David Giertz Financial Advisory Tips

David studied MBA at the Millikin University and BS at the University of Miami. He started his career at Citigroup. He worked as a Financial Services Advisor at Citigroup. David went to Nationwide and became an Area Director. Nationwide promoted him to Executive Vice President of sales. Giertz always surpassed industry expectations earning accolades and promotions. The World Association of Business Coaches certified Dave as Business Coach. David has also attained a Gallup Associate Engagement Score. David is a registered member of FINRA where he is also a certified broker.

David has worked in Financial Services for over thirty years. He got a promotion to become the Senior Vice President of Nationwide Sales and Distribution Division in 2013. He has consistently produced successful results. David’s hard work has increased Nationwide’s Revenues by more than 70%. The results have risen from $11 Billion to $17.8 Billion. David holds a few senior vice president positions at Nationwide’s subsidiaries.

David Giertz notes that Nationwide’s Financial Services Division has come to improve the lives of many people. David notes that financial services advisors who provide advice to clients on social security only discuss multiple security memos. Nationwide conducted a study where Giertz observed that 4 out of 5 clients in the survey prefer changing their financial service advisors if they don’t talk about social security. Giertz, however, says that social security is not a simple topic. He says that the social security topic’s handbook has two thousand seven hundred rules.

David says that financial service advisors should understand each rule individually to get better comprehension. David Giertz notes that financial service advisors must factor in social security issues in their conversations with clients. The financial advisors will avoid losing clients if they don’t talk about social security comprehensively. David says that Social security increases financial advisors’ income by up to forty percent. David says that financial advisors who do not take social security issues seriously lose money in the long term. He adds that social security knowledge is very essential.

What you should know about Paul Mampilly and his Career

Not long ago, Profits Unlimited attracted the media’s attention with the news of acquiring 60,000 subscribers. To many, who understand the stiff competition, Profits Unlimited is the new deal in the block with a promising future. With all said and done, little has been told about Mr. Paul Mampilly, the great mind behind the newsletter. Paul Mampilly is the owner of Profits Unlimited and also works as a senior editor.

Mr. Paul Mampilly is a respected individual in the stock market and shares his knowledge through platforms such as Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum all which operate under Banyan Hill Publishing. Mampilly takes pride in being in the stock market for a considerable time, an experience that assists him when it comes to figuring out which stock has a possibility of shooting higher. Hence, via platforms such as Profits Unlimited, Paul has been able to help thousands of clients earn higher profit margins. Refer to This Article for additional info.

Mr. Mampilly is more of a manager for two trading services which are; True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes. His involvement with the two platforms is of great help as it has seen them gain market recognition at a quick rate. The talented fellow also writes a weekly column at the firm’s newsletter, Winning Investor Daily.

Since joining the world of stock, Paul has made it his mandate to guide clients on how they can acquire the best shares in the market. Currently, Paul mainly focuses on helping Main Street Americans gather fortunes through investment, small-cap stocks, and technology as well as small but promising opportunities that may come their way.

Before joining Banyan Hill Publishing, Paul used to work at Stansberry Research LLC. At the firm, he was assigned the role of an editor of the professional speculator and held it with dignity for about a year. Earlier, Paul held various top managerial positions at Kinetics Management LLC.

Mr. Paul Mampilly holds an experience when it comes to venturing on his own. The talented individual was involved with the establishment of The Capuchin Group where he offered his services as the author, editor as well as the publisher for about three years. When it comes to the banking sector, Paul takes pride in holding more than the experience which is needed. He previously worked at Royal Bank of Scotland as the money manager. Besides, Paul also worked at Swiss Bank, ING, Deutsche Bank and Sears holding similar top managerial positions. For more updates, Like the facebook page.

The Fordham University graduate began his career in 1991 when he started working as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust. The talented investor has also been associated with firms such as Wall Street where he served as an insider. Besides, Paul is a celebrated hedge fund manager and has happened to work in close collaboration with thousands of clients. Owing to his top-notch skills, Paul has been featured on platforms such as Bloomberg TV, Reuters, Fox News, CNBC, Fox Business News, and Kiplingers among many others where he goes live to help people understand the stock market. Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEOrH47cGNw

Michael Hagele: What Makes This Entrepreneur Tick

The best solutions come from iteration, making an existing challenge to what is assumed. Michael Hagele has a B.A. from the University of Iowa, and a J.D. from the University of California at Berkeley. Hagele’s previous experiences include Fenwick and West LLP as a participant in the Licensing and Commerce Group. He has had experience in both outside and in-house counsel that proves to him that sole practitioners or smaller firms can in fact; provide better legal services to clientele in technology-oriented businesses. Hagele handles the day-to-day legal matters of his clients. He provides beneficial legal services to clients in many technology-aware business ventures.

The beginning of his day involves general or intellectual property legal advising, which then leads him to get to the direct aspects of drafting and reviewing contracts that are licensing agreements. In the afternoon, Michael Hagele likes to take a break for a mountain or road bike ride, which helps him shake out the cobwebs of stress that may gather. Then he deals with other client issues that pop up in the afternoon when after that bike ride, he is at his most creative. He works at bringing resolution to difficult situations.

In the evening, he deals with his overseas investment partners. Bringing new ideas to life is his specialty, which is done by challenging assumptions that get repeated, attempting to integrate new information as the opportunity to do so becomes available. A new trend that excites him is artificial intelligence, as he is an investor and advisor to a company with an application used by non-profits to learn how to utilize their funds better. He feels the best habit an entrepreneur can be in is to put the customer first. He advises other entrepreneurs engage in physical activity since it can help with creativity. Social media use as an important strategy to grow business is another piece of advice Hagele would like to give budding entrepreneurs. He also advises to give your people equity means they are interested in the success of the business since that means they are able to share in the financials.

You can learn more about Michael Hagele by visiting:http://michaelhagele.com/


Jeff Yastine: The Most Sought-after Name In Today’s Financial Journalism World

A financial journalist whose typical style of reportage is often envied by many

Jeff Yastine, also known as JL, is a name today which is practically synonymous with a unique, insightful and revolutionary style of journalism. He is a man of notable successes that the investing folks love most and journalists envy of. He carries with him more than two decades of practical experience as a financial Journalist and stock market investor. His insightful and talismanic reportage has earned him a fair amount of respect and a great public image. His accurate and up-to-the-minute reports often prove to be a game changer.

He is currently serving as the Editorial Director at Banyan Hill Publication (earlier known as The Sovereign Society) since August 2015. It’s a network of global experts in investment, entrepreneurship and asset protection. He is also the editor of Total Wealth Insider. Apart from Total Wealth Insider, he is also a weekly contributor to Banyan Hill’s Sovereign Investor Daily and Winning Investor Daily. He is incredibly helping both experienced and novice investors understand most coveted business, economic and monetary trends by highlighting the profit-making opportunities for them in a very comprehensive manner. He works with a passion for enabling investors capable of making informed decisions about their investments that can accelerate the path of financial successes. He has a strong desire for the investors to obtain total financial freedom.

While he was pursuing his journalism degree – Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunication (Electronic Journalism), he demonstrated keen journalism abilities and a knack for financial and business matters by which he drew his inspiration to move in this direction of his career.

After finishing up his bachelor’s degree, he started his career in 1993 as a senior correspondent at Nightly Business Report (PBS) and served till 2010 where his job was to find great and useful stories on business, economic and financial trends, and to tell all those stories to NBR’s audience through the eyes of investors and businessmen. During his tenure, he took up two trips to Cuba, first in 1995 and second in 2003, for the purpose of reporting on Cuba’s flirtations with private enterprises. In 2010, he also spent a week with Mike Malanga, a photographer, travelling along the Gulf Coast to report on the impact of BP spill on local economies and businesses. He spent a week in Biloxi, Pascagoula, St Christian just six months after Katrina to report on the economic struggles in the region at the time. Read more on Talk Markets

Further, He served, from 2011 to 2013, as the Editorial Director of the Oxford Club LLC where he oversaw the editorial development efforts made by freelance professionals and in-house staffers for financial newsletters for the club’s subscribers, premium reports and a range of back-end services. There, Jeff also consulted on club’s financial seminars, videos and marketing projects.

From April 2013 to Jul 2015, He worked with Newsmax Media, Inc as the Director of Financial Newsletters and Financial Intelligence Report.

His Achievements: As part of the team of NBR journalists, Jeff Yastine was awarded the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants Excellence in Financial Journalism Award. That exceptional accolade was a mark of achievement for his 30-minute special report on the United States’ bond market. Jeff’s report as a series of “ The State of Repair” on the plight of under-funded public infrastructure in the USA was nominated for the Business Emmy Award in 2007. That report was aired in 2007 which was only weeks before the tragedy of Minneapolis interstate bridge collapse occurred. That report focussed much of the nation’s attention on spending on infrastructure.


Felipe Montoro Explains Brazil’s Investment Position

Felipe Montoro witnessed the process of infrastructure auction during the fourth quarter of 2017. The process was organized by the Brazilian government. The government recently announced infrastructure auctions in the fourth quarter of 2017 to deal with effects from poor private-public partnerships. Most people have been preoccupied for the second season and Tarcisio Gomes is poised to hold auctions for the infrastructure industry.

Infrastructure Auctions

According to Felipe Montoro Jens, Gomes who acts as a project coordinator for the investment partnership program gave assurance that the timeline for auctions would not interfere with despite political temperatures in the country. Gomes asserted that planned auctions will continue as planned. Auctions begun in September alongside political talks and since some contractors that they were ending some crucial projects, there was need for the private sector to join the event. Felipe said that the project should encourage new people to join the activity. Having new faces encourages fresh ideas for growth and development. One major problem to Brazil’s ever increasing productivity is the modernization, and growth of infrastructure, said Gomes. He said that if the infrastructure sector can be dealt with, it would be huge relief.

Way Forward

The project coordinator added that the fostering governance on projects is important and would benefit investment programs. He tied unemployment to lack of investors because of the trend caused by the fiscal budget. The aim of the program is to partner with ministries, and choose projects that are appealing to potential investors. They are also advised to choose projects that are likely to succeed to create room for growth. The auction that occurred in April is cited as one of the biggest cases in history. The project wants to correct mistakes made in the area of private-public partnership programs. In the first term of Temer’s rule, there have been over 40 auctions in the infrastructure sector alone.

Find out more about Felipe Montoro Jens: http://www.comunique-se.com.br/release.aspx?title=e-preciso-falar-de-parcerias-publico-privadas—com-felipe-montoro-jens&releaseid=126722&partnerid=11&

Ted Bauman Discussing the Important Bitcoin Issue

Ted Bauman, an editor of Banyan Hill Publishing, recently gave an article to analystoffinance.com, concerning an important issue with Bitcoin which can cause it to be extinct in a few years if the issue is not resolved. He talked about how it takes a long period of time to do a business transaction with bitcoins which could be very frustrating for users. With it taking so long to process, users may decide to opt-out from using bitcoins. On the hand, it only takes a few minutes for users to use credit cards for business transactions.

Approximately 1700 Visa credit card transactions are done per second. But with bitcoins, only around 6.5 transactions are done per second. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. It only exists in the world computers, and thus, there is no centralized network. Also, the computerized process goes through a process referred to mining which could take 20 minutes and more to complete. There was one incident of a transaction taking up to 42 minutes to complete.

He did mention, however, some solutions to this bitcoin problem. Decreasing the data amount, for instance, will be one way to eliminate the time to process transactions. Secondly, the industry increasing data blocks will help also. There are some groups who use the “segregated witness” technique which reduces the data by moving part of the data to a location where no verification is needed. However, some users are wary of this technology. Another technique used is called the “hard fork” where the previous transactions’ chain, called the “blockchain“, is used. And as a result, an increase of eight megabytes in the block size speeds up the process of verifying. This technology is now known as “bitcoin cash”, and it is increasing in popularity and worth.

About Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman has been with Banyan Hill Publishing since 2013. He specializes in asset protection, low-risk investment strategies, international migration issues, and privacy. He resides in Atlanta, Georgia with his family.

Bauman earned his postgraduate degree in Economics and History from the University of Cape Town in South Africa. While being in South Africa for two and a half decades, he served in various executive roles for nonprofits. His primary role was a fund manager for low-cost housing projects. In the 2000s, Bauman worked in researching, consulting, and writing in housing, urban planning, and finance for clients of the World Bank, the United Nations, Europe, and the South African government grant-making organizations. In 2008, he moved back to the US to serve as the Director of International Housing Programs for Habitat for Humanity International. He held that position until 2013 at which time he became a full-time writer and researcher.

Read more:http://sovereignsociety.com/meet-the-experts/ted-bauman/


George Soros Reveals How The Capitalist Ideology Is Causing Global Problems

The life of George Soros is one that could fill the pages of many books as the man who lived through the Hungarian Holocaust of World War II made his way from the position of Jewish refugee to one of the most successful hedge fund managers in the history of the financial markets. Despite having made his fortune under the dominant capitalist regime of the 20th and 21st-centuries, George Soros has recently become concerned by the fact capitalism is a political and economic ideology without equal or rival since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the conclusion of the “Cold War”. In a recent article for The Atlantic, George Soros set out his belief in the problems caused by the fact a single political and economic ideology had become the overriding victor in the battle for supremacy between capitalism and communism in the 20th-century.

The Open Society Foundations reports George Soros gained a major part of his political and economic belief system during his time as a student at the London School of Economics, a period that began when he arrived in the U.K. in 1947 when Soros left Hungary and made his way to the safety of the U.K. after communism took control of Eastern Europe in the days following World War II, during which time Soros saw the problems in the rise of totalitarian regimes; Soros was a prominent supporter of the resistance during the Cold War as millions of people found themselves stranded under the Soviet rule of the middle of the 20th-century that swept across swathes of Eastern Europe. The open society theory was popularized by philosopher Karl Popper, a former teacher, and mentor of George Soros who is credited with bringing the future hedge fund expert into a position of understanding of the way the different ideologies of the world affect our lives on a daily basis.

The work of the Open Society Foundations George Soros founded in the middle of the 1980s is a reflection of his beliefs in the need to ensure a dominant political ideology does not take control of the political landscape of any nation. Over the course of his career, George Soros has looked to develop the Open Society Foundations in a way that reflects his belief in the need to fight for the rights of the millions of people in the world who are trapped under the rule of closed societies. In the U.S. of the 21st-century, George Soros has been known to compare the policies of the right and President Donald Trump with the rise of Naziism in Germany and Soviet rule in Eastern Europe that shows how the rise of capitalism poses a threat to the security of the world as a whole.

Andrew Rocklage: Sky Zone Owner and Operator

Within the last handful of years, a chain of indoor trampoline parks has skyrocketed in popularity around the United States. Sky Zone introduced this concept to the country, and the chain rose to prominence quickly. Sky Zone owners come from many walks of life, but few are as interesting to learn about as Andrew Rocklage. A native of Boston, Massachusetts, Rocklage is currently the owner-operator of a new Sky Zone location in sunny Tampa Bay, Florida. So, how did an East Coast native with a background in law end up owning a trampoline park in the Sunshine State? Read on to find out.

Growing up, Andrew Rocklage was always active and into sports. Naturally curious and adventurous, he was always willing to try new things and to broaden his horizons. He excelled in his studies in secondary school, so it came as no surprise that he decided to proceed directly to college. Andrew was accepted at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and he threw himself into college life. While academics were his main priority, Rocklage continued to be very active. Through the years, he even trained for and ran half-marathons and full marathons. His love of running hasn’t waned to this day.

Andrew Rocklage graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst with a Bachelor of Science degree in sports management. He also came away with a minor in economics, so he had a broad base from which to begin his professional career. While working on his degree, he completed various internships and volunteer opportunities that afforded him the chance to see what life was really like in the business world. He also forged crucial connections with well-known people throughout the Boston business community; these connections would come very much in handy later in his life.

While he was satisfied with the work that he had done and what he had accomplished at UMass, Andrew Rocklage wasn’t done with school just yet. He had realized that he was fascinated by law, so he decided to return to school to earn a law degree. Impressively, he was accepted into the prestigious Suffolk University Law School, where he worked tirelessly to earn his degree. In 2013, after several years of work and study, he came away from the school with a Juris Doctor law degree. Finally, he felt like he had the educational background that he needed to accomplish the goals that he had set for himself in life.

Initially, Andrew Rocklage thought that he would be happy working strictly in the field of law. Although he did an internship in public relations for Major League Lacrosse at one point, he decided to take a job in the legal field to see how he liked it. He worked as a legal consultant and law clerk before taking a job as corporate counsel for EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals. The work was demanding and interesting, but it didn’t quite do enough to satisfy Andrew’s desire for innovation and forward thinking.

Since he had dipped his toes into the world of Boston business already, Andrew Rocklage decided to see what kinds of opportunities existed for him in that area. He finally realized that what he really wanted was to be master of his own destiny. To do that, he needed to strike out on his own and to stop working for others. He was actively seeking opportunities to own a successful business when he was alerted about an opportunity to invest in a Sky Zone franchise. Luckily, he was already familiar Sky Zone and really liked the concept. Several locations were already open in the Boston area, however, so Andrew knew that he would most likely have to relocate to make it happen.

After spending his whole life in Boston, where winters are positively punishing, Andrew Rocklage was more than happy to escape to the warmth of sunny Florida. He relocated to the city of Jupiter, Florida, and then he went to work getting a new Sky Zone franchise location open in the area. Finally, he became the owner and operator of a brand-new Sky Zone in Tampa Bay, FL. Located on International Speedway Boulevard, the facility includes a vast array of features and attractions. In addition to the immensely popular Freestyle Jump area, the facility includes SkySlam, which incorporates basketball and trampolines; FoamZone, where people can jump and have fun while surrounded by soft, cushy foam; and even a snack bar. At long last, Andrew Rocklage has found his calling. Will he be satisfied forever, though? Only time will tell.