Jason Hope: A Businessman, Philanthropist and Futuristic

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an investor, futuristic, philanthropist, and an entrepreneur. He resides in Arizona and is passionate about innovation and giving back to the society. He grew up in Tempe and studied at the Arizona State University where he attained a degree in finance. He also has an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Jason is actively involved in the political scene in Arizona and is at the forefront fighting for the implementation of policies favourable to the business community in Arizona and the nation at large. He is also a researcher and regularly writes on the Internet of Things.


Jason Hope has built a good reputation both as a businessman and an investor. As a philanthropist, Jason is known for donating to foundations that conduct research relating to anti-ageing. SENS Foundation is among the foundations that Jason has funded. SENS Foundation’s research on anti-ageing is a bit different. Unlike other foundations, SENS does not seek to come up with anti-ageing drugs that will make people live longer or look younger. Instead, their research concentrates on finding a cure for conditions that cause break down in the human body. Such conditions include strokes, Alzheimers and heart diseases.

According to Jason, the research conducted by SENS Foundation is inspiring because it seeks to improve the quality of life which is something he actively advocates for on a daily basis. That is why in 2010, Jason donated $50,000 to the foundation. In a bid to encourage more technological innovations from the younger generation, Jason has established a foundation that gives grants to young people with unique technical ideas. However, most of these young people are seniors in High School or colleges. His interest in the younger generation is part of his work as a futuristic who believes that young people have a lot to offer the society.

Final Word

Jason Hope’s success was not easily earned. He had to work hard and maintain focused for him to become the household name that he is today. Despite deviating from Finance which was what he majored at in University, Jason believes that his Finance degree has helped him quite a lot in making financial decisions for businesses and foundation. Apart from donating to anti-ageing research foundations, Jason also likes mentoring upcoming entrepreneurs and investing in the entrepreneurs he believes in. He also mentors high school students who are aspiring to become business people in the future.

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Jason Hope – Lending His Support Towards the SENS Foundation

Jason Hope has decided to donate 500,000 in support of the SENS foundation’s efforts to cure the variety of diseases responsible for causing people to age much faster than normal. Diseases such as Alzheimer’s, heart disease and lung disease are a few diseases in which affects aging, but with this donation, the SENS foundation is specifically funding their efforts to work diligently on the progress of curing Arteriosclerosis.

Arteriosclerosis is a disease that hardens the arteries, causing an increase in blood pressure in the elderly that in turn causes aging factors. Molecular bonds of proteins, which holds the artery in place, at times, may not want to bond, but they bond anyways. In turn, this bond causes the body to malfunction to result in eye problems and skin aging.

Jason Hope’s donation will fund work that allows discoveries of breaking unwanted molecular bonds so that the body’s extracellular matrix is restored of its elasticity.

Who is Jason Hope?

Well, he is an amazing entrepreneur and philanthropist out of Scottsdale, AZ who is driven by his passion of helping his community. He started a mobile communication company that would succeed in great measures over the years. Currently – if you live in the Scottsdale, AZ area – you can easily discover the talk regarding Jason hope’s avid efforts in developing grants for high school and college kids to support their innovative tech ideas. Grants are issued in the amount of $500 – $5000. All of his philanthropist efforts are under categories related to education, disease cures, biotechnology and scientific research.

Organizations in which Jason Hope has worked with includes, but not limited to: the Boys & Girls Club, The Tony Hawk Foundation, The Andre Agassi Foundation, Family Health International, Teach for America Phoenix, T Gen Foundation, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Desert Mountain States Chapter and many others as well. Jason is currently a member of the Director’s Circle of the Arizona Science Center.

What is the SNES foundation?

Well, it’s a non-profit organization founded by Aubrey de Grey, Michael Kope, Jeff Hall, Sarah Marr and Kevin Perrott out of Mountain View, California. Its business includes that of research programs geared towards regenerative medicine for slowing the aging process, especially due to diseases. The foundation was launched in 2009.

Jason Hope hopes that one day we can all live forever. And through SENS, he is confident that one day the foundation will figure out a way to make such thing happen. As for now, anti-aging medicines is the focus of the SNES foundation and Jason Hope’s support is there 100 percent.

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Jason Hope: Assisting Immortality Research

Through the ages, people have been fascinated about the idea of immortality. Since prehistory, every civilization has been developing their own research on how to achieve the key to live forever. Up until the present day, scientists from around the world are working hard to end the mystery surrounding immortality. Compared to the early human history, scientists have achieved a breakthrough by increasing the life expectancy of humans. In the past, the majority of the population could only live up until the age of 40, and some are dying at a younger age. However, it all changed after the discovery of medicine and ways on how to destroy life threatening diseases. Life expectancy in general is now at 80 years, and scientists are still doing everything that they can to push the maximum average age at 100 years.

