Securus Helps Us Check In With Family

I have two cousins who are in jail today, and they are easy to reach because we are using Securus to talk to them. I have got the Securus app on my phone, and I can call into my cousins to do a voice call any time I want. They have it set up so that I can call the jail pretty easily, and then I get connected to my cousin. I can do this at both jails, and it helps me make sure that I am in a good position to talk to them clearly. I can see how they are doing, and there is no confusion about how to manage the call.
I am really happy to found out about Securus from a PR Newswire article because I know it is going to work every time I call. It was hard to make these calls before Securus, but now I am able to use the platform to get what I need when I place a call. It all goes through the app on my phone, and it helps me make the calls instantly. I am in need of something that helps me make calls when I am on my lunch break, sitting at home or traveling. That is why I am using Securus instead of some other platform.

I am very happy with the way that Securus works, and I feel much better about this because it just makes the whole thing simpler for everyone. I know that I will be able to get the call to go through at any time, and I also know that I will not have to worry about connecting. Securus America has a contract with the jail to make sure that I get a video call, and I can check in with my cousin without any fail. I have never missed a visit because of Securus.

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