Gareth Henry Talks Hedge Funds

Investors are still hooked on hedge funds and their interest keeps growing as the years go on. Hedge funds are getting a lot of attention lately and investor and Principal of Fortress Investment Group believe that this all is for very good reasons. Currently, there is about $3 trillion of assets in hedge funds which is 12% more than just a year before. Hedge funds are considered a type of alternative asset in the same class as private equity. The 2 are currently about even when it comes to how popular they are among investors.

A lot of people have had very bad misconceptions about hedge funds over the years and Gareth Henry sees this changing as of late. Investors are loving investing in hedge funds and they are loving the revenue that they are earning even more. Gareth Henry notes that even Bloomberg News and other outlets are reporting on the popularity of these funds and why so many people are choosing them today. Investors have shown a huge appetite for the investment device and that doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon. Read the article at

The amount of capital that is being allocated to hedge funds has not been higher than it is now than it has been in the last 3 years. Just a year earlier, investors had about 12% of their portfolio invested in hedge funds and now that number is closer to 28% Gareth Henry says. This is just one percentage point behind private equity. These numbers are very interesting to Gareth Henry who received his education in mathematics prior to becoming a success on Wall Street. There have been people singing the praises of hedge funds for years now because of the high returns that they have been shown to bring. Unfortunately, they can come with some big risks too if investors make some bad decisions. Gareth Henry believes that it is important to have the right perspective when it comes to an investment to make sure that you are making the best financial decisions possible for both your portfolio and your future.

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Adam Milstein supports the community to fight antisemitism

According to Israeli-American philanthropist and Jewish community leader Adam Milstein, the future of the Jews lies in the hands of the young people. This is the generation that will create the next phase of strong leaders who will steer the country through the challenges posed by anti-Semitism which is on the rise in Europe and North America. Adam Milstein wants to see Jewish leaders who will lead the country like the great leaders of the past led by the first prime minister of Israel David Ben-Gurion and other did. These are leaders who stood with the community at the time of dire need and assisted them to face the challenges that were encountered post-independence.

Today, the biggest challenges facing the state of Israeli comes in the form of an anti-Semitism movement known as BDS. This is a movement that aims at weakening the Jews economically and then isolating them from the rest of the world. The BDS movement is a product of agents of anti-Semitism coming together to bring the community down. The BDS Movement also want to separate the Jews living abroad from those living in the Middle East. By creating fear among the Jews living in the diaspora, they are forcing them to denounce their Jewish identity. This makes them lose touch with the Jewish community. The BDS Movement is driving a wedge into the relationships between these two sides of the community thus weakening Israel as a nation.

There is, however, an effort that is being applied by community leaders such as Adam Milstein. These are people who have seen the intentions of the movement and are doing everything possible to make their goals unattainable. Adam Milstein is sponsoring various initiatives which will bind the community together. The Jews living in the United States will identify themselves with the Jewish origin.

By mentoring the young Jews to learn about their history, Milstein is achieving the vital goals of uniting the community. They will not have to go into hiding when the community comes under attack from agents of hate. Adam Milstein is leading two organizations that advocate for Jews’ rights. There is the Adam Milstein Family Foundation and the Israeli -American Council.

Jason Hope says that IoT will revolutionize Customer Experience in the Airline Industry

The beauty of the Internet is that it is not rigid and it is flexible as far as our creativity and imagination can get. Today the newest trend is the Internet of Things, christened, (IoT) and according to Jason Hope, a technology entrepreneur, this trend will influence the interaction of technology gadgets and people.

Many objects are now being manufactured in a way that they can connect wirelessly to the internet. Some decades ago, if you told someone that Bluetooth beacon technology would allow your toothbrush monitor your dental formula, it would have been classified as extreme science fiction.

At the heart of IoT is the beacon technology which gathers and transmits information to the user, or from object to object. Jason Hope says that the beacon technology will extensively influence the airline industry in a large way.

