“Kingdom Hearts 3” Files Leaked On Reddit

New files that detail the various worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3 have been leaked online. While these files aren’t officially verified, many Kingdom Hearts fans are excited about the potential Disney-inspired worlds that might be in the latest title.

Reddit user Rum3636 is responsible for discovering these leaked files and posting them online. In his opening statement, Rum3636 claims Square Enix probably deleted this list from the Internet after they discovered it leaked. Rum3636 didn’t download the original files, but s/he did post everything s/he saw.

The first world on this list is Disney-Pixar’s Toy Story, which was listed as “TS.” This should be no surprise to anyone who has seen the latest Kingdom Hearts 3 ad. According to this new list, the levels in this world will most likely be inspired by Toy Story TV shorts rather than the original films.

Next on Rum3636’s list is “RA,” which most likely stands of Rapunzel. Kingdom Hearts 3 developers said in the past that there would be one world inspired by Disney’s Tangled.

Rum3636 noted that one strange thing about the RA file was the high number of levels that seemed to be related to Disney’s Tarzan. Kingdom Hearts fans should already know that Tarzan was a major level in the first game.

The next code on this list was FZ02. Even though it hasn’t been confirmed by Square Enix, Rum3636 believes this stands for the blockbuster film Frozen. One clue that led Rum3636 to this conclusion was the high number of icicle-related files under this title.

Fourth on Rum3636’s list was “RG.” This most likely refers to Radiant Garden, a non-Disney-related level that played a major role in Kingdom Hearts 2. This level was also in the first Kingdom Hearts, but there it was called Hollow Bastion.

Fifth on this new list is Hercules’s Mount Olympus under the symbol “HE.” Fans have already known for some time that Mt. Olympus would return to the third game.

Second to last on this list was Winnie the Pooh’s 100 Acre Woods listed as “PO.” The 100 Acre Woods often serves as a side-quest in major Kingdom Hearts titles.

Finally, the last symbol was “DC,” which Rum3636 believes stands for Disney Castle. Although Disney Castle appeared in the very first Kingdom Hearts, players didn’t get to explore this world until Kingdom Hearts 2.

It’s Official: “Kingdom Hearts 3” Won’t Be Released In March 2017

Gamers around the world were hoping Square Enix would release Kingdom Hearts 3 in March of this year. Unfortunately, new information from the Japanese-based gaming company suggests this action-adventure game won’t even be released in 2017.


Kingdom Hearts 3’s director, Tetsuya Nomura, recently dispelled any rumors floating on the Internet which suggested Square Enix might surprise fans and release this game in March. Nomura told reporters the development of Kingdom Hearts 3 has been challenging than anything Square Enix has attempted thus far.


In the same interview, Nomura suggested that Kingdom Hearts fans may get another sneak preview of Kingdom Hearts 3 later this year. He also promised to release an official statement on how the development on the game is going later this year.


Square Enix just released one new screenshot from Kingdom Hearts 3 to entice gamers who might be getting aggravated by the game’s long delay. The screenshot shows Sora in front of a giant Heartless. Nomura said this will be one of the boss battles in Kingdom Hearts 3.


Last year, Square Enix spent most of its time and energy promoting the highly successful Final Fantasy 15. Developers were also busy working on Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue for the PlayStation 4 last year. As the name suggests, Kingdom Hearts 2.8 sets the stage for Kingdom Hearts 3. Kingdom Hearts 2.8 was released worldwide on January 24th, 2017.


Square Enix has only confirmed five worlds that will be included in Kingdom Hearts 3. A few of the Disney-inspired worlds include Mount Olympus from Hercules, San Fransokyo from Big Hero 6, and the Kingdom of Corona from Tangled. People familiar with the Kingdom Hearts franchise will be happy to learn that gamers will get to explore Twilight Town and the Mysterious Tower again.


Many Kingdom Hearts fans hope Square Enix will include worlds from some of Disney’s new properties in this upcoming game. A few of the worlds gamers really want to explore include planets from the Star Wars universe, Pixar-inspired areas, and Marvel-inspired worlds.


Now that these games are finally completed, developers can turn all their attention to completing Kingdom Hearts 3. Most critics now believe this title will be released in early 2018.



Nomura’s Announcement And New Rumors Surrounding “Kingdom Hearts 3”

Lovers of Disney/Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts series recently got another piece of information concerning the highly anticipated “Kingdom Hearts 3.” This news came straight from the mouth of Tetsuya Nomura, the director of this latest RPG adventure.


