Paul Mampilly Looks To The Auto, Medical, And Food Industries For The Next Investing Move

Daily Forex Report published the article “Paul Mampilly Offers Expert Investment” to discuss the recommendations of the experienced and successful investor, Paul Mampilly. The article reveals three main sectors for investors to keep an eye on, namely the food industry, the medical industry and the automobile industry.

Paul Mampilly as an active investor, suggests that investors look at food companies that are adapting to millennial habits. Because the majority of millennials were raised by two working parents, they often lack the cooking skills they desire. They are also becoming incredibly health conscious since they have seen the epidemic rise of diabetes and obesity. Many millennials are also beginning to have children of their own and they are looking for efficient ways to cook and spend time with their families.

Companies like Blue Apron and Plated are catering to the millennial desire to cook in a more efficient, but still healthy way. They provide packaged ingredients and instructions so the customers don’t need to search online for a great recipe or go to the store for all of the ingredients. Some companies also provide already cooked meals and deliver them directly to the customer’s home. Many provide the specialized diets that many millennials adopt, providing options for those who are paleo, vegan, or vegetarian. Mampilly suggests that it is the perfect time for investors to begin investing in these types of food companies.


Next, Paul Mampilly suggests investors begin researching into the medical industry. There have been many advances in the technology around medicine and treatment options. Because there are technologies that analyze the genetic data and the individual’s personal medical history, doctors are able to provide more individualized treatment plans based on their own biochemistry. They will be able to target illnesses easily and it will allow doctors to diagnose medical issues with greater accuracy. Personalized treatment will allow doctors to match the best treatments for the patient’s issue based on their biology.

Mampilly also suggests that companies like Tesla are beginning to push out the older automobile titans like Ford and Chrysler. He suggests that Tesla may act in a similar way as the iPhone, one of the first smartphones on the market. As the iPhone became more affordable, Nokia and Blackberry were pushed out of the market. Tesla will similarly change the automobile industry by changing the meaning of vehicle ownership.

Paul Mampilly is an award-winning investor with experience successfully managing multi-million dollar funds as well as helping those who are just beginning on their financial career. Mampilly retired from Wall Street after twenty-five years of experience and retired at the ripe age of 42 to spend time with his family. However, he moved into publishing and now writes the popular investment newsletter, Profits Unlimited.

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Investor and entrepreneur-Igor Cornelsen

Starting a business may as an easy task but in the real sense, it is the most overwhelming practice one can undertake. An investment may easily fail especially if one does not know they are doing, so it is important to know how investment works. Both the pioneers and startup investors should keenly consider how this investment vehicle operates. It is also advisable that one seek advice from an investment expert like Igor Cornelsen. Mr. Igor can well be described as a knowledgeable when it comes to investing matters. Igor knows the A-Z of investments. He has gained knowledge over the years he has been working in the business and investment, world.

Igor Cornelsen is Brazilian investor who since he began his career as investment advisor has been working with top organizations helping them to deal with the damaged stocks instead of the damaged companies. He also provides advisory services to individuals and, corporates. Mr. Cornelsen advice to entrepreneurs and business people is that they can buy cheap stock which can produce profits in the long-term. Some of the advice that Igor has been offering to investors is as listed below.

  • Start as soon as possible: According to Igor, this is most important element when it comes to investing. He says that one should consider beginning an investment as soon as possible regardless of their age.
  • Do not lose money: this is the most crucial rule of investing; never lose money. According to Cornelsen, it is normal to lose money in business but one should search for all means to avoid losing cash.
  • Get an adviser: as a beginner, it is advisable to get someone to guide them through investing process before one gets used to it.
  • Diversify the portfolio: in order to maximize risk it is important to diversify one portfolio this will assist the business person gain more revenue thus increasing profit.

Igor Cornelsen is the founder of BainBridge Inv Inc. Since he began his career he has held several top positions in the Brazilian Banking sector. Mr. Igor is a retired investment advisor and he has been spending most of his time in South Florida doing what he loves most; investing.