Jason says that beacon technology allows personalization of experience, and enhances the interaction between objects and people. In the airline industry, customer satisfaction and comfort is the premium service that makes or breaks a brand. It is very crucial that the airline industry embraces IoT and it is encouraging that most of the airlines have a percentage of their budgets directed to fully embracing IoT. Jason hope digs in on some of the areas that IoT is going to influence in a major way.

Jason Hope says that safety is among the areas that IoT is going to change for the better. With the beacon technology, the safety of the passengers will be guaranteed. This is because the airplane will be in continuous communication to people on the ground and in case of a technical hitch solutions will be available at the click of a button. The safety of the customer’s luggage will also be enhanced because customers will be able to track their luggage at the convenience of their smartphones.

According to Jason, customer experience and service will be the major area that IoT is going to revolutionize. Hope says that customers will be able to check in with much ease at the comfort of their emails as long as 24hrs before takeoff. The beacons will also serve as your personal guide through the airport. With your permission, the beacons will guide you through the various sections of the airport in case you are new to the airport. Also in case of a flight delay, the beacons will suggest the most convenient hangout spots according to your preference, informed by your data.

Jason says that IoT will have a major impact on future and the possibilities of its impact are limitless and the technology will transform the experience of the way people fly. This is because IoT will ensure a seamless transition and adapt to new circumstances day in day out

More about Jason Hope.

Jason is a technology investor and philanthropist who is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He earned his Finance degree in Arizona State University and an MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business. He is actively involved in mentoring high school students around Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Jason Hope’s venture into anti-aging products.

Currently, people face a lot of diseases. Some are minor and can be treated within no time. Other diseases however significantly affect humans and can sometimes lead to fatality. Everyone across the globe is busy fighting these life-threatening diseases that they forget there is a more dreadful condition, that is, aging. Aging is a paramount condition and affects everyone, both healthy and unhealthy.

Aging has for ages been considered an inevitable stage in life. It has been viewed a mandatory stage in life that every individual must go through. Aging comes with a lot of disadvantages. During old age, one’s bones become weak, skin gets wrinkled and one may become more inactive. Old age also brings with it a lot of diseases. The illnesses include arthritis, high blood pressure or even cancer. These diseases reduce the activity of a person and can sometimes claim a person’s life.

Being in this situation also affects a person’s loved ones emotionally. These diseases become more unbearable because the medical system focusses more on treating them rather than preventing them in the first place. The treatments are also administered to enable the patients put up with the symptoms instead of removing the disease from the body.

It is because of these reasons that Jason Hope decides to step up to assist in solving the problems related to aging. He is working on a solution to reduce the rate of aging and ensure that people live longer. He has contributed to funding the numerous research projects that are being carried out to find the solution to slow the aging process. The research will also assist in finding solutions to the diseases that accompany aging.

Jason has been working together with SENS Foundation. SENS is a non- profit organisation. This establishment focusses on assisting the community fight aging through access to advanced technology. Access to technology would also enable the public fight the aging-related diseases. Jason Hope has funded many projects done by the SENS Foundation. Eight years ago, Jason donated half a million dollars to the foundation.

SENS Foundation incorporates biotechnology in finding solutions for aging and the diseases that come along with it. Biotechnology is an approach that enables development of products using living tissues. It is done after a thorough study of the considered living organisms. Apart from coming up with products to slow down aging, this foundation also works on sensitising the public about aging. It strives to change people’s opinion on aging to enable them to embrace the aging reduction products.

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A Peep Into Wes Edens’ Remarkable Career

Wes Edens became popular for being one of the founders of Fortress Investment Group (FIG) but only very few people know that he has several other enviable achievements. The New York-based business mogul was born Wesley Robert Edens in Oct. 30, 1961. He got a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Business Administration in 1984 from Oregon State University.Wes Edens is married to Lynn Edens, with whom he has 4 children. As mentioned earlier, Edens has several other achievements that you may not know about. In fact, he is currently handling several executive positions in different notable organizations at the same time.

Here is a list of his current positions

• He is the current Chairman and CEO of NIH LLC

• He is a member of the board of trustees of the Team Foundation of U.S. Snowboard and Ski

• He is the current Chairman of New Media Investment Group Inc.

• He is the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Springleaf Finance Inc.

