USHEALTH Group Inc. at the Heart of America’s Insurance Market

Even with the increasing costs of health care, quality health care continues to be the top priority of any thriving economy. The USA’s economy is a flood of insurance companies, but most of them do not offer quality and affordable services. One insurance company, however, that is changing the landscape of this industry is USHEALTH Group.

USHEALTH Group is a leading insurance company based in Texas, Fort Worth, with coverage across the entire USA population. The company is reputable when it comes to the provision of quality and affordable insurance services. USHEALTH Group is known to offer its services through its subsidiaries that include the National Foundation Life Insurance Company and the Freedom Life Insurance Company of America (FICA). For over 50 years now the company has been providing life, sickness, disability and accident covers to individuals and their families.

In addition to the insurance company having a wide variety of products, the insurance company’s products are customized to fit the financial needs of their customers. This has been possible since the insurance company understands the needs of its customers. It is through this understanding that they have been able to innovate their market.

The second factor that has made the company very competitive has been its unique distribution strategy. With enough industry experience, understanding of their market and able leadership, USHEALTH Group has been able to appreciate the fact that choosing the right insurance product has not always been a walk in the park for most customers. Thanks to this, the company has come up with a unique distribution strategy that empowers agents with knowledge of the company’s products. The distribution wing popularly known as USHEALTH Advisory has helped the company achieve more in a short span of time. Thanks to this strategy even first-time insurance buyers are able to choose the best product through the guidance of the competent agents.

The USHEALTH Group service and other high-quality services have helped the company earn an A+ ranking by the BBB. With USHEALTH Group in the market, there is no reason to be left out on insurance products.  Know more:


Troy McQuagge Wins Several Awards as the CEO USHealth Group

Troy McQuagge, from Panama City in Florida, is a corporate executive and entrepreneur. Troy enrolled at the University of Central Florida. He has an experience of not less than 30 years in health insurance sales and currently works in Texas for the US Health Advisors. Troy spent his career in health insurance sales. In 1983, he joined the Allstate Insurance where he later worked for many years. Troy, later in 1995, he moved on to UCI. He joined the USHEALTH Advisors as the president and CEO in 2010. Here, he ensured the profitability of sales of health insurance and targeted people under the age of 65. The USHEALTH Group’s goal is to sell health insurance to a significant number of people.

USHEALTH Group is a company that based in Ft. Worth, Texas. It has an objective of offering health insurance to self-employed individuals and small business owners. In the CEO World Awards, Troy McQuagge of USHEALTH was named as the 2017 Gold winner of the year. The annual CEO World Awards comprised of the world best innovations, leadership themes, new products and services in the market, organizational and performance of the company, corporation of social responsibility, and CEO case studies from all over the World. People from the public or private organizations, profitable or non-profitable, large and small firms and startups are allowed to submit their applications. The Winners were honored during the SVUS Red Carpet Awards Ceremony Dinner on June 26, 2017, in San Francisco.

Troy McQuagge, who is a 34-year-old veteran, was also a 2016 CEO Winner of the year in the insurance industry. As the CEO and the President of USHEALTH Group, he has led the company to make huge profits and growth in the past five years. Troy said that he was honored to receive the recognition. He further noted that the award was a testament to the USHEALTH employees that they achieve excellence in what they do through teamwork. Troy added that their products and services are of high quality and are remarkable to customers and he is proud to be associated with such excellent company. Read more on heroesofthepacific:


An Overview of USHEALTH Group Products

USHEALTH Group is a Texas Based company founded in 1982 with the aim of underwriting and selling personal health insurance policies and supplementary products for individuals who are self-employed and those who own small businesses in the U.S. The company does this through its subsidiaries of Freedom Life Insurance Company of America and National Foundation Life Insurance. It has a workforce of 213 employees with Mr. Benjamin M. Cutler serving the company as the chairperson and the Chief Executive Officer. The changed its name in March 2005 from Ascent Assurance to what it is known today.

The company is committed to giving innovative life, insurance solutions for people suffering from particular disease, people with a disability or affected by accident, people who rely on self-employment to earn a living, small business owners and their workers. Their service has been enjoyed by over 15 million clients with customized insurance plans for over 50 years collectively.

Some of the insurance policies one can get from this company are fixed indemnity medical insurance, critical sickness period insurance cover, personal health insurance, dental insurance cover, accident and protection insurance cover, renewable & Convertible life insurance and insurance for specific diseases. The wide range of insurance policies ensures their customers are not short of choices and that every customer finds his or her best plan to cater for their needs in the best way possible. Ensuring the customer becomes fully satisfied is their priority.

For the individuals with a tight budget or are worried about satisfying the high annual deductible before receiving any benefits from their insurance policy, USHEALTH Group has got them covered. The company has an innovative portfolio of products that give first dollar benefits for covered services and substantial network discounts across a wide range of suppliers. The policies are cost-effective compared to comprehensive ones while at the same time giving the first dollar coverage offered by a limited plan.

All the company’s products can be bought through their agents. The agents are licensed and have undergone the necessary training and certified to handle their products to ensure total customer satisfaction. Their innovative design of products gives them an upper hand in the competitive market. They can cater for every customer’s necessity when it comes to selecting a reliable, flexible and affordable insurance policy. The company’s dedication to individual attention has seen them being recognized as global leaders in business development, innovation, and customer support. Visit Heroes of the Pacific at Facebook.