Michael Zomber – A History Man

Michael Zomber is highly respected gun collector and historian. Throughout Zomber’s lifetime, he has spent a great amount of time and energy trying to make it as an author and A&E and History Channel featured historian. A lot of those struggles were a result of Zomber being exonerated, after being falsely accused of fraud, and imprisoned for years. During his time imprisoned Zomber spent most of it in the library, or helping other inmates work towards passing their GED tests. It seems like the struggles Zomber went through in his earlier years prompted him with more ambition to achieve his goal and he started writing a historical fiction novel, Shogun Iemitsu: War and Romance in 17th Century Tokugawa Japan. This historical fiction novel is written on a topic that Zomber is very familiar with, Samurai culture and weaponry.

After his success with his historical fiction novel, Zomber went on to be on the History Channel’s Tales of the Gun series, which was one of the many items on his bucket list. Although he spent some time on the History Channel, many people believe he is a true storyteller at heart. Zomber was involved in the publications of a number of historical novels including Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War, Shogun Iemitsu, and a non-fiction work, Jesus and the Samurai — all of which are currently in print. He also was the screenplay writer for a critically acclaimed documentary film Soul of the Samurai which was produced in 2005. Zomber’s interest and knowledge of history have pushed his career to success, and he now has a number of novels, as well as some films to show for it.

Along with his success in film and novel writing, Zomber is also a weapons collector owning treasured antique weapons from many parts of the world. Although he has knowledge from a lot of historic time periods, his main focus has been on sixteenth to the nineteenth century and includes European, Islamic, Japanese, and American arms. When Zomber sells his antique weapons he is always careful with whom the buyer is, making sure they care about the history behind the weapons just as much as he does.