Matt Badiali on Investing in Zinc and Freedom Checks

Natural resource investment dockets don’t usually last long. For instance, the zinc bear industry started in 2011 and lasted for about five years. Few investors sat over the last years. When the bear market gets rolling, investors sell out in disgust. They additionally move to other investment sectors in which they can earn revenue. Nevertheless, when a bull market comes from natural resources, it becomes a source of constant worry. According to Matt Badiali, author of the Real Wealth Strategist, no bull market in natural resources goes up straight. Every day the price doesn’t go up, investors become nervous. Every dip in the price share of miners becomes a primary source of panic.

Matt Badiali is an experienced geologist who taught at the University of North Carolina. At that moment, a prominent financial expert contacted him to help him on a particular mining project, based on natural resources. The investor wanted to invest some resources in mining and energy resource. He understood that to be successful in the business, he required the assistance of a skilled geologist. To do that, Matt Badiali would need to travel around the world, seeking some of the best mining companies that would assist the investment expert to garner high returns. Badiali would visit the mining sites and inspect their nature as well as their viability to give back more returns.

The traveling idea was intriguing. The expert Matt Badiali offered to increase his paycheck to five-fold and teach him everything he had learned about investing. Badiali has been traveling ever since. He went to Papua in New Guinea, Hong Kong, and Mexico. He’s always meeting with various mining experts who deal with different oil companies, CEOs, and resource investors. Over the years, Matt Badiali has represented his findings at geological conferences besides significant companies such as Anadarko as well as Exxon Mobil. Of late, Matt Badiali is has been gracing news headlines following a video he released regarding Freedom Checks. This is the best investment opportunity that allows every established and emerging investor to put some monetary resources into rewarding checks. He implores people to trust the form of investment since it’s pretty satisfying.

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Matt Badiali Brings Natural Sciences to Investing

Career Choices

After receiving a bachelor degree in sciences from Penn State and a Master in geological sciences from Florida State University Matt Badiali continued his education at Atlantic University setting his sights on a Ph.D. However, it was not to be, since in 2004 he was introduced to the world in finance.

MAtt’s friend who had already received a Ph.D. in finance esteemed Matt and believed that Matt Badiali showed potential in investments thru his geological knowledge he had accumulated.

Redirections and Influences

Matt’s friend’s predictions were right since over the years since Matt Badiali has started giving his advice thru his methods developed upon the science of geology clients have achieved double and triple percent returns. He has become such an industry expert that after joining Banyan Hill in 2017 he began his own newsletter, Real Wealth Strategist, sharing his unique insights in investing.

Transition from Fossil Fuel to Battery Power

Matt Badiali recognized that his education and experience particularly suited him for investment advice in the natural resource market. The natural resource markets are typically very cyclical and have a high degree of speculation. To invest successfully in this market, it is essential that you understand not only the finance in the market themselves but also the science behind the resources. Matt Badiali believes that mankind is on the verge of a massive shift in transitioning from using fossil fuel to other types of energy, but the one thing that needs to be accomplished is to invent a source of battery power that can keep a city going. He tells his clients that this knowledge can cumulatively hold the key of huge returns on investments in these resources and the technology that rises from the future sources.

Search For Renewable Energy Breakthrus

The transition to a newnewable energy that could give power to the world’s largest cities could revolutionize how we understand renewable energy, rather than using the remaining fossil fuels that are quickly being depleted.Whether it is solar energy from the sun, wind energy, wave energy, Ion batteries,biomass or geothermal energies are just a few of the many options that have been developed in recent years. Badialli is looking for bigger breakthrus to come.

Avaaz: An Online Platform Unifying the Voice of the Oppressed

The world is always in need of help. It is up to people to stand up for their fellow human beings and find ways to help each other. The only issue is finding venues that facilitate the help people want to provide. Avaaz wanted to fill that need for a facilitator. This US civic organization started to lend a helping hand back in 2007. The organization wanted to help promote global activism regarding several topics people care about the most, such as climate change and human rights.

The organization also tackles other issues making people’s lives harder, such as political corruption, poverty, and conflicts amongst society. The idea is to help people who want to bring change connect in a more effective way using the Avaaz platform. Activists around the world have been able to connect and fight for the same causes together using Avaaz, which has helped spread power more efficiently than ever before.

Those who wonder why the organization decided to use Avaaz as its name only need to look up what the word means in the ancient Sanskrit language. The word actually meant “voice,” which makes perfect sense because it is an organization aiming to help the voice of the masses shout out in unison. Some of the people in power may not love what this organization is doing because unified masses are lot more powerful than divided masses.

The abused have a lot more in common with each other than some may imagine. There is no telling how far this organization can go, but it hopes to continue the good fight together and globally. Part of what makes this platform so successful is its simplicity and accessibility. They can be easily found online. The Internet is part of the reason many people around the world are fighting for the oppressed in a more effective way, so hopefully, change continues to make things better for people.

Ted Bauman Discussing the Important Bitcoin Issue

Ted Bauman, an editor of Banyan Hill Publishing, recently gave an article to, concerning an important issue with Bitcoin which can cause it to be extinct in a few years if the issue is not resolved. He talked about how it takes a long period of time to do a business transaction with bitcoins which could be very frustrating for users. With it taking so long to process, users may decide to opt-out from using bitcoins. On the hand, it only takes a few minutes for users to use credit cards for business transactions.

Approximately 1700 Visa credit card transactions are done per second. But with bitcoins, only around 6.5 transactions are done per second. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. It only exists in the world computers, and thus, there is no centralized network. Also, the computerized process goes through a process referred to mining which could take 20 minutes and more to complete. There was one incident of a transaction taking up to 42 minutes to complete.

He did mention, however, some solutions to this bitcoin problem. Decreasing the data amount, for instance, will be one way to eliminate the time to process transactions. Secondly, the industry increasing data blocks will help also. There are some groups who use the “segregated witness” technique which reduces the data by moving part of the data to a location where no verification is needed. However, some users are wary of this technology. Another technique used is called the “hard fork” where the previous transactions’ chain, called the “blockchain“, is used. And as a result, an increase of eight megabytes in the block size speeds up the process of verifying. This technology is now known as “bitcoin cash”, and it is increasing in popularity and worth.

About Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman has been with Banyan Hill Publishing since 2013. He specializes in asset protection, low-risk investment strategies, international migration issues, and privacy. He resides in Atlanta, Georgia with his family.

Bauman earned his postgraduate degree in Economics and History from the University of Cape Town in South Africa. While being in South Africa for two and a half decades, he served in various executive roles for nonprofits. His primary role was a fund manager for low-cost housing projects. In the 2000s, Bauman worked in researching, consulting, and writing in housing, urban planning, and finance for clients of the World Bank, the United Nations, Europe, and the South African government grant-making organizations. In 2008, he moved back to the US to serve as the Director of International Housing Programs for Habitat for Humanity International. He held that position until 2013 at which time he became a full-time writer and researcher.

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Paul Mampilly Looks To The Auto, Medical, And Food Industries For The Next Investing Move

Daily Forex Report published the article “Paul Mampilly Offers Expert Investment” to discuss the recommendations of the experienced and successful investor, Paul Mampilly. The article reveals three main sectors for investors to keep an eye on, namely the food industry, the medical industry and the automobile industry.

Paul Mampilly as an active investor, suggests that investors look at food companies that are adapting to millennial habits. Because the majority of millennials were raised by two working parents, they often lack the cooking skills they desire. They are also becoming incredibly health conscious since they have seen the epidemic rise of diabetes and obesity. Many millennials are also beginning to have children of their own and they are looking for efficient ways to cook and spend time with their families.