• He is the Chairman of the Board, OneMain Holdings Inc.

• He is the Chairman of the Board of Directors, FECH Corp

• He is the Chairman of Mapeley Limited

• He is the Chairman and CEO of FRIT

• He is the Co-Chairman and Principal of Fortress Credit Corporation

Even in his personal company, Fortress Investment Group, he served in several positions which include being the Chief Executive Officer from 1998 to July 22, 2003. The successful business tycoon is also affiliated to several other events and organizations.Wes Edens started 1987 as the Managing Director and partner at Lehman Brothers. He was there until 1993 before moving to BlackRock. He also served there as both Managing Director and partner from 1993 to 1997.He was in the news again when he bought off Milwaukee Bucks and he has built a new $400 million-arena for the team.

Apart from co-owning Milwaukee Bucks, he also purchased Cloud9 Challenger’s League Championship Series Spot. He bought the spot for about $1.8 million and bought contract rights of some players for about $700,000. So, he spent a total of $2.5 million on the deal.In 2016, Milwaukee Business Journal estimated Wes Edens’ take home pay to be $54.4 million per year. The figure was broken down to earning $13.4 million as annual compensation and $41 million in dividends being a major shareholder.It was further broken down that he earned $200,000 salary and about $1.1 million stock awards. In addition, he earned $11.6 million bonus and $478,493 as miscellaneous compensation in 2015. Edens held about 63.3 million shares of the company’s total stock then. It is believed that the figure may have increased now.

Adam Milsten’s Bio

Adam Milstein is an American philanthropic investor native to Haifa, Israel. He served in the Israeli Defence Forces in 1937 during Yom Kippur War. The service at the Defence Forces was mandatory after which he joined Technion attaining his Bachelor’s degree in business and economics. He then advanced his education up to Masters Level and after that worked in the real estate industry.

Adam Milstein and his wife founded the Milstein Family Foundation that supports Israel and its nationals. It is a charitable organization that supports Jewish people and their home country in several ways. He is also a founding member of the Israeli-American Council. Milstein is a Jewish advocate.

Adam Milstein is an author. He writes for the Jewish News Syndicate, JNS, and blog. His articles mainly revolve around the vulnerability of the Jews and the nation of Israel. His most recent article on the blog is about radical Muslims whose main agenda is to cripple Israel and Jews.

In his article, Adam Milstein states that anti-Semitism has always been there, but it is growing more rapidly in the recent years. He states that it lays the foundation for radical Muslim movements. Over the recent past, North America has held hands with Europe witnessing the union between the radical Muslims and leftists. Both marginalize women, execute gays, disregard minority and human rights, and disregard feminism. The radical Muslims and leftists only unite because they have a common enemy, i.e., Western influence according to Adam Milstein.

Adam Milstein expresses his surprise over how the leftists are blinded towards the radical Muslims’ values. The leftists’ mistreatment of women and their superiority complex over other religions. It beats his understanding how they reduce all Muslims to the victims “oppressed by the West.” According to the radical leftists, Israel is a colonial oppressor whose target is Muslims. They also blame Israel for the problems faced by the whole world.

Political activists such as Linda Sarsour is considered a feminist in the left. She is a role model to be emulated for them. That is despite her high regard for the Sharia Laws’ misogyny and Saudi Arabia’s mistreatment of the female gender.

David Giertz Financial Advisory Tips

David studied MBA at the Millikin University and BS at the University of Miami. He started his career at Citigroup. He worked as a Financial Services Advisor at Citigroup. David went to Nationwide and became an Area Director. Nationwide promoted him to Executive Vice President of sales. Giertz always surpassed industry expectations earning accolades and promotions. The World Association of Business Coaches certified Dave as Business Coach. David has also attained a Gallup Associate Engagement Score. David is a registered member of FINRA where he is also a certified broker.

David has worked in Financial Services for over thirty years. He got a promotion to become the Senior Vice President of Nationwide Sales and Distribution Division in 2013. He has consistently produced successful results. David’s hard work has increased Nationwide’s Revenues by more than 70%. The results have risen from $11 Billion to $17.8 Billion. David holds a few senior vice president positions at Nationwide’s subsidiaries.

