Jeremy Goldstein shares his view on the EPS System

In the modern world, creating a stable, economical business world is often complicated. One of the significant issues that have often disabled the creation of a sustainable environment is the fact that many factors must be put into consideration. Hence the process is slowed or blocked for the few with little or no knowledge.


Jeremy Goldstein has been practicing law in New York for some time now and is well placed to understand the most common cases that hinder the creation of a sustainable environment for business. Often, Goldstein has continued to advise companies on matters related to EPS, and some bonus-based programs.


Through his career, Jeremy Goldstein has been in a position to work with distinguished corporations such as Verizon and Bank of America, among many others. Therefore, the working relationship has enabled him to understand EPS from a broad perspective. According to Goldstein, stockholders rely heavily on EPS which determine the stock prices. It’s from EPS that shareholders decide whether to buy or sell the stock. Also, EPS influences an increase in payout per employee which is a positive thing.


Recent studies have proven that companies that have EPS as part of their pay structure are more successful. Hence, from a general perspective, EPS is a beneficial system to include in the business operations. However, according to Jeremy, owing to the competitive trend, many corporations ought to leverage EPS to their benefit.


Most of those opposing the EPS system feel that when it is introduced in corporations, the system may turn the CEOs discriminatory. The lot firmly believes that the system gives the CEOs superpower even to change records which means misleading the stock prices. On the other hand, some think that the EPS system has no eye for a corporation’s future. This category of individuals believes that the EPS system is only focused on the short-term profitability of the corporations. Instead of getting stuck in between doing away with EPS system and implementing, Jeremy insists that CEOs should be accountable for their acts.


About Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy Goldstein is a respected and celebrated lawyer based in New York. The talented lawyer has been practicing over the past several years. Through his career, Jeremy has been in a position to work at different firms as well as represent prominent corporations. However, today, Jeremy operates his law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, LLC.


Jeremy Goldstein specializes in executive pay, as well as corporate management cases. Also, the talented lawyer guides CEOs, management committee, compensation groups throughout the transition processes. Jeremy is the chair of the Merger & Acquisitions Subcommittee. Jeremy Goldstein holds a JD which he earned from New York University School of Law. To the people of New York, Jeremy is a giver as he continually supports the mental health programs through the Fountain House board of directors. Learn more: