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Securus Technologies and Its North American Reach

Securus Technologies is a company that serves over 3000 Correctional Facilities in North America. It is a company that is committed to using technology to help with incident management, investigation, communication, and inmate self-service. Not only does Securus Technologies have a dedication to the correctional facilities in which it serve, but it is a company that is also dedicated to reducing the recidivism rate in North America by providing inmates with access to job information before they are set free. Securus Technologies has teamed up with Jobview. Jobview is a correction services that is used by a large amount of correctional facilities in The United States. This service allows inmates to obtain access to jobs around the US without having to use a keyboard or the Internet. Securus Technologies has invested over $6 million in their Jobview acquisition. This services is able to help inmates view more than 7 million jobs that are in the Jobview databases.


Inmates and Contraband Cell Phones

It is wise for correctional facilities to deal with a professional company such as Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies is a leader when it comes to technology that provides security in correctional facilities. When it comes to technology that can improve contraband surveillance, a Wireless Containment solution can prevent a large amount of the incidents that have been reported with cell phones. Last year, an alleged José Ariel Rivera recorded himself brandishing a knife while he was using a cell phone. Prisoners should have absolutely no access to personal cell phones, but unfortunately, every year they are found with contraband phones. Apart from the incident with Rivera, prisoners have been able to orchestrate revolts and even murders by using contraband cell phones.


How Securus Technologies Keeps Prisons Safe

Securus Technologies is dedicated to keeping prisons safe. It is a company that gives services to over 1,200,000 inmates in the North American area. Securus Technologies’ Wireless Containment Solutions system is remarkable. During the 2016-2017 year, Securus was able to release information that proved that its technology was able to prevent and detect over a million illegal communication attempts. Since that is the case, savvy correctional agencies use this system to stop inmates from using contraband cell phones.


The Broad Spectrum Of Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is an innovative company that invest millions of dollars each and every year into it’s technology. This is technology that not only works inside of correctional facilities, but it helps inmates to create a better life for themselves outside of the prison walls as well.


Securus Technologies Making Officers Work Easier

As part of my duties as a corrections officer, I must try to maintain order in the prison so that everyone from inmates, staff, to guests, are safe at all times. Violent inmates will often try to hurt anyone they come in contact with, so every effort has to be made to limit those instances by keeping this facility as secure as possible. Here are some of the ways that we make use of additional resources to lock down our facility.


Inside the visitor center is perhaps the biggest opportunity for trouble because the inmates are so close to the guests. The opportunity for contraband to change hands is extremely high, so we have to do a number of things to ensure nothing happens. By scanning guests before they come into this facility, we can limit contraband inmates could use to hurt others. Then we use the same scanning technology to check the inmates before they are released back to their cells.


Not too long ago my team would have to monitor the telephones in the jail to make sure nothing was being said that could lead to violence in the jail. Those days are over, thanks in part to the technology provided to us by Securus Technologies. Their telephone monitoring system frees up my team from being trapped in the call center because the LBS software monitors every call and then will send an alert to officers something needs to be addressed immediately.


Securus Technologies already has the same system in 2,500 jails, and the support team is committed to making the world a safer place. CEO Richard Smith says his technology allows officers to get back on the front lines to maintain order while the software works non-stop to be the ears of the institution and help tighten down security of that facility.


Collecting Important Criminal Evidence with Securus Technologies

I work in a jail that houses some of the most violent offenders in the country. When a suspect is convicted of murder, armed robberies, and gang violence, they are sent to our prison. There’s not a day that I go to work that I am not in danger for my lie as these inmates would love nothing more than taking me out. These inmates hate authority, and the fact they are in the jail with nothing but time on their hands makes for a very troubling mix. They have all the time in the day to sit and contemplate ways to make things challenging for me and my fellow officers.


We had a very troubling situation on our hands this month. A convicted criminal was still in his cell but word was coming down from my superiors that unless solid evidence was found concerning his last violent crimes, that they may have to let him back on the streets. This inmate would simply hide in his cell around the clock so as to not get into any altercations that could increase his sentence. We received a visit from a fugitive task force that were telling us that all witnesses to the crime were either dead or not talking, and unless we could find a willing informant, that the city was about to get that much more dangerous when he was released.


We turned the team on to the fact Securus Technologies installed a new inmate call monitoring system in our prison. Securus Technologies is installed in over 2,500 prisons around the country, and the CEO Richard Smith says his Dallas-based company has the objective of making our world safer.


Hours after listening to the inmates, we got an alert the inmate was on the phone with his sister, pleading with her to take care of some important matters. After surveillance of the house, we discovered she was ordered to hide the evidence we needed to keep this suspect in jail.



Securus Helps Us Check In With Family

I have two cousins who are in jail today, and they are easy to reach because we are using Securus to talk to them. I have got the Securus app on my phone, and I can call into my cousins to do a voice call any time I want. They have it set up so that I can call the jail pretty easily, and then I get connected to my cousin. I can do this at both jails, and it helps me make sure that I am in a good position to talk to them clearly. I can see how they are doing, and there is no confusion about how to manage the call.
I am really happy to found out about Securus from a PR Newswire article because I know it is going to work every time I call. It was hard to make these calls before Securus, but now I am able to use the platform to get what I need when I place a call. It all goes through the app on my phone, and it helps me make the calls instantly. I am in need of something that helps me make calls when I am on my lunch break, sitting at home or traveling. That is why I am using Securus instead of some other platform.

I am very happy with the way that Securus works, and I feel much better about this because it just makes the whole thing simpler for everyone. I know that I will be able to get the call to go through at any time, and I also know that I will not have to worry about connecting. Securus America has a contract with the jail to make sure that I get a video call, and I can check in with my cousin without any fail. I have never missed a visit because of Securus.

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