Nomura told reporters that Sora, the lead character in many Kingdom Hearts games, will have increased “maneuverability” in “Kingdom Hearts 3.” He went on to say that gamers will be able to jump, fly, and run around worlds that have more space than the preceding titles.


Gamers have nothing to fear, Nomura said, about the game’s development at the moment. Apparently everything is going very smoothly at Square Enix’s studio at this time.


Since next year is the 15th anniversary of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, gamers can expect more specific information then concerning different worlds, weapons, and possibly a release date for this new game. Nomura only said that next year would be a big year for people waiting for “Kingdom Hearts 3.”


Many gamers are hopeful that next year’s conference will clear up a lot of questions and controversies swirling around this title. One of the main questions gamers have now is whether or not “Kingdom Hearts 3” will be released in an episodic fashion rather than as one full game. There have been many Kingdom Hearts fans spreading rumors that this game will only be one part of a longer series, but these rumors have yet to be substantiated.


Of course, gamers want an official release date for “Kingdom Hearts 3” as well. While many people believed this title would be released in 2017, there are now many more people online who believe that 2018 is more realistic.


Nomura and other Square Enix officials are also still highlighting the importance of the game “Kingdom Hearts 2.8,” which will be released before “Kingdom Hearts 3.” “Kingdom Hearts 2.8” is supposed to be integral to understanding the plotline of “Kingdom Hearts 3.”


Although there are still many doubts, there are five things gamers can be sure about concerning “Kingdom Hearts 3.” Square Enix has confirmed five worlds that will appear in the new game. These worlds include Mount Olympus (based on Disney’s “Hercules”), Twilight Town, Kingdom of Corona (From Disney’s “Tangled”), San Fransokyo (from Disney’s “Big Hero 6”), and Mysterious Town.


As of today, it is expected that “Kingdom Hearts 3” will be released for both the Xbox One and the PS4 in either 2017 or 2018. Gamers will just have to wait till this hallowed conference next year to get more information on the worlds, plotline, and release date for “Kingdom Hearts 3.”

Square Enix Tweets That More Info On “Kingdom Hearts 3” Is Coming Soon

“Kingdom Hearts” fans can expect big news to be revealed about “Kingdom Hearts 3” next year. In a tweet sent out on the Japanese “Kingdom Hearts” Twitter page, game developers at Square Enix said that they were very excited to report that everything has been running smoothly in the development phase of “Kingdom Hearts 3.” Developers also hinted that they will confirm more Disney inspired worlds in “Kingdom Hearts 3” to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the “Kingdom Hearts” franchise in 2017.

So far, Square Enix has only confirmed three Disney worlds that will appear in “Kingdom Hearts 3.” Those worlds will be inspired by the Disney movies “Tangled,” “Hercules,” and “Big Hero 6.” The only thing that Square Enix added in their tweet was that gamers could expect to be able to fly, run, and jump through new worlds with greater maneuverability than in the other “Kingdom Hearts” titles.

Some other speculated worlds that might be included in “Kingdom Hearts 3” include “Toy Story,” “Wreck-It-Ralph,” “Frozen,” and “The Jungle Book.” Also, “Kingdom Hearts 3’s” co-director Tai Yasue has led many to believe that Square Enix will incorporate some characters from Star Wars or from Marvel into this new game. Yasue told some reporters that characters from these two new Disney properties might be featured in the new game.

Another speculation Square Enix’s 15th Anniversary news release may attempt to clear up is whether or not “Kingdom Hearts 3” will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive, or if it will be released for the Xbox One and/or PC as well. Although “Kingdom Hearts 3” was officially supposed to be on the Xbox One, it has since disappeared as an option on Xbox Live Japan’s website.

There has been a recent trend of bringing console games onto the PC in recent years. Many fans speculate that this will be the case with “Kingdom Hearts 3,” however there has been no official news on this yet from Square Enix.

Also, fans are wondering if Sora will be the only playable character in “Kingdom Hearts 3.” Some people believe that Kairi will be a playable character in the new title, but only time will tell if they are correct.

“Kingdom Hearts 3” still has no official release date, but many believe it will be released sometime in 2017.

