Yeonmi Park’s Book Touches Lives

Yeonmi Park’s book, “In order to Live” is one of the most highly rated books to read. Millions of people have read her book and they are horrified about what has happened to her. At the same time, they are inspired at what she has done with her experiences. Many of the readers have heard of Yeonmi Park at the One Young World Summit. Her book does more than takes the One Young World Summit speech and expands on it. It explores Yeonmi Park life in exhaustive detail. It also does it in an unflinching way. It doesn’t do anything to emotionalize anything about her life. It also doesn’t try to paint anyone in a good or bad light either.

Yeonmi Park of course probably had to take her time to write the book due to having to relive the experience. At the same time, she has probably gained a lot of insight during the writing of her book. Given all that she has went through, she is not callous. Even though she is forever scarred and haunted by her experiences, she has shown that she has learned how to use her experience for something productive. Writing the book is one of the steps that she could take in order to heal and help others.

When Yeonmi Park at did her speech, the video went viral. The room was emotionally charged with many people crying, including Yeonmi Park herself. Due to the viral video, this has also gotten the attention of the North Korean government. In response, they did everything they can to discredit Yeonmi Park. However, it is too late. The North Korean government government has always been looked at with an air of suspicion. Yeonmi Park has dealt a devastating blow with her speech and continues to find ways to help North Koreans achieve freedom.

She is also working on freeing others due to the fact that she sees all humans as alike. She believes all people are worthy of respect initially and should be treated as such. She will not tolerate any kind of violation of human rights. She will fight hard for everyone.

Ignite A Light within The Children of Colorado By Three at

Attention all caregivers, teachers and parents providing a light for our future: is hosting a new fundraiser to support a nonprofit organization that promotes the learning development process for the children of Colorado entitled ‘Bright by Three’. The Bright By Three fundraiser is run by co-founder and owner of Next Level Lacrosse Camps, Jon Urbana.

As a former Lacrosse athlete and instructor to many athletic youths, Jon Urbana understands the importance of child development. Urbana, a Denver Colorado native, believes the first three years of a child’s life will essentially formulate the quality of productivity for the remaining years into adulthood. As a successful athlete of Villanova University, Urbana accumulated honorable mention and ranked 7th in the nation for scoring defense.

Urbana’s Facebook profile shows that he’s an avid believer that children who are interactively, physically and mentally encouraged at an early age quickly and successfully develop confidence, discipline and personality that supports a bright future. For this reason he supports The Bright By Three organization alongside his other efforts to help ARAS (Crowdrise) and Earth Force (GoFundMe).

The Bright by Three organization located in Denver Colorado was formed by former Colorado Governor Roy Romer in 1989. In an effort to make Colorado the best place to raise children, it has since then supported 200,000 families in Colorado with information and support with early childhood development free of charge.

Bright by Three provides parents and caregivers with a free three step development program that begins at the prenatal to 12 month mark and continues up to the 24th to 36th month mark. Bright by Three covers developmental stimulation techniques that have been proven to enhance early literacy and grade school preparation. Donations to Bright by Three are typically tax deductible and Colorado residents may be eligible for Colorado tax credit. Bright by Three receives and accepts funding through donations from private foundations, organizations as well as individuals.

Yeonmi Park to Speak At The Ubben Lecture Series in DePauw University

According to a story that featured on DePauw University’s website, Yeonmi Park will give an Ubben Lecture On the 5th of October at the University. She will be 22 years old after celebrating her birthday the day before. Park will share her exceptional story about how she and her family luckily freed North Korea, and passed through china to get to South Korea. Yeonmi is passionate about universal freedom after fighting to get her own.

The lecture will commence at 7:30 p.m. Park will then field questions from the audience, and then sign books later on. She will make history by joining other esteemed speakers who have graced the event over the years. They include Bill Clinton, Jimmy Kimmel, Tony Blair and Margaret Thatcher among many others. The forum was started in 1986 by Sharon Williams and Timothy H.

Park’s inspiring story of freeing North Korea, at a time when the regime was harsh as ever, has set her apart as a voice of those in captivity in North Korea and the rest of the world. BBC even featured her on their list of “Top 100 Global Women” for her great work as a human rights activist. She has also spoken in Dublin during the One Young World Summit and during the Freedom Forum in Oslo.

