New Video Game Gets Chilling Reviews

As just reported by GQ, a new video game for Xbox One has been created by Playdead. The new game is called Inside, and it has raised plenty of eyebrows among curios video game enthusiasts because of the mystery surrounding its release. Very little has been made public from Playdead about the premise or features of the game. In fact, the creators have not even provided a summary of what the video game is about. All of the trailers for the video game only provide short clips of small vignettes that do not really give the viewer any idea about the general story line of the video game.

As described in the article, the game takes the player into a sorrowful world where a boy is trying to escape the people who are chasing him. It does not include any dialogue or narration. Instead of inundating the player with too much stimuli, Inside has very few functions for the player to perform. There are only jumping and grabbing options to perform in this game, as players try to outrun their pursuers. There are also puzzles to solve throughout the game, which are simple yet engaging to unpack.

Even though there is no dialogue throughout the game, the ominous combination of the soundtrack and visuals tells a compelling story. Reviews of the game so far confirm that it maintains a melancholy tone throughout the entire game and does a great job of pulling the player deep into its dark, disturbing world.