David Giertz notes that Nationwide’s Financial Services Division has come to improve the lives of many people. David notes that financial services advisors who provide advice to clients on social security only discuss multiple security memos. Nationwide conducted a study where Giertz observed that 4 out of 5 clients in the survey prefer changing their financial service advisors if they don’t talk about social security. Giertz, however, says that social security is not a simple topic. He says that the social security topic’s handbook has two thousand seven hundred rules.

David says that financial service advisors should understand each rule individually to get better comprehension. David Giertz notes that financial service advisors must factor in social security issues in their conversations with clients. The financial advisors will avoid losing clients if they don’t talk about social security comprehensively. David says that Social security increases financial advisors’ income by up to forty percent. David says that financial advisors who do not take social security issues seriously lose money in the long term. He adds that social security knowledge is very essential.

What you should know about Paul Mampilly and his Career

Not long ago, Profits Unlimited attracted the media’s attention with the news of acquiring 60,000 subscribers. To many, who understand the stiff competition, Profits Unlimited is the new deal in the block with a promising future. With all said and done, little has been told about Mr. Paul Mampilly, the great mind behind the newsletter. Paul Mampilly is the owner of Profits Unlimited and also works as a senior editor.

Mr. Paul Mampilly is a respected individual in the stock market and shares his knowledge through platforms such as Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum all which operate under Banyan Hill Publishing. Mampilly takes pride in being in the stock market for a considerable time, an experience that assists him when it comes to figuring out which stock has a possibility of shooting higher. Hence, via platforms such as Profits Unlimited, Paul has been able to help thousands of clients earn higher profit margins. Refer to This Article for additional info.

Mr. Mampilly is more of a manager for two trading services which are; True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes. His involvement with the two platforms is of great help as it has seen them gain market recognition at a quick rate. The talented fellow also writes a weekly column at the firm’s newsletter, Winning Investor Daily.

Since joining the world of stock, Paul has made it his mandate to guide clients on how they can acquire the best shares in the market. Currently, Paul mainly focuses on helping Main Street Americans gather fortunes through investment, small-cap stocks, and technology as well as small but promising opportunities that may come their way.

Before joining Banyan Hill Publishing, Paul used to work at Stansberry Research LLC. At the firm, he was assigned the role of an editor of the professional speculator and held it with dignity for about a year. Earlier, Paul held various top managerial positions at Kinetics Management LLC.

Mr. Paul Mampilly holds an experience when it comes to venturing on his own. The talented individual was involved with the establishment of The Capuchin Group where he offered his services as the author, editor as well as the publisher for about three years. When it comes to the banking sector, Paul takes pride in holding more than the experience which is needed. He previously worked at Royal Bank of Scotland as the money manager. Besides, Paul also worked at Swiss Bank, ING, Deutsche Bank and Sears holding similar top managerial positions. For more updates, Like the facebook page.

The Fordham University graduate began his career in 1991 when he started working as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust. The talented investor has also been associated with firms such as Wall Street where he served as an insider. Besides, Paul is a celebrated hedge fund manager and has happened to work in close collaboration with thousands of clients. Owing to his top-notch skills, Paul has been featured on platforms such as Bloomberg TV, Reuters, Fox News, CNBC, Fox Business News, and Kiplingers among many others where he goes live to help people understand the stock market. Watch:

Michael Hagele: What Makes This Entrepreneur Tick

The best solutions come from iteration, making an existing challenge to what is assumed. Michael Hagele has a B.A. from the University of Iowa, and a J.D. from the University of California at Berkeley. Hagele’s previous experiences include Fenwick and West LLP as a participant in the Licensing and Commerce Group. He has had experience in both outside and in-house counsel that proves to him that sole practitioners or smaller firms can in fact; provide better legal services to clientele in technology-oriented businesses. Hagele handles the day-to-day legal matters of his clients. He provides beneficial legal services to clients in many technology-aware business ventures.

