The New Mediator in Business Costs

New and innovative ways for companies to save money is always something that is well-received within the business world. New companies in particular are looking for ways to save a lot of money on production, which can sometimes prove difficult especially in times of economic failure such as these. It is difficult to find ways to cut costs, and discounts are always a welcome addition.

According to Bloomberg, Android help businesses move along in the right direction entrepreneurial genius Billy has created a new program that is both a social network and a discount program that individuals within the United States can take advantage of.

This program is called Magnises, with members of the program being given an interesting metal card. This card can be used in the same way as a normal credit card in that it can be used for payments at different locations. The card is connected directly to a personal banking account of the number and when used as a payment method automatically deduct discount prices from the overall cost of the service.

What makes this program so valuable is its effect on the cost of business meetings for companies. It is not uncommon to find a business meeting that cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars to a corporation. Magnises cut out a huge chunk of costs from a business meeting, which makes it much easier for companies to save money and spend that money on different scenarios.

Now $200 that a single business meeting might have cost a company can be broken down into multiple business meetings instead. This is a huge deal for corporations and allows them to progressively grow from the ground up.

Billy McFarland has created a service that is useful to both consumers outside of the business field and consumers within the business Market. Discounted pricing is on certain locations such as bars, restaurants, cruises concerts, as an example, makes it extremely beneficial for anyone currently involved in the business of some sort.