Francisco Demenech Bio-Understanding This Great Lawyer and Political Campaigner

Born in Puerto Rico on 29th April 1978, Francisco J. Domenech, widely known as Francisco Demenech is the Managing Partner at POLITANK, a government affairs legal firm that specializes in crafting strategies meant for representing individual interests during various governmental forums. He previously served as the National Director of Puerto Rico’s Office of Legislative Office. He spent a significant portion of his childhood life in Ocala, Florida, where he studied at Forest High School and Trinity Catholic School. Since 2004, he has been a national delegate of Democratic Convection, where he represented America’s young democrats. He was the delegation’s whip during the 2016 Democrat primaries.

Francisco Demenech graduated twice from University of Puerto Rico, where he first earned a BA in Political Science in 1999. He also graduated with a BA in Law Studies still at the same university in 2005. He formally started practicing law at 27 years old, where he represented Puerto Rico’s Senate in various legal cases in United States. Currently, he runs his firm, POLITANK, which is regarded as a nationwide bipartisan public affairs firm. He also served as the President of Puerto Rico’s Senate. Read more at Reporter Expert to know more.

In 2016, Francisco Demenech won the prestigious ‘ 40 under 40 Award, which seeks to acknowledge 40 young individuals from Puerto Rico with an outstanding professional or entrepreneurial background. He garnered the majority of votes out of the 59 award contenders. In 2016, Francisco Demenech publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton, the then Democrat presidential candidate. Francisco Demenech endorsed Hillary based on her great ties with Puerto Ricans, noting that she supported the aspirations of Puerto Ricans to decide on the future of the island. Francisco Demenech further opined that Hilary had fought for children of Puerto Rico by granting then access to affordable health insurance problem. Francisco Demenech has supported numerous philanthropic endeavors both through his POLITANK firm and individually. The lawyer has been a staunch donor of Clinton Foundation among other charity organizations that he supports directly with his personal resources


Francisco Demenech is a great lawyer and political mobiliser who has greatly impacted on the lives of many people. His contribution to Puerto Rico is truly immense.



Michael Hagele: What Makes This Entrepreneur Tick

The best solutions come from iteration, making an existing challenge to what is assumed. Michael Hagele has a B.A. from the University of Iowa, and a J.D. from the University of California at Berkeley. Hagele’s previous experiences include Fenwick and West LLP as a participant in the Licensing and Commerce Group. He has had experience in both outside and in-house counsel that proves to him that sole practitioners or smaller firms can in fact; provide better legal services to clientele in technology-oriented businesses. Hagele handles the day-to-day legal matters of his clients. He provides beneficial legal services to clients in many technology-aware business ventures.

The beginning of his day involves general or intellectual property legal advising, which then leads him to get to the direct aspects of drafting and reviewing contracts that are licensing agreements. In the afternoon, Michael Hagele likes to take a break for a mountain or road bike ride, which helps him shake out the cobwebs of stress that may gather. Then he deals with other client issues that pop up in the afternoon when after that bike ride, he is at his most creative. He works at bringing resolution to difficult situations.

In the evening, he deals with his overseas investment partners. Bringing new ideas to life is his specialty, which is done by challenging assumptions that get repeated, attempting to integrate new information as the opportunity to do so becomes available. A new trend that excites him is artificial intelligence, as he is an investor and advisor to a company with an application used by non-profits to learn how to utilize their funds better. He feels the best habit an entrepreneur can be in is to put the customer first. He advises other entrepreneurs engage in physical activity since it can help with creativity. Social media use as an important strategy to grow business is another piece of advice Hagele would like to give budding entrepreneurs. He also advises to give your people equity means they are interested in the success of the business since that means they are able to share in the financials.

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Ricardo Tosto: setting the bar for integrity for Brazilian legal system

The Brazilian Bar Association is the body that regulated the law profession in Brazil. It is the one which grants lawyers the permission to practice law. Without their certificate, it is illegal to represent or to purport to represent lawyers. The body has set out the basic regulations that qualify one as a lawyer in Brazil. For those studying in the country, it requires 5 years of an undergraduate program, and time at law school. At the end of the tenure at the law school, one must sit and pass an exam conducted by the Brazilian bar association. Only those who pass are allowed to go ahead and start representing clients or practice law. After completing the law schools, students of law are recommended to join a law firm from where they can get real firsthand experience in representing clients.

For foreign lawyers, there are different regulations that are applied. Foreign law firms in Brazil are allowed to practice as long as there is a partnership with a registered law firm already operating in Brazil.

Brazil is a highly litigious country. This is attribute to the rigid laws that are contained in the country law documents. For non-law experts it is very difficult to be able to navigate the legal system in Brazil. It is therefore recommended that any serious client must also look for a serious lawyer who is already practicing in the country. Ricardo Tosto is one of the gems in Brazil. He is a dedicated lawyer who represents clients in high stake business cases. His 26 years of law practice experience give him the ability to handle complex cases with ease.

In Brazil, there are over a million lawyers, but only a few can be good ones. Ricardo Tosto is among the few who understand what is required of a lawyer. After Ricardo Tosto takes over a case, he ensures that justice is served in the best interest of the lawyers.
Ricardo Tosto is learned law at the Mackenzie Presbyterian University. Ricardo Tosto practices law in Sao Paulo although his law firm has offices in Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia.

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