Park was raised in the city of Hyesan. While she was growing up, the regime in power was notorious for controlling every aspect of their lives. However, after watching the movie Titanic, which had been banned in North Korea, Park got to experience a new form of freedom. Although she had grown up knowing that there was nothing better than losing your life for the sake of the regime, the movie’s depiction of someone dying for love made her view the world from a different angle.

After Engaging in illegal smuggling to be able to provide for his family, the Guardian recounts that Yeonmi Park’s father was arrested, imprisoned and tortured. He got a medical release after contracting an illness, and decided that they had had enough of North Korea: it was time to flee the country. While Park and family set out to escape to South Korea, she didn’t have the slightest clue of what the journey had in store. In the course of the journey, she would separate and reunite with her sister, witness as her mother was raped, and later bury her father, who had finally succumbed to his illness.

Park has written a book, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom, where she documents some of these horrific experiences. She wants the world to be aware of people like her, who are still in captivity and appear to have been forgotten.

North American Spine Offers Spine Health Solution To Athletes

For most athletes, one of the most common sites of injury is the spine. A typical athlete, whether amateur or professional, places tremendous pressure on the spine. It does not matter if the sport is football, tennis, or running. In any sport, the spine absorbs a lot of pressure and stress from the physical activity as the athlete twists and turns his body, endures great impact, and stretches beyond his limits. As the body is subjected to this consistently extreme demand to perform, even the athletes in the best physical condition will eventually develop back pain and spine problems, especially at the lower spine.

To add to the problem, athletes often do not pay attention to their signs of injury. When they experience pain, they often take some pain medicine, bite the bullet, and continue in their sport. They avoid bringing attention to their pain because they do not want to be benched or be taken out of the game. In doing so, they do more harm to their bodies than good, until their back pain becomes so bad that they finally succumb to seeing a doctor.

Depending on the extent of the spine injuries, some injuries can be treated by physical therapy, by a series of chiropractic treatments, and perhaps by a course of medications. However, sometimes injuries are more extensive. In that case, surgery may be recommended.

The good news is that spinal surgery no longer needs to be an invasive procedure. North American Spine is a laser spine center in Texas that uses a minimally invasive spine surgery procedure called AccuraScope. This procedure uses a laser and a high definition camera no bigger than a coffee stirrer. The camera is inserted into a small incision on the spine and is moved up and down in order for the doctor to identify the site of injury. The laser is used to treat the problem. AccuraScope can be used to relieve pressure on nerves, to treat herniated or bulging discs, to treat arthritis, and other spine conditions. Patients experience little down time and recover much quicker.

To an athlete, being able to shorten recovery time without compromising healing is very important. They are often anxious to get back into competition. North American Spine understands the patient’s need to get back to normal life, especially for athletes. Their AccuraScope surgical procedure is an effective option for spine patients who do not want conventional spine surgery.

Jason Halpern Makes A South Florida Move

Jason Halpern and his JMH Development have opened an office in South Florida so that they can focus on building luxury properties in the area. They are focused on creating new structures where they can sell condos, but they are also going to use disused structures that they can restore for a profit. They are going to add to some of the nicest areas in the state, and they are going to help transform parts of the state that have fallen into disrepair.

They prefer to create the luxury condo, according to the project’s press coverage. These condos are perfect people who want to live in luxury in the south of Florida. These high rises are designed to hold a few choice condos, and they offer more space than traditional condo developments. Also, the people who move into the locations will be able to purchase their condo before the buildings are finished. These buyers get to save money on their purchases, and they get to work with JMH and Mr. Halpern to finish off their condo.

Jason Halpern is a developer who helps to make the world a better place with nice living spaces that he designed with some of the best minds in the world. He develops property that can give you a nice place to live, but you can also purchase these condos as vacation homes if you enjoy vacationing in south Florida.

JMH and Jason Halpern are the perfect foil for anyone who is looking for the right kind of place to live in this sunny and gorgeous place. JMH produces buildings that look like they belong in south Florida. You want to increase your profile by living in one of these gorgeous buildings, and you will be able to maximize your investment because his properties always increase in value.

Sports Injuries Specialist Dr. Daniel Amen Helps Regular Joes, Too

Dr. Daniel Amen is an American psychiatrist, a brain disorder specialist director of the Amen Clinics and a New York Times bestselling author. He’s gained quite a bit of notoriety in the past for helping athletes. However, he’s quickly become America’s most popular psychiatrist helping out average Joes, too.

Amen Clinics offer medical services for patients with disorders such as attention deficit disorder (ADD) and more. His clinics use the single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) as a diagnostic tool for identifying what he says are sub-categories of brain disorders.

Dr. Daniel Amen has done studies for the National Football League on brain injuries affecting professional athletes and he is also a post-concussion consultant. In 1978, he received his undergraduates degree in biology from Southern California College, then his doctorate in 1982 from Oral Roberts University School of Medicine.

Dr. Daniel Amen completed his general psychiatric training in Washington, D.C. at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, and his training at Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu for child and adolescent psychiatry. He then completed 200 hours of training at the Institute of Nuclear Medicine Education to obtain his radioactive materials license.
Dr. Daniel Amen then fulfilled the required 1,000 hours of reading scans under clinical supervision. Amen is also double board certified by the Neurology in General Psychiatry, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and American Board of Psychiatry.

Amen’s uses SPECT scans of the brains activity to compare the activity of a patients brain to a healthy brain. Amen’s clinics have the world’s largest database for neuropsychiatry of functional brain scans. By 2009 Amen stated that he had scanned 50,000 people at a cost of about $170 million.

Dr. Daniel Amen says that he prescribes both non-medicative and medicative courses of treatment, depending on each case. He also conducts a before-and-after SPECT scan to assess how well the treatment is working.

Dr. Daniel Amen’s clinics provide brain scans for former and current National Football League players. Amen made the beginning diagnosis of brain damage in Tom Dempsey an NFL kicker. During medical scans and examinations, Amen discovered three holes in Dempsey’s brain and other damage. He has also diagnosis and provided therapy for Paul Kariya, a hockey player for his concussion issues and went on to advise him to retire which he did.

Andrew Heiberger: Achieving Success in the New York Real Estate Industry

Andrew Heiberger is the founder, owner and CEO of Button Development, a Manhattan-based real estate development company, as well as the founder and owner of Town Residential, a New York real estate brokerage. Heiberger is a licensed real estate broker and attorney in the state of New York who has been recognized for his success as an entrepreneur. He was listed in Crain’s New York Business 40 Under 40 in 1998 and named the Entrepreneur of the Year in 2001 by Ernst & Young.

Heiberger began his career in real estate at the young age of 16, when he gained experience by helping his family sell and trade property in Long Island. He later graduated from the University of Michigan and earned his law degree from the University of Miami School of Law.

In 1994, at the age of 26, Heiberger founded Citi Habitats with his partner Igal Feibush. The rental apartment brokerage became one of the largest residential companies in the city by focusing on young professionals with modest incomes. In 2004, the company was sold to NRT LLC. Citi Habitats is still thriving with 175 agents and brokered leases worth nearly $200 million in 2012.

In 2005, he founded Buttonwood Development, with a focus on the development, investment and syndication of New York City real estate. Buttonwood developed the Greenwich Club Residences, a 452-unit condo conversion that became one of the most successful condominium developments in Manhattan with a complete sell-out that generated more than $340 million in residential sales. Buttonwood has participated in the development of several properties in Manhattan, including the assemblage and sale of Sundari Lofts and Tower. The firm continues to evaluate acquisitions on a case-by-case basis.

Following the economic crisis, Heiberger cited low feasibility for being a real estate developer and investor as the inspiration for his next project. Heiberger returned to the brokerage industry in 2010 with the founding of Town Residential, a luxury real estate brokerage.

“Since I had already had great success at creating, executing and leading the budget-driven brand with Citi Habitats, which still is thriving today, I thought it would be more of a challenge, more exciting and more lucrative to focus on the luxury market this time,” Heiberger said of Town Residential.

Town Residential was ranked as one of the top ten largest residential brokerages in Manhattan within one year, and now has ten locations throughout Manhattan. Heiberger remains the driving force behind the company’s strategy and vision.