Pinball style play with Final Fantasy XV spin off: Justice Monsters Five

Final Fantasy’s Justice Monsters Five game is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices. The free-to-play app is the latest offering from Square Enix in an anticipation of the company’s upcoming November 2016 Final Fantasy XV release. While Final Fantasy fans may be focused on the upcoming Final Fantasy drop, the Monsters five mobile title seeks to whet the appetite of Final Fantasy fans. Gameplay takes gamers on a journey to join Justice Monsters Bomb Bo, Lamiana, Flab Flan and more to save the Nova galaxy from horrible Lord Vexxo. Because of the app’s free nature players may need to do in-app purchasing to gain certain game elements, so if players want a total premium experience they may need to consider a different Final Fantasy game download.

The app’s simple to use interface of touch and flick controls will lead players into intense battles while allowing them to train monsters to defeat the forces of evil. The game incorporates retro pinball elements with RPG mechanisms that are sure to become a Final Fantasy spin-off game popular favorite. The game appears to be well designed with a layout that is full of substance and not just a pinball game and the title will be available as a mini game within the upcoming Final Fantasy XV game.

While there are some elements that are reminiscent of earlier mobile games like Monster strike, Justice Monsters Five is original and allows players to gain the help of previously defeated monsters who can join play ranks at later levels, each of the newly gained enemies bring their own traits to the game allowing players to gain greater strategic advantage in overcoming the forces of Lord Vexxo. Justice Monsters Five cartoon style is sure to be a fun ride in the wait for the Final Fantasy XV drop. Square Enix is awarding Monsters five players with special awards including 150 golden orbs until September 25 to celebrate the game launch. The game will be coming soon to Windows 10 devices and is available now for iOS and android devices.