Equity First Holdings Quality Services to Clients

Equity First Holdings made an announced of the completion of its transaction that the company was conducting with the Chief Executive Officer of ANGLES Andrew Newland. Equity First Holdings had borrowed 1.35 million shares from the Andrew Newland to use as collateral for a financial dealing.

The commercial facility was started on October 27, 2014, and it is described as one of the first dealings that Equity First Holdings has ever conducted in the United Kingdom. The collateral borrowed by the financial institution was purposely meant for the acquisition of Meridian Equity Partners Limited. Equity First Holdings attained Meridian in the summer of 2014, and it later renamed the organization as Equity First (London) Limited. The company Equity First (London) underwent the required process of registration, and it was registered under no 605564 and also it already has authorization from the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom.

Al Christy Jr who is the Chief Executive Officer of Equity First Holdings said that it was their business to offer clients with collateral to lend money from other financial institutions. He also did not forget to mention that the company together with its subsidiaries are proud that have managed to complete more than 700 dealings and that their reputation which Equity First Holdings have been building for years is evident. Equity’s First Holdings financial track record is confident as they always ensure the collateral they borrow is returned on time and upon maturity.

Equity First Holdings was established in 2002 with a responsibility of offering alternative lending criteria to its clients. Equity First Holdings customers can get capital against the public traded stock which assists them to their personal as well as their professional objectives. Equity First Holdings conduct their unique services and products to their clients all over the world.

Equity First Holdings have their Headquarters located in Indianapolis, India. They are devoted to offering quality products and services worldwide. Since its foundation, it has been experiencing a spectacular growth and has been expanding their services to several countries including Perth, Australia, London, United States, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, as well as Sidney. The Chief Executive Officer of Equity First Holdings believes that recent acquisition of Meridian limited is a great opening to the company enabling them to serve their customers better and expand their services world over.