Greg Secker; An Accomplished Foreign Exchanged Expert

Greg Secker is a renowned entrepreneur and a respected authority in the field of forex trading. His expertise on foreign currencies as well as willingness to share his knowledge on the subject has earned him multiple plaudits. Greg is responsible for the establishment of several companies, including FX Capital, Capital Index and much more. He is also an accomplished author with numerous publications to his name.


Forex Career


Greg was born and raised in Norfolk, England. He is a graduate of the University of Nottingham, where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural and Food Sciences. After college, he became a tech expert at Thomas Cook, where he developed a forex trading system. His innovation did not go unnoticed, as the British Telecom bequeathed him with a prestigious accolade. This signified the meteoric rise of Greg’s illustrious career, which saw him become VP at Mellon Financial Corporation at the tender age of twenty-five. Later, Secker stepped down from the executive post to become a fully-fledged forex trader, inaugurating the Knowledge to Action Group in the process.


The action group’s primary objective was to enlighten individuals on how to conduct the foreign exchange business. The organisation later added economic trading seminars to its portfolio. It held conventions in Ghana, Australia, the Philippines and other locations, a feat that made them earn a nomination to the National Business Awards in the growth and innovation category. Though the initiative has been met with a fair amount of criticism, Greg has remained steadfast in declaring that it poses low risks with great rewards. He has attended a myriad of prominent meetings as keynote speaker, often regarding he subject of financial trading.


Philanthropic Causes


Greg Secker established a charity organisation whose appellation is the same as his name in 2010. The group’s mantra is to alleviate the living conditions of people around the globe. So far, the charity has collaborated with youth groups to educate and equip young individuals with leadership and essential life skills.


Aiding citizens of the Philippines to recover the aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda is perhaps the most notable achievement of the Greg Secker foundation. The group reconstructed homes which had been obliterated by the storm.