An Internet Post Has Renewed Speculation About “Kingdom Hearts 3” And Nintendo’s NX

A recent web post has sparked major rumors about both Kingdom Hearts 3 and Nintendo’s NX. Some fans now believe that Kingdom Hearts 3 will join the list of games Nintendo is set to release with its new console, the NX, next year.

These rumors began when EB Games Australia put Kingdom Hearts 3 in a pre-order package deal with the NX release for $119.95 online. Only a few minutes after posting this offer, however, the NX-Kingdom Hearts 3 combo was removed from EB Games Australia’s website. Fans do not know yet if this was a just simple mistake or leaked information.

What we do know for certain is that Nintendo has been aggressively pursuing partnerships with various game developers to get the greatest content for its NX release. We also know that both the NX and Kingdom Hearts 3 are set to be released in March of 2017. Whether this is all a coincidence or not, only time will tell.

We also know that Square Enix, the company behind the Kingdom Hearts saga, has had a very close relationship with Nintendo over the years. Nintendo and Square Enix paired on three occasions for different Kingdom Hearts games: Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories for Nintendo’s Gameboy Advance, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days for the Nintendo DS, and Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance for the Nintendo 3DS. Given this history, it would not be unheard of for a new Kingdom Hearts title to be released on the NX.

There has been a great lack of specific information surrounding Kingdom Hearts 3 released at major events like E3 2016. Some fans think that Square Enix is purposefully withholding information because the Nintendo team wants to make Kingdom Hearts 3 a huge part of its NX reveal.

This short moment on EB Games Australia’s website has certainly got the gaming community talking. For now, Kingdom Hearts fans can only be assured that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be released for the Xbox One and the Playstation 4. If these rumors hold true, however, it looks like all three major consoles will have access to this highly anticipated game.

Japanese “Kingdom Hearts” Fans, Rejoice: Release Date Set for “Kingdom Hearts 3”

Fans of the popular “Kingdom Hearts” series can finally set their calendars for the release of “Kingdom Hearts 3,” as long as they live in Japan. At the recent E3 week, Square Enix developers said that “Kingdom Hearts 3” will be released on March 30th, 2017, in Japan only. Developers did not say when this game would be released in other countries.

Tetsuya Nomura, the game’s director, did not say much at E3 week about what gamers can expect from the plot of “Kingdom Hearts 3.” Instead, he was keen to promote the upcoming “Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue,” which will be released worldwide in December. Nomura said that players will not be able to appreciate “Kingdom Hearts 3” without understanding the plot of “Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8.”

To build even more anticipation for “Kingdom Hearts 3,” Square Enix developers confirmed the “Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour.” This orchestra will play all the songs from the original games in cities like Paris, London, and Shanghai. The first concert will be in Tokyo on March 10th, and the last will happen in New York on June 24th of 2017.

The only thing fans can be certain of in “Kingdom Hearts 3” is that it will feature no worlds from “Final Fantasy.” Many insiders in the gaming community expect Square Enix to release more information on “Kingdom Hearts 3” at the PlayStation Experience convention in December.

Information on “Kingdom Hearts 3” At Electronic Entertainment Expo

Fans of “Kingdom Hearts” got some more information on developments of the highly anticipated “Kingdom Hearts 3” at the 2016 Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Tai Yasue, the director of “Kingdom Hearts 3,” reported that Disney influences will be more pronounced than “Final Fantasy” characters or worlds in this new installment.

This RPG adventure game will follow a similar pattern to the original installments. Sora, Donald, and Goofy will once again travel to different Disney inspired worlds. Yasue confirmed that worlds inspired by “Big Hero 6,” “Hercules,” and “Tangled” will be in “Kingdom Hearts 3.” Many have also speculated that “Frozen,” “Toy Story,” “Star Wars,” and “Zootopia” will be in this new game.

It was also confirmed that gamers will once again get to play as Sora in this installment of the franchise.

Unfortunately, Square Enix did not release more information at the Expo. There was no update on an official release date for the game. Hopefully Square Enix will keep to their previous word and be prepared to put this game on the market in the winter of 2016.

Some people doubt whether “Kingdom Hearts 3” will be released this winter since “Kingdom Hearts 2.8” is slated to be released in December of 2016 for the PS4. “Kingdom Hearts 2.8” is described as a prologue to “Kingdom Hearts 3,” and Yasue said that it is impossible to understand “Kingdom Hearts 3” without having played this prologue.