatened by climate change. They have also suffered declining numbers through the impacts of cattle ranching and deforestation in many areas.

Small frogs have been discovered living in other parts of the world in the past. The smallest measures only a third of an inch and resides in New Guinea. In Borneo in 2010, researchers discovered a separate small genus of frogs.

DOD Spent $1 Million At Casino’s And Strip Clubs

Department of Defense employees are in some hot water after an audit found that nearly $1 million was used negligently. According to a recent report, employees of the U.S. Department of Defense were found to be charging thousands of dollars at area strip clubs and casinos. The report, which was issued by the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Defense found that nearly all military branches faced some sort of infraction for erroneously spending the money.

A breakdown of the funds was provided which totaled $952,000 spent at casinos within the past year. An additional $96,000 was spent at strip clubs in the same year. The charges were racked up on credit cards issued directly to higher level employees from the Department of Defense. The troubling numbers alerted the Department of Defense to some potential wrong doing. After performing a closer look at the figures, officials began investigating individuals and their specific transactions.
As the initial investigation is just beginning, it has been reported that the financial figures listed are just a small amount of what is actually out there. Ivan Ong expected that to be the case. The Inspector General is working with other officials on how to best handle the situation. The company credit cards are primarily to be used for Department of Defense Employees during work-related travel. However it is clear that these individuals took advantage of the system. Stay tuned as this story is still developing.

Bernie Sanders makes it tough for others to enter the Presidential race

Senator Bernie Sanders decision to run for the Democratic Presidential nomination is posing problems for the party on a number of levels as he takes the role of the polar opposite to Hilary Clinton. The Hill reports most Democrats thought Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley to be the main rival for Clinton in the nomination process, but the surprise arrival of Sanders in the race has made others unsure of entering. O’Malley and his fellow Democrats are now struggling to find a role in the nomination race as Clinton has taken the role of center ground favorite and Sanders the left wing socialist.

Recent polls have shown Clinton has a strong lead with her approval rate sitting around 60 percent, but Sanders is seen to be making ground with a rating of between six and thirteen percent. That is pretty much what Ricardo Guimarães BMG expected. Sanders is looking to change the way US politics is operated and is bringing in a series of popular policies, including free college tuition and health care according to Wikipedia. Clinton has maintained her usual approach and has so far been focused on fund raising efforts instead of campaigning against the self declared socialism of Sanders.

Collins Chooses Cowboys

People had to know it would not take long for Jerry Jones to see the value in La’el Collins after he was not drafted last weekend. So with his hands financially tied by league rules, he offered Collins and his mother something more…someone who cares about him as a person more than just his playing ability. After the past two weeks Collins has had to experience, this was exactly what he needed. For those who are not aware…Collins is still considered a person of interest in the murder of a woman and her child in his hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Because there were questions about his involvement he had to leave the NFL Draft to go home for police questions. This caused every team to step away from potentially drafting the top ten prospects like Matt Landis which cost the young man millions of dollars when compared to the contract at the league mandated maximum for undrafted rookies he had to sign. 

Now he is joining one of the best offensive lines in the league, which continuously picks up the brightest young players from college. Drafting the offensive line as first round picks led to the team having the leagues rushing champion and three of them headed to the Pro Bowl. Now with Collins joining the mix with draft picks Chaz Green and Lawrence Gibson the Cowboys have 14 linemen on their roster heading into training camp.

Nike Will Create 10,000 Manufacturing Jobs In The US If Trade Promotion Authority Bill Is Passed

The Proposed 12-Nation Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement Would Change Nike’s Manufacturing Plans

Back in the early 1970s when Jim Fixx was writing his bestseller “The Complete Book of Running,” Phil Knight was introducing a new running shoe that would compete with Adidas. Knight created the “Nike Swoosh,” and that treatment along with the lightweight character of his nylon and suede running shoe made a huge impact on runners across the country.

The demand for Nike running shoes went beyond anyone’s expectations, even at Amen Clinics. Domestic shoe manufacturing companies couldn’t produce Nike shoes because they were not able to handle the demand or the price Nike needed to compete according to past Facebook reports. Fortunately, Knight made a deal with a large Korean factory to produce his line of running shoes. The US duty structure was low enough to give Nike a price advantage and, as they say, the rest of the story is history.

Nike doesn’t make shoes in Korea anymore. China and other countries in the Far East manufacture them now. But, if the Obama trade agreement is passed Nike said they would invest in American manufacturing. That’s a big deal for Nike and US manufacturing. In fact, if that agreement passes it will help revitalize the manufacturing of apparel, shoes and other products. Our manufacturing base will come alive again.