A Look At Greg Secker’s Achievements


Greg Secker is a respected entrepreneur and philanthropist. The master trader is the brain behind the successful Knowledge for Action Group. This parent company has four renowned companies, which are FX Capital, Learn to Trade, SmartCharts Software and Capital Index. Secker’s passion for founding these companies is to enhance the lives of other people through support, coaching, education and provision of innovative strategies. Learn to Trade is an international company that offeres trading education. The company has opened offices in Johannesburg, London, Manila and Sydney. Capital Index is a brokerage company whereas FX Capital manages forex investment accounts, and SmartCharts Software develops the latest trading technology.

Initially, Greg Secker worked for Thomas Cook Financial Services. While rendering his services for the company, he was also developing his new business, Virtual Trading Desk (VTD). This first forex trading platform allowed customers to access real time quotes for large transactions on forex exchange. Later, he was recruited by Mellon Financial Corporation, a large investment bank in the US, to serve as a vice president. At Mellon, he worked closely with some of the leading traders in the planet. With the growth of his business, Greg decided to resign from the company to open a trading floor at his home. Soon after, he established Learn to Trade. This corporation has succeeded in educating over 200,000 people through seminars and workshops.

The motivational and international speaker has shared different platforms with revered personalities such as Tony Blair, Sir, Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki, Anthonny Robbin and T Harv Eker. Through the Greg Secker Foundation, the executive has been able to improve the livelihoods of many people through enhancing education, youth leadership and improving life skills. The organization is changing lives courtesy of its innovative programs, which are the Early Childhood Development program, which has been rolled out in South Africa, Ubuntu Education Fund and Young Leader’s Festival and Youth Leadership Summit. The other projects are the Youth Mentoring program and the Christmas Basket Brigade.

Greg contends that as an entrepreneur, he constantly reads books. However, he does not follow any particular order. He may not read the book from beginning to end. Instead, Greg picks books, dog ear pages, finds interesting chapters, and scribbles important notes in the margins. In addition, Secker loves reading autobiographies of persons who are not known for their fortune or fame, but their strength of character.