EOS: The Next Generation of Chapstick?

For so long we’ve been searching for a chap stick to relieve us of painful, chapped lips. Sure we have other, more organic options than the leading brands, but at what price? Chap stick just isn’t enough of a priority to warrant paying more than a couple of dollars for a tube. Sure, we’d all like to be rich enough to not bat an eye about paying $70 for a lip balm such as Sisley Paris’ ‘Confort Extreme’ Lip Balm, but honestly, how many of us have that kind of money?

So in came EOS to save the day. Once celebrities started using EOS Lip Balm products, it quickly became the most popular lip balm since Baby Lips debuted. The wide array of flavors from Vanilla Bean to Strawberry Sorbet, from Blueberry Acai to the traditional Mint, people loved the unique, natural flavor of the EOS balms. The EOS company quickly became one of the largest companies to sell lip balm, second only to Burt’s Bees.

What is most intriguing is the process of creating the product. The co-founders of EOS Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller wanted a product that would compete at an affordable price, would be organic as well as pleasing to all five senses, and would be convenient for women who use lip balm everyday. They weren’t interested in becoming another fashion accessory, they truly wanted to created a product that people loved and would continue to love for as long as they could get their hands on it. They created the product and got to work on pitching it to drugstore owners. Their first difficulty was that since the EOS orbs had been created for women’s comfort and most drugstore owners were male, they had a hard time finding a buyer until they met with a female buyer at Walgreens. She loved the different aspects of the cute new lip balm and readily agreed to sell it at her store. After their name got out, large box stores such as Racked, Walmart and Target stocked EOS on their shelves.

When they started selling in bulk, Mehra and Teller had to find a way to produce at a competitive rate. They managed to created an almost fully automated production facility, which allowed them to produce at a rate that filled demands.

Even though they can call their business a success Mehra and Teller never stop innovating and are always working on something new to bring a bit more sunshine into the world of cosmetics. EOS products are also available online thru the evolutionofsmooth.com website or via https://www.luckyvitamin.com/m-2220-eos-evolution-of-smooth.