White Shark Media Makes Changes


PPC online advertising is among the best ways to connect with scores of potential customers. Composing the ads does require deliberate effort. The keywords have to be selected wisely, and the content of the ads must be effectively written. Otherwise, the ads are never going to lead to serious conversions and sales. Clients who sign up with White Shark Media are accessing experienced professionals who know what is necessary to develop a strong Google and Bing Adwords campaign. In addition to creating solid ads, the SEM professionals assigned to a client will track analytics very carefully. This way, changes can be made when necessary.

Even though White Shark Media works very hard at making sure all client needs are met, complaints do arise. The company has acknowledged a few shortcomings. More importantly, the management at White Shark Media is putting a lot of effort towards fixing internal problems. Doing so increases the chances clients are pleased with their overall experience and, more importantly, see results from the campaign.

One complaint is, honestly, an unavoidable one. Clients are concerned that a lot of customers are placing calls directly to the office. On the surface, this would not seem very troubling. Why would anyone be concerned how the customer makes contact after seeing an online advertisement? The issue of contention is the client does not know which phone calls were precipitated due to seeing the Adwords ads or from another source. Therefore, the client cannot tell how well the White Shark Media’s Youtube campaign is working.

White Shark Media has formed a partnership with Marchex, a call tracking service. The call tracking work should effectively determine what particular inquiries are the direct result of the Adwords campaign.

White Shark Media formed an additional partnership with another company, and this was done to further help address client concerns. Communications is very important to clients working with a marketing firm. Clients do want to know how their budget is being spent, and what results are being delivered. Through working with GoToMeeting, online streaming services are being offered to clients. Once a month, a client meets with the SEM specialist to discuss the particulars of a campaign. This definitely would aid in cutting down on any confusion or lack of clarity.

Direct telephone extensions are instituted in the offices as well. Clients do not have to leave messages at a front desk anymore. Reaching a SEM specialist directly is possible. This speeds up all communications very nicely, and eliminates a host of problems.

Overall, White Shark Media is working very hard to make sure clients get the most out of their experience. As more improvements are made, more highly-positive reviews are sure to appear.