The beginning of his day involves general or intellectual property legal advising, which then leads him to get to the direct aspects of drafting and reviewing contracts that are licensing agreements. In the afternoon, Michael Hagele likes to take a break for a mountain or road bike ride, which helps him shake out the cobwebs of stress that may gather. Then he deals with other client issues that pop up in the afternoon when after that bike ride, he is at his most creative. He works at bringing resolution to difficult situations.

In the evening, he deals with his overseas investment partners. Bringing new ideas to life is his specialty, which is done by challenging assumptions that get repeated, attempting to integrate new information as the opportunity to do so becomes available. A new trend that excites him is artificial intelligence, as he is an investor and advisor to a company with an application used by non-profits to learn how to utilize their funds better. He feels the best habit an entrepreneur can be in is to put the customer first. He advises other entrepreneurs engage in physical activity since it can help with creativity. Social media use as an important strategy to grow business is another piece of advice Hagele would like to give budding entrepreneurs. He also advises to give your people equity means they are interested in the success of the business since that means they are able to share in the financials.

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Jeff Yastine: The Most Sought-after Name In Today’s Financial Journalism World

A financial journalist whose typical style of reportage is often envied by many

Jeff Yastine, also known as JL, is a name today which is practically synonymous with a unique, insightful and revolutionary style of journalism. He is a man of notable successes that the investing folks love most and journalists envy of. He carries with him more than two decades of practical experience as a financial Journalist and stock market investor. His insightful and talismanic reportage has earned him a fair amount of respect and a great public image. His accurate and up-to-the-minute reports often prove to be a game changer.

He is currently serving as the Editorial Director at Banyan Hill Publication (earlier known as The Sovereign Society) since August 2015. It’s a network of global experts in investment, entrepreneurship and asset protection. He is also the editor of Total Wealth Insider. Apart from Total Wealth Insider, he is also a weekly contributor to Banyan Hill’s Sovereign Investor Daily and Winning Investor Daily. He is incredibly helping both experienced and novice investors understand most coveted business, economic and monetary trends by highlighting the profit-making opportunities for them in a very comprehensive manner. He works with a passion for enabling investors capable of making informed decisions about their investments that can accelerate the path of financial successes. He has a strong desire for the investors to obtain total financial freedom.

While he was pursuing his journalism degree – Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunication (Electronic Journalism), he demonstrated keen journalism abilities and a knack for financial and business matters by which he drew his inspiration to move in this direction of his career.

After finishing up his bachelor’s degree, he started his career in 1993 as a senior correspondent at Nightly Business Report (PBS) and served till 2010 where his job was to find great and useful stories on business, economic and financial trends, and to tell all those stories to NBR’s audience through the eyes of investors and businessmen. During his tenure, he took up two trips to Cuba, first in 1995 and second in 2003, for the purpose of reporting on Cuba’s flirtations with private enterprises. In 2010, he also spent a week with Mike Malanga, a photographer, travelling along the Gulf Coast to report on the impact of BP spill on local economies and businesses. He spent a week in Biloxi, Pascagoula, St Christian just six months after Katrina to report on the economic struggles in the region at the time. Read more on Talk Markets

Further, He served, from 2011 to 2013, as the Editorial Director of the Oxford Club LLC where he oversaw the editorial development efforts made by freelance professionals and in-house staffers for financial newsletters for the club’s subscribers, premium reports and a range of back-end services. There, Jeff also consulted on club’s financial seminars, videos and marketing projects.

From April 2013 to Jul 2015, He worked with Newsmax Media, Inc as the Director of Financial Newsletters and Financial Intelligence Report.

His Achievements: As part of the team of NBR journalists, Jeff Yastine was awarded the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants Excellence in Financial Journalism Award. That exceptional accolade was a mark of achievement for his 30-minute special report on the United States’ bond market. Jeff’s report as a series of “ The State of Repair” on the plight of under-funded public infrastructure in the USA was nominated for the Business Emmy Award in 2007. That report was aired in 2007 which was only weeks before the tragedy of Minneapolis interstate bridge collapse occurred. That report focussed much of the nation’s attention on spending on infrastructure.