Companies like Blue Apron and Plated are catering to the millennial desire to cook in a more efficient, but still healthy way. They provide packaged ingredients and instructions so the customers don’t need to search online for a great recipe or go to the store for all of the ingredients. Some companies also provide already cooked meals and deliver them directly to the customer’s home. Many provide the specialized diets that many millennials adopt, providing options for those who are paleo, vegan, or vegetarian. Mampilly suggests that it is the perfect time for investors to begin investing in these types of food companies.


Next, Paul Mampilly suggests investors begin researching into the medical industry. There have been many advances in the technology around medicine and treatment options. Because there are technologies that analyze the genetic data and the individual’s personal medical history, doctors are able to provide more individualized treatment plans based on their own biochemistry. They will be able to target illnesses easily and it will allow doctors to diagnose medical issues with greater accuracy. Personalized treatment will allow doctors to match the best treatments for the patient’s issue based on their biology.

Mampilly also suggests that companies like Tesla are beginning to push out the older automobile titans like Ford and Chrysler. He suggests that Tesla may act in a similar way as the iPhone, one of the first smartphones on the market. As the iPhone became more affordable, Nokia and Blackberry were pushed out of the market. Tesla will similarly change the automobile industry by changing the meaning of vehicle ownership.

Paul Mampilly is an award-winning investor with experience successfully managing multi-million dollar funds as well as helping those who are just beginning on their financial career. Mampilly retired from Wall Street after twenty-five years of experience and retired at the ripe age of 42 to spend time with his family. However, he moved into publishing and now writes the popular investment newsletter, Profits Unlimited.

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Sharing the Wealth at Market America Events

Market America Events are all about sharing the wealth. When people attend these awe inspiring seminars, they learn what it feels like to be successful and carry that with them throughout their daily life. This is a game changer for most people, because that is not how the world teaches us to see ourselves. But once you see yourself as a success for the first time, you just want more. And more is what Market America is all about giving their friends, families, and other who want a taste of reality on fire. Come see for yourself and achieve what you have always been longing for in life.

Market America Events are an eye opening exchange of ideas for like minded souls and the people that carry a will to succeed. Only at Market America can you meet up with so many different kinds of people, who all share a common goal. They all want to get the most out of life, then pass it on to others. This is the first step toward making a better future happen, not just for you. But for everyone that you meet and everyone you see. Because sharing the wealth at Market America means making life an event in itself.



Investor and entrepreneur-Igor Cornelsen

Starting a business may as an easy task but in the real sense, it is the most overwhelming practice one can undertake. An investment may easily fail especially if one does not know they are doing, so it is important to know how investment works. Both the pioneers and startup investors should keenly consider how this investment vehicle operates. It is also advisable that one seek advice from an investment expert like Igor Cornelsen. Mr. Igor can well be described as a knowledgeable when it comes to investing matters. Igor knows the A-Z of investments. He has gained knowledge over the years he has been working in the business and investment, world.

Igor Cornelsen is Brazilian investor who since he began his career as investment advisor has been working with top organizations helping them to deal with the damaged stocks instead of the damaged companies. He also provides advisory services to individuals and, corporates. Mr. Cornelsen advice to entrepreneurs and business people is that they can buy cheap stock which can produce profits in the long-term. Some of the advice that Igor has been offering to investors is as listed below.

  • Start as soon as possible: According to Igor, this is most important element when it comes to investing. He says that one should consider beginning an investment as soon as possible regardless of their age.
  • Do not lose money: this is the most crucial rule of investing; never lose money. According to Cornelsen, it is normal to lose money in business but one should search for all means to avoid losing cash.
  • Get an adviser: as a beginner, it is advisable to get someone to guide them through investing process before one gets used to it.
  • Diversify the portfolio: in order to maximize risk it is important to diversify one portfolio this will assist the business person gain more revenue thus increasing profit.

Igor Cornelsen is the founder of BainBridge Inv Inc. Since he began his career he has held several top positions in the Brazilian Banking sector. Mr. Igor is a retired investment advisor and he has been spending most of his time in South Florida doing what he loves most; investing.