Jason Hope, an American businessman and entrepreneur, is investing in companies which are focusing on research about immortality. He is one of the supporters of medical studies which can be vital in extending the life expectancy in humans. He stated that the most plausible research about immortality is the use of several chemical components that would slow down the again process, and would allow an individual to retain their youthful look. Jason Hope has been donating some oof his wealth to the SENS Foundation, which is a research facility working on developing methods and procedures that will give way to immortality. The SENS Foundation was established in 2009, and since their foundation, the research facility has been contributing a lot of information in the field of medicine. They develop medicines and treatments for age related disease, and the scientists working for the institution believes that by fighting off these age related diseases, the life expectancy in humans can be extended. In 2010, Jason Hope donated more than $500,000 to SENS Foundation, and they used the money that they received in building their SENS Cambridge Laboratory. The laboratory is now working on drugs that can extend the human life and they are currently on the testing stage.

According to Jason Hope, he believes that the future will be full of opportunities. By developing these kind of treatments in the present, the future can be full of a more advance way to treat diseases and to extend the life of human further than we first thought. The SENS Foundation has been working on the potential of rejuvenation biotechnology, and they have been researching on several procedures including stem cell treatment and cell rejuvenation treatment. Being a futurist himself, Jason Hope stated that altering the DNA code of humans and allowing it to rejuvenate will lead to our immortality. The method is partly inspired on how the immortal jellyfish is able to revert back to its juvenile state when it is growing older.

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Jason Hope Has High Expectations For The Future

As technology continues to grow and become more accessible to members of society it becomes more common for different pieces of technology to be communicating with each other at all times of the day. Jason Hope refers to the constant sync of technology as The Internet of Things. It is supposed to be the latest and greatest trend within the technology field.

Recently there has been more technology entering homes. A lot of the tools we use daily such as refrigerators, stoves, ovens and lights are now connected to the internet. Certain smart home kits can control home appliances via voice commands and smart phones. When devices are sharing the same network there is a sense of greater efficiency.

Hope believes that The Internet of Things is single handedly one of the best investments made within the tech industry. As many large companies continue to take advantage of the Internet of Things it will be imperative that the smaller companies do their best to keep up. Hope is predicting that all devices will be able to communicate with each other in the near future.

Right now many smart technology devices are a luxury for most families because they are expensive and still in testing, but Hope believes that smart home technology kits will be standard in homes of the future. The Internet of Things will continue to help fight against global pollution and make the world a safer place to live.

Jason Hope is a futurist, entrepreneur and investor living in Arizona. He got his degree in finance from Arizona State University and then got a MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business.

Hope has been investing in multiple technologies to help slow down the aging process. A majority of his work can be seen through the SENS foundation. He is working to ensure that Alzheimer’s and heart and lung disease will be cured in the future.

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Entrepreneur Jason Hope Talks About His Predictions about the Internet of Things

One of the biggest technological trends today is the growth of the Internet of Things, the embedding of the Internet in objects and the built environment. The first predictions about these possibilities came about in the 1980s and 90s. In fact, Bill Gates hinted at many of these possibilities in his book,The Road Ahead. Now, however, the IoT is no longer simply speculation, as wearable devices and smart buildings and homes are increasingly a staple of everyday life.

Entrepreneur and futurist Jason Hope believes that the IoT is poised to spread from the public sector into the private sector. His view is that as the IoT becomes more prominent in people’s daily lives, the vague term “Internet of Things” will likely be replaced with a more readily intelligible name. Hope also argues that, as a result, one industry that will soon undergo a revolution is the hospitality sector. Hope reasons that as the IoT becomes ubiquitous in people’s homes, they will begin to demand the same amenities in hotels and resorts. As basic IoT connectivity, such as interfacing devices with climate control becomes increasingly standard, patrons will expect these capabilities when on vacation as well. In addition, hotels will be able to use IoT to provide customized room service and using facial recognition to enhance security.

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Another major trend that Hope points out is printed electronics. Printed electronics is a technology that allows for sensors to be printed onto film. One emerging application of this technique is smart labels, which famed distillery Johnnie Walker has already used on its blue-label whiskey brand, the first commercially smart-labeled product. This technology will allow for smart phone connectivity with consumer products that companies will use to interact with their customers directly.

Jason Hope graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Finance. He also holds an MBA from ASU’s business school. He is an entrepreneur and investor with a keen interest in startups